From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:

Continental Congress 2009

History Is Repeating

Ironically, we find ourselves in nearly the same position the Founding Fathers found themselves in 1774. Like them, our rights and fundamental laws are being violated by our government. Like them, we have petitioned the government for redress of these grievances. Like them, our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. And, like our Founders in 1774, meeting as the First Continental Congress, we seek redress, not revolution. In short, the FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS was convened and now Continental Congress 2009 is being convened as a result of government’s violations of the law and its refusal to listen and respond to petitions for redress.

What Laws are Being Broken

As a Constitutional Republic the essence of the "Rule of Law" is the written Constitution itself. It was written and designed primarily to govern the government—not the people. Any government act that is not authorized in the Constitution is unlawful. Disobedience to this governing document is in fact a breaking of the law and the actual cause of our increasing national instability. Without adherence to and enforcement of the limitations placed upon government by this "Supreme Law of the Land" there can be no practical limit or boundary erected to control the reach of government—or hold it accountable. The Constitution imposes express prohibitions, restrictions and mandates on governmental power. In fact, it is these conditions and legal shackles upon the exercise of power that guarantee the individual’s right to hold officials accountable. But if government refuses to uphold this law of the land and ignores the people’s right to petition for redress of grievances, what is the appropriate next step? Continental Congress 2009

A Practical Plan to Restore Constitutional Order

Continental Congress 2009 is a bold plan to address our Constitutional Crisis. It comes, in fact, right from our Founder’s "playbook." The heart of the CC2009 plan is that it educates and empowers the People to take personal, practical and peaceful action in defense of the Constitution. In 1774, the Colonialists sent several of their own to meet to discuss the violations of their fundamental Rights and secure consensus as to what to do within the law to peacefully bring their government back under control. We must do no less. Continental Congress 2009 is such a plan.

The Vision Under the CC2009 Plan

Three people of upstanding character with a proven passion for the Constitution will be chosen by the People of each state on October 10, 2009 and will assemble on November 9, 2009. Under the CC2009 plan, stenographers will prepare a written transcript of all the Delegate proceedings. The entire proceedings webcast live on the Internet. Delegates will discuss the history, meaning and mandates of the Constitution. With facts not opinions, the delegates will establish a final Record for the consideration of the People documenting the violations of the People’s efforts over many years to Petition for Redress of Grievances, and our Government’s unqualified glaring failure to respond. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Delegates will discuss and settle upon a practical course of action which the Free People of this nation can take to restore Constitutional Order and secure Liberty for this generation and those who follow.

The importance of CC 2009 cannot be overstated

Our Republic is in crisis, our Constitution hangs by a thread. We the People, and the Principles of Liberty, Justice and limited government we share, have been abandoned by our elected representatives in favor of political expediency, financial interest and unadulterated lust of power. The Constitution cannot defend itself and neither the government nor the dominant media are going to defend it. Without the Will of The People to act quickly and decisively, the Constitution and Liberty itself, may be lost forever. Continental Congress 2009 may well be the last opportunity the People have to peacefully restore the Light of Liberty to our land.

By the hand of Providence, the responsibility is now ours alone. Continental Congress 2009 is our Plan. You are our Team! Help us pay for CC2009 through donations. Volunteer in your state. Go to

Nominate a Delegate. Become a Delegate. Vote for a Delegate. Educate your community. Love your Nation, your Constitution and your fellow citizens. And Pray for the Same. For more information about the CC2009 initiative, please visit