From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:


TRUTH ATTACK:  THE NEXT LEVEL has undertaken the daunting task of putting the government back inside its Constitutional straightjacket and restoring personal freedom and a free enterprise system based upon a lawful currency. To do that they are uniting the Freedom Movement into a larger force capable of taking the offense in reclaiming a century of lost ground. 

In its May NFTF News bulletin, Truth Attack (TA) announced its "Free Florida – Save America" motor march scheduled for November, 2009. "This two week tour will spread the IRS’s dirty little secret throughout the entire state," Truth Attack reported, with its plan to make Florida off limits for federal tax "crime" convictions. TA is determined to saturate Florida residents and snow birds on the premises with news of the genuine, not frivolous, issues patriots are raising about the IRS's illegal application of the income tax and its history of convicting and imprisoning Americans for violating a law that does not exist.

The FREE FLORIDA—SAVE AMERICA MOTOR MARCH will kick off on October 25, 2009, at Pensacola and circle the entire state, going down the Gulf Coast and back up the Atlantic, culminating in a huge outdoor "Finale Rally" on November 7, 2009, in Jacksonville, the town named for the president who killed the second National Bank, the 19th century’s version of the Federal Reserve.

The motor march will include ten Tea Parties, six to seven seminars on how to be an effective patriot—making your efforts count, six law schools visited and provided with the truths that law schools are afraid to teach, all coming to a climax at the Finale Rally with nationally renowned speakers.

The motorcade, consisting of hundreds of TA Troopers and Coalition groups and sporting banners, signs and flags, will include great patriots from across the Freedom Movement, particularly from the Tax Honesty Movement.  Joe Banister, Devvy Kidd, Larry Becraft, Dave vonKleist, Jim Cabaniss, Tom Cryer and many more from TA Coalition groups will be joined along the route by Truth Troopers from across the state, all falling in with the motor march before and after it reaches their home towns. Sign teams will be posting a trail of thousands of Truth Attack signs all along the route.

LWRN (Living Waters Radio Net/Revival America Podcast) affiliates in Florida will be touting the event months before their arrival and the largest television broadcast company in the state will be covering the event from mile one all the way through the Finale Rally. TA is lining up speakers for the rally like Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Don Rogers, Alan Keyes, Alex Jones and Justice Roy Moore; Dave vonKleist will be inspiring and entertaining the crowd with his guitar and bevy of protest and patriotic songs.  All of the goings on will be webcast on TA Coalition member REPUBLIC MEDIA TV, and RMTV will be shipping newscasts to the major media daily. Public relations people will be issuing and distributing press releases to thousands of media outlets, maximizing the likelihood of national coverage.

The Motor March will include some 15 whistle stop rallies where the public will be informed and provided the truth about the tax law and about the proper role of our federal (not national) republic (not democracy). Six law schools are on the route where we will be handing out materials on the law that law schools dare not teach their students.  Seven day-long rallies will be conducted at the major metropolitan areas, teaching the Tea Party crowd how to DO something about the problem.

Why Florida?

A number of states would be good candidates, but Florida is a good starting point for a lot of reasons.

· Florida is one of the very few states that do not rely on an income tax that is tied to the federal income tax structure.  Florida does not have a vested interest in protecting IRS lies and myths.

· Second, Florida offers a moderate climate and this project will require months of preparation, putting us into October and November.

· Third, in October and November there will be many thousands of "snow birds" present from all across the country that will be exposed to the truth and take it back home with them in the Spring.

· Finally, with the launching of Liberty Works Radio Network and its initial affiliate in Tampa and the next expansion in Pensacola with upgrades in broadcast power to include the entire state by July or August, TA will have the means to publicize this huge event heavily, ensuring strong local participation.

Your help is needed

When Tea Party Squared is over in Florida, that state will be well on its way to becoming a federal income tax free state where the government will be unable to persuade or intimidate any jury into burning people at the stake as heretics because they dared to learn the truth and confront the IRS with its lies. TA expects to recruit at least 20,000 new Truth Troopers who will be well organized into local chapters that will continue to march and spread the message across Florida. They also expect to recruit at least 10,000 supporting members for LWRN, assuring its expansion across the country. Eighteen graduating classes of attorneys, energetic and looking for "action", will be entering into practice with an understanding of the truth about the income tax law. Florida will be awake and aware, ready to begin the journey back to full State-hood and independence. 

This event is a monumental undertaking and every "Truth Trooper" is needed to participate in making it a success.  Please go to and look at the many positions need to be filled and consider making a contribution toward start-up costs.  The project is especially designed to pay for itself but there are a lot of expenditures that have to be made prior to the event, so start-up contributions need to total $75,000. That’s only $10 apiece if every "trooper" contributes. 

The beauty of this project is that when you contribute to the success of Tea Party Squared, that contribution will be "recycled" and used again and again.  Funds remaining after the Florida Tea Party Squared will be used for the Tea Party Squared motor march this Spring in Tennessee, another state without an income tax and, therefore, no reason to defend IRS lies and myths.  Funds replaced by that project’s fundraising will be used to cover front-end expenses for the next state, then another and another until the entire country is awakened.