From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:

The history of his-story

Every country in the world that controls their media the way we do produces propaganda. They call it his-story (history).

Christopher Columbus discovered America, Abe Lincoln freed the slaves, Adolf Hitler accused the Jews of burning down the Reichstag (German Congress Ė Hitlerís 9/11), FDR didnít know Pearl Harbor was about to be hit (FDRís 9/11), JFK was killed by a "magic bullet," Bushís 9/11 and Obama being a "natural-born" citizen are all two bit players in this story about the history of "his-story."

Chapter 1: Christopher Columbus

Columbus set sail from Spain to find a new route to India. He accidentally landed in America and called the native Americans "Indians." Over 500 years later, we still call them by that incorrect name.

We start our children on "his-story" with the nursery rhyme, "Columbus sailed the ocean blue, in 1492" and that he "discovered" America despite the "Indians" already being here along with the "Minnesota Vikings."

Yes, the NFL team is named after the Norse believing Vikings, who were in northern Minnesota (present day Kensignton, MN is where the rune stone was found among the roots of an oak tree by a 19th century illiterate Norwegian farmer). His-storians claim that the farmer made the stone himself. The dialect on the stone was unknown to the world until the 1960s when it was rediscovered on an island in the Caspian Sea, so it would have been impossible for anyone in the 1800ís to have made it.

The date on the stone is 1409, before Christopher Columbus was born. The Vikings also lived in New Foundland (Newfoundland Ė an island/province off of Canadaís east coast). Neither of these facts are mentioned in the his-story books.

Chapter 2: Abe Lincoln

The only slaves Abe Lincoln freed with his famous "Emancipation Proclamation" were in the Confederate states, during the Civil War, when the South wasnít part of the Union and he had no power to do so. They lived in a different country, but Lincoln got credit for freeing them. He only tried to free them because the "rebels" were using them during the war to cook, clean and haul supplies. By freeing them and legalizing the seizure of them when Union soldiers found them, it would create more work for Southern soldiers. The North did not have to return runaway slaves, either.

Congress freed the slaves when they forced the Confederate states to sign the 13th and later the 14th amendments to the Constitution in order to re-enter the Union. Then and only then were any slaves in the North freed.

Yet we still teach our children this mis-fact: The World Book Encyclopedia (year?) says Lincoln was our greatest president because he freed the slaves. He actually was our greatest terrorist as he declared war on his fellow countrymen, because they had enough of the federal government and seceded from the Union, as the Constitution allows.

I agree the South was evil for enslaving people, but at the same time, the North was deciding how to kill the remaining "Indians," so who is better?

Abe Lincoln, a backwoods lawyer from rural Illinois and a terrorist is our greatest president. "His-story."

Dennis Kurasz

Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Dennis: Your letter gives me an opportunity to turn one of my favorite phrases: "The 13th Amendment closed the southern plantation and freed the negro slaves; the 14th Amendment opened the federal plantation and made us all slaves." (DWH)