From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:

1st International Swine Flu summit

WASHINGTON, D.C. Top leaders and key decision-makers of major companies representing a broad range of industries will meet with distinguished scientists, public health officials, law enforcers, first responders and other experts to discuss pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at the 1st International Swine Flu Summit to be held at the Capitol Hill Hyatt Regency Hotel here Aug. 19-21, 2009.

The conference focuses on the latest prevention, preparedness, response and recovery measures being developed to address the deadly[sic] human-to-human transmission of swine flu H1N1. The speakers and exhibitors are selected to represent the widest possible range of perspectives, including not only human factors, but also physical, environmental and socio-cultural factors. Topics include "Mass Fatality Management Planning, Surveillance and Data Management, Delivery of Vaccine and Antiviral Medication, and School-based and Business-based Planning." The full package will cost about $2,800; prices are discounted for public health, military and law enforcement personnel.

This is the fifth international conference addressing pandemic preparedness; the 4th International Bird Flu Summit was also held in Washington, D.C. in March 2007.

What makes this event more ominous than the previous ones is the fact that this is the first time the World Health Organization has declared a Level 6 pandemic. The 194 nation states that are part of the 2005 revised International Health Regulations had until June 2007 to put laws into place that would allow state surveillance, monitoring of citizens, and stockpiling of vaccines and anti-virals.

Note: We have been informed that, as of July 21, 2009, 26 requests by journalists who wanted to attend the 1st Annual Swine Flu conference had been received and only three requests had been granted.