From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s rectangle

This month’s edition of The IO is top heavy with the looming spectre of hypodermically-delivered global depopulation through mass vaccination and the ongoing crime that is the "Obama" presidency. While I am absolutely certain that the main event—global war, economic collapse, mass vaccination and whatever comes from it all—is imminent, I do not think the intended outcome is etched in stone or even "written" in a prophetic sense. We should not respond to our deepeningly dire circumstances by being paralyzed with fear or immobilized by an overwhelming feeling of futility. Until my last breath I will always believe that temporal challenges come with opportunities for spirits to triumph and our duty is to rise up and meet whatever comes—fearlessly—in faith, hope and humility. Let’s face it, the sick clowns having their way with the world would have no authority without our help; we give them our minds so they can pervert them and pour their poisons into our bodies to become the sick little engines facilitating their unholy machinations.

So, here we are in the middle of summer, 2009 and already looking ahead (with some anxiety) to the national level terrorist exercises at the end of this month. Shortly after that school will start and, soon thereafter, the gurus of public health and pandemic preparedness plan to convert our nationwide network of social conditioning centers into "swine flu" shot clinics. To complicate the issues, the Obama citizenship issue is peaking as a new wave of stimulus looting is expected to be approved by Congress, the national and global economy are primed for utter collapse and expansion of war to include Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and, possibly Russia, China and North Korea is looming.

On just about every front imaginable, the world is unfolding at an astonishing pace. On the pandemic front, news from all over the world is coming in relentlessly and it appears that the timetable to begin vaccinating in the U.S. has jumped from mid-October to mid-September. On the political front, Congress is passing horrible laws as fast as it can vote on them; on the social front, unemployment, bankruptcies and foreclosures are going through the roof and, on the interpersonal front, adults are confused, families are stressed, young adults are rudderless and most of us do not feel in top shape physically.

Wow. It is a good thing we have each other!

As most of you are aware, we will not be publishing in August. We will be harvesting, canning and getting ready for winter as usual but with a greater degree of expectation.

We have a lot of challenges to face. We have no choice but to meet them—fearlessly—in faith and hope. Until September—No matter what—DWH.