From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:

Aka BHO (et al): "Who’s your daddy?"

With average intelligence and motivation, it is relatively easy to find out where, when and to whom almost anyone was born. From there, public records that we all generate by just living in this world are readily located. And, whenever the opportunity arises to look at old pictures or flip through normal people’s family photo albums, there is never any suspicion that the photos are phony. But in the case of "Obama" (aka BHO, et al) there are no public records in existence that prove where, when or to whom he was born and; every photo offered as proof of his existence (with a few curious exceptions) appear to be phony upon inspection and prove themselves phony when stress is electronically applied to them in "Photoshop." In fact, anyone with moderate desktop publishing experience can take any of the publicly available "Obama" photos into the digital imaging program Photoshop and see for themselves that they are phony. If Obama cannot prove he is who he says he is, then he must be someone else. Who, then, is the man that was catapulted into the White House? More importantly, "Who’s his daddy?"

This cropped but otherwise genuine photo of Michael Rockefeller was taken a few years before he was eaten by crocodiles or cannibals after his 40-foot dugout canoe (or "makeshift catamaran") capsized off the SE coast of Papua New Guinea. A huge yarn was spun about his death beginning with the original spread in Life magazine. The yarn was spun again on the TV show "In Search Of" narrated by Leonard Nimoy in 1977.


By Don Harkins

"I have a hunch he’s from Indonesia," Don Nicoloff said over a year ago when he first began looking into the "Obama" genealogy. At that time, we knew that he was not born in Hawaii as his official biography claims and people were just beginning to suspect that he was born in Kenya.

Since that time it has become apparent that the man known as "Obama" is not who he says he is and that he has been a made man since before he was born. Nicoloff’s comprehensive investigation has led him to the conclusion that Obama was created from the seed of Michael Rockefeller who allegedly died after attempting to swim for shore when a canoe he occupied with Dutch anthropologist Rene Wassing capsized off the SE coast of Papua New Guinea in November, 1961.

Following is an overview of Nicoloff’s research. The entire, 19,000-word report can be found on Nicoloff’s website at under "Breaking Stories" in The Three Stooges go to Washington, parts 7a and 7b.

To recap parts 5 and 6, the story of his mother being Stanley Ann Dunham, the daughter of Madelyne Payne Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham, is decidedly false. (See The IO, Sept. and Oct., 2008). In essence, Nicoloff proves that all of the photos of the Dunham clan available to us are phony. Additional photos, records and witness testimony shows that the Dunhams genealogies and public records do not match what we have been told about them, that they were involved in covert intelligence activities and had associations with known communists.

In a nutshell, it appears that Obama was inserted into the phony Dunham family and Stanley Ann was assigned to act as his mother. Timing and circumstances, including three (unretouched) nude photos determined to be Stanley Ann, prove that she could not have been Obama’s birth mother.

The photo above, allegedly of Stanley and Madelyn Dunham taken in front of a house near Leavenworth, Kansas, is replete with anomalies. The house is cocked at an angle different than the happy couple and it appears that "Stanley" is wearing an army uniform and a Marine Corps hat and his face is darker than the rest of his skin. See the full report for a more detailed analysis of this and 29 other provably "doctored" photos from the Obama and Rockefeller camps

Obama cannot prove he was born to Stanley Ann and Barack Obama, Sr., in Hawaii. His alleged Kenyan relatives claim he was born in Kenya, but they can’t prove that, either. It would seem that both camps are lying.

As far as we can tell, the Kenyan connection was created in an attempt to legitimize Obama’s skin color but is of no other real social or political consequence. The "Dunhams," on the other hand, are connected back to the Rockefellers in a myriad of interesting ways, the most obvious being Madelyn becoming the first vice-president of the Hawaiian First Bank in 1970 and decades of her international banking and real estate acquisition activities.

Since Nicoloff’s genealogical investigation last fall, additional Rockefeller ties have been established (see part 7a online). So where was he born? The first clue is Obama himself. He has a purple tinge to his lips, a trait that is unique to some Asians and Arabs. It is not a trait indicative of negroes or caucasians.

As we will see, the circumstances of Michael Rockefeller’s "death" are strangely connected to Obama’s birth.

Why all the controversy?

At the level of power politics the Rockefellers exist, they could create any kind of a baby they want and invent all the records and anecdotes they need to provide their future—whatever—with a flawless and unassailable "jacket." Since these people always seem to be several steps ahead of us, it is logical to conclude that the purpose of all this is to create controversy and confusion about Obama so that their real agenda and long-range plans will remain mired in petty bickering and absurdity among the great unwashed.

Michael Clark Rockefeller: "Eaten by crocodiles, sharks, headhunters," or a Marxist plot to overthrow the U.S.A.?

Rockefeller is purportedly pictured here (bottom right) as part of the "Dead Birds team." Dead Birds (1964) is a documentary about the Dani tribe and Rockefeller was credited as the "sound recordist" for the film. The photo is replete with anomalies such as the legs of the men standing do not match up with their torsos and the man alleged to be Rockefeller isn’t. Rockefeller look alikes are found in several low-quality and/or retouched photos in an apparent effort to place him there and then. Why?


This extremely washed-out Rockefeller’s ear is below the eyeball and his nose is now somewhat bulbous and bends toward the left side of his face. There is a dark mole on the left side of his neck, near the T-shirt collar and he has 4-5 cyst-like growths on his throat and collarbone. This Rockefeller resembles the bearded version of the one below.

This man is also purported to be Rockefeller but his facial features are different and his skin has numerous boils and growths that do not appear in other photos (real or fake). This Rockefeller parts his hair on the opposite side of the other Rockefellers.

Rockefeller at about age 21. Note that ears, eyes, lips and nose of the real Rockefeller line up differently than the "ghost" Rockefeller shown above. Note also that the hairline of the younger Rockefeller receded much farther than that of the older ghost below.

In this obviously phony photo, the "ghost" white guy is not Rockefeller and his glasses, watch and camera should be black but they are gray. Using a straight edge, compare the facial feature profiles of the "ghost" and "Life" Rockefellers.

"Upon discovering that Michael C. Rockefeller had mysteriously disappeared after the filming of Dead Birds, I immediately recognized a missing puzzle piece in the implausible saga of Barack Obama, Jr. (aka Barry Soetoro, et al). Further research into Rockefeller’s disappearance also substantiated intuitive hunches that would eventually explain how and why Obama should inherit an elite education beyond his family’s financial means, enormous sums in political contributions and an improbable but unimpeded path to the presidency of the United States of America," Nicoloff wrote in his report.

According to Nimoy on In Search Of, heading out in a "makeshift catamaran" (previously described as a 40-foot dugout canoe), Michael Rockefeller set out to visit the Asmat (tree people) tribe  of Papua New Guinea (PNG) immediately upon completion of the pre-production phase of Dead Birds. Accompanied by Dutch anthropologist Rene Wassing, the two men and their native escorts (from the Dani tribe?) found themselves clinging to their capsized boat which had been overturned by a "violent wave." Nimoy’s narration, written by producer Alex Pamasanoff, sounded hopeful at times, only to become evermore gloomy as each segment progressed.

The rescue operation (according to Time) "launched and spearheaded by Nelson Rockefeller," was carefully scripted to reinforce the impression that Michael Rockefeller had drowned, or was eaten by crocodiles, sharks, or cannibals. "Someone had to survive in order to relate the story to the public, and Rene Wassing was selected for the role," Nicoloff explained.

The entire event was surreal. Wassing was reportedly found 20 miles out to sea but the shoreline was only 1/4 mile away in the live film being shot while he was being rescued. Wassing was also clean shaven, hair combed, clean clothed and did not appear haggard or dehydrated though he was supposed to have been drifting on a capsized canoe in shark-infested waters for 22 hours.

The entire rescue operation was obviously staged from the moment Governor Rockefeller was informed that his son was missing to Wassing’s explanation that Rockefeller, before he started swimming, had strapped two gas cans to his back for buoyancy—one of which was allegedly found 150 miles down the coastline. Another event, staged in 1977, was part of the In Search Of program. New York publisher/journalist Milt Machlin claimed that a man named "Donahue" had come into his office and said that, 10 weeks earlier, he been confronted by a man who said, "My name is Michael Rockefeller. Please help me."

Geraldo Rivera probably got the idea to open Al Capone’s vault from Machlin who traveled with the In Search Of crew to tiny Kanapoo island in SE PNG where he had a tip Rockefeller might be. It turns out he wasn’t and never had been on Kanapoo. The apparent purpose of this particular piece of melodrama was to convince people that rumors suggesting Rockefeller was still alive could not be true since In Search Of followed such a rumor and it was unfounded.

Nicoloff, who recently reviewed the 1977 In Search Of Michael Rockefeller episode for the first time (it is available online), came away feeling as if the "show" borrowed Gilligan’s island.

It should be noted here that Fraser Heston, the film producer/director son of the late Charlton Heston and his partner at Agamemnon Films Alex Butler is currently involved in a new movie project called, "The Search for Michael Rockefeller." The stated reason is that the disappearance of Rockefeller is an "unsolved mystery" and "one of the most unsettling vanishings ever to have engaged a nation."

Most people do not even remember the disappearance of Rockefeller. We think that the purpose of this project is to bring everyone back to the point where, based on the sole testimony of Wassing, Rockefeller’s last words were, "I think I can make it."

Why? For the same reason the family went through such pains to place their 23-year-old son in Papua New Guinea in places that he wasn’t and then staged his death; the same reason Machlin staged looking into an empty hut on Kanapoo island hoping to find the missing Rockefeller: To maintain the myth and illusion of Rockefeller’s death because he was involved in something of extreme importance to the Rockefeller family.

So how did Obama, who has not provided the documentation necessary to get a driver’s license, become the president of the United States? Why was an elaborate scheme to make Rockefeller disappear hatched about the same time an elaborate scheme to hide Obama’s identity was born?

Reread the Sept. and Oct., 2008 editions of The IO. Find the full report of this section of the Obama saga (The Three Stooges Go to Washington, parts 7a and 7b) and ask yourself, "Who is Obama’s daddy?"

If Obama’s daddy is Rockefeller (and we have all but proven conclusively that his daddy is not the Kenyan) then the "Obama" presidency was planned half a century ago.

As a bit of a teaser, let me say that we do not know who Obama’s birth momma is (though we do know it is not Stanley Anne Dunham/Obama/Soetoro/Dunham) but we do have our suspicions. They are rather bizarre and are linked to our understanding of the Rockefellers’ obsession with genetics, eugenics and bloodlines. For that little piece of educated conjecture, you will have to visit Nicoloff’s website.

Don Nicoloff is an accomplished musician, intuitive researcher and consummate truthseeker from Ohio. He has conducted groundbreaking genealogical investigations into the George Bush (Scherff) family, the John McCain (McCann) family and is still investigating the origins of aka Obama et al. His work has been published in previous editions of The IO and can be found at (see ad at right). Nicoloff is also the host of the Evident Footprints radio show on the BBS radio network.