From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:

So, you’re just a battery and your hopes and dreams are stored energy—don’t take it personally; it’s just business

As Morpheus in "The Matrix" (1998), actor Laurence Fishburne holds up a Duracel battery to illustrate the level to which people had been reduced. When you step back and consider the version of history we have been taught in terms of ever- flowing rivers of energy and where they have always flowed, Fishburne’s screenplayed analogy is flawlessly accurate. Fishburne, who also played a role in "Apocalypse Now" (1979), once said he was honored to have played roles in two of the most important movies ever made.


By Don Harkins

The ascendancy of our contemporary culture, at least as it has been taught to us, began in Babylon some 6,000 years ago. During that period, the commoner and elite classes were established and their roles defined: Commoners apply their bodies and tools to resources and produce goods and services while the elites seek ways to increase their wealth and political power off the productive capacities of commoners without actually working. To facilitate the harvest of commoner energies into elitist coffers, a subcategory of commoner was created: Administrators (bureaucrats, enforcers, politicians and judges).

The flow of energy. A few years ago an astute friend named Ted described how a guy he served with in special forces during Vietnam was the son of parents who worked for the family that "owned" South America. He said that these people did not care what kind of government was in place, whether people lived in freedom or slavery, poverty or prosperity, health and wellness or pestilence and disease—all they cared about was that the flow of energy strengthened rather than undermined their "title" to the continent.

Another astute friend of mine named Greg is convinced that "they" revealed the whole truth in the 1998 film "The Matrix." A huge clue is dramatically presented by Morpheus when he holds up a Duracel battery to Neo (actually "Nihl") as he explains that, to "them," this is what we are—a rechargeable unit of stored energy.

Frame by frame, the entire truth of our enslavement is revealed in The Matrix—as is the key to our freedom, Greg insists (put it this way, "Just say ‘No’" may be the most important thing a first lady ever said).

By Babylonian times, elites had learned how to tax and regulate the flow of goods and services to control supply/demand and fix the relative values of goods and services in commerce. Over the last 6,000 years, the elites have relentlessly sought new ways and means to exploit the planet and all its resources without doing any real work. This, I believe is the essence of what we are experiencing today because the elites now monopolize the flow of energy to such an extent that our entire culture has been shaped to serve their interests. Think about it: What we are experiencing in the world today is merely fallout from the elitists’ cooperatively globalized monopoly on the transfer of energy.

We should not take the historic exploitation of the common man personally—it’s just business.

The thoughts in our heads and actions that we take—however compliant or rebellious we believe them to be—constantly feed the energy streams that flow upward into elitist coffers. If you instinctively reject that notion, just think of your entire life and how it led to your reading these words and my being able to deliver them to you: Name one component within one machine or institution over the span of our entire lives that has been exempt from taxes, licenses, fees, rules and regulations. Now consider how every component of every other thing in our busy world is touched (and taxed) by unseen hands before it is allowed to move or stand still: You can now begin to quantify the magnitude of the control that elites have over the flow of energy and everything that comes from it.

But most people will never be able to see their world in this way. They believe that their hopes and dreams must matter to "them" and accept the notion that corruption, greed, vice and violence (arts, letters, commerce and the sciences) are as natural to Man as breathing.

Even Jesus knew what was happening during his time and he may have had some insight into what was happening to people 2,000 years prior during the time of Soloman and David, perhaps even 4,000 years before his time in Babylon. But his teachings were primarily confined to contemporary realities during his life. Plus, Jesus never wrote anything down himself nor were his words recorded by scribes as he was speaking them (probably because he knew what happens to written words over time). Therefore, he was not able to really teach the lesson of leaving the commercial system and going back to the garden in a permanent sense but his teachings were still very much alive by word of mouth long after his death. The elites have since coopted Jesus’ teachings and use them to advance secular and/or theocratic statism which are just fronts for elitist parasitism under mis-interpreted mantras such as "give unto Caesar."

The history we are taught depicts us as perpetually at war and various factions of us violently forcing our versions of God and civilization on each other or conquering "godless" and "primitive" cultures so they, too, can experience the death, destruction, pollution, exploitation, larceny and "laws" of civilized cultures.

We are also taught to view indigenous peoples who have lived in relative balance and harmony all over the earth for thousands (perhaps millions) of years as "savages."

The effect has been to spread "civilization" to the four corners of the world and globally institute a culture obsessed with resource exploitation, production, consumption and the burning and burying of its inorganic waste. We are so programmed to believe that it is Man’s "right"—even duty—to exercise exploitive dominion over everything in God’s Creation (at the expense of everything else) that we commoners believe we must fight each other until the last body of clean water is poisoned, the last breath of fresh air is polluted and the last loaf of bread is inedible.

This, my friends, is pure madness. But the rub is that, no matter how hard we try, no matter how cool and hip and wise and compassionate we are; no matter how smart and insightful, hopeful and reverent we are, we are hardwired into going forward as machines facilitating the flow of energy—toward "them."