From the June 2009 Idaho Observer:

The mainline media: Willing to trade 6 murders for 1 perjured petty offense conviction

The information we receive is critical for our decision making. However, mainline news media organizations have become so pro-government itís now to the point that these outlets simply cannot be believed. Their slant is purely pro-government.

I have first-hand experience in this. I was interviewed by a mainline news agency from Philadelphia. The reporter traveled to Huntingdon to interview me. He was late because he got lost and the time remaining for the interview was 20 minutes. We spoke about the overreaching of the Philadelphia police in obtaining testimony against me. I explained how the state witnesses were given plea agreements by the state promising them immunity and having other outstanding cases against them dismissed if they would give false testimony against me. I told the reporter, in clear terms, that the state dropped investigations in six unsolved homicides because their two witnesses against me were "targets" for those investigations. Imagine thatóThe state drops six homicide investigations in trade for perjured testimony just to convict me [of firing an unlicensed .22 handgun in his backyard. ~DWH].

So, what did the mainline news magazine reporter write about? He wrote about how the police and state prosecutors work endless hours to prosecute the guilty. The story included nothing of what we talked about. The reporter ignored the truth and published an article that degraded the poor defendants and praised the police and state prosecutors for their work.

I am proud to be an American and I love my country. But the mainline news media is destroying this great country of ours. They are so slanted in their reporting of facts and truths that facts and truths must not be part of their agenda which, I believe, is to create a one-party system.

I read your paper every month and respectfully support your reporting the TRUTH. You are the last line of defense in exposing mainline news media lies. Hopefully you will one day print this sincere and honest letter.

Thank you.

Javier Ortiz

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Javier: It took a couple months, but the day has come.Thanks for the compliments.