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Massachusetts leading the way for a gay (LGBT/BDSM) American future

In 1999 a story broke that students from Massachusetts junior high schools took weekend field trips to learn about homosexuality without parental knowledge or consent. The philosophy was, "How do you know you aren’t gay if you don’t try it?" The article below is excerpted from a June 12 report by Chelsea Schilling for WorldNetDaily. Massachusetts is still leading America’s march into sexual hell and cultural suicide—with the Boston mayor’s blessing.

BOSTON—Family advocates are outraged by a prom held at Boston City Hall that was open to children apparently as young as 12 featuring crossdressers, homosexual heavy petting, suspected drug use and a leather-clad doorman who teaches sexual bondage classes.

Children from middle schools and high schools across Massachusetts on May 9 attended a Youth Pride Day event ending with a prom inside of Boston City Hall sponsored by the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth (BAGLY), a group seated on the Massachusetts Commission for GLBT Youth.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino issued a proclamation welcoming homosexual and transgender youth to the celebration. A man in drag introduced a homosexual activist from Menino’s office to read the letter.

MassResistance, an organization that describes itself as a pro-family action center, sent a 20-year-old college student named Max to the prom to take pictures and learn more about what Massachusetts children were doing there.

Boy appearing to be about 14 invited Max to dance. Brian Camenker of MassResistance said Max was astonished by the number of children who appeared to be between 12 and 14 years old.

"They look pretty darn young," Camenker told WND. "He said there were a lot of middle school kids there. It really bothered him."

The day’s events began with a transgender Elvis and a parade. Attendees were given condoms and pro-homosexual material such as a bookmark for kids on how to get involved with several homosexual groups and "Transgender Rights Now" stickers. Then many children attended the prom that evening at City Hall.

"I remained in the building for an hour and a half and found the events inside disturbing, depraved and outright criminal," Max reported. "The line included kids wearing the rainbow regalia of the gay movement, teenage boys wearing dresses and high heels, hugging their ‘boyfriends,’ extremely young looking girls, not much older than 14 or 15, with ‘Out and Proud’ inscribed in rainbow letters on the front of their T-shirts."

Two girls kiss on dance floor. Max continued, "On the flower pots and stairs leading up to the subway entrance, I saw dozens of kids aged 12-17 smoking cigarettes and making out with each other."

He said three middle-aged lesbians with military haircuts shouted from megaphones at the more than 300 youth attendees in line for the event. They barked: "If we find you bringing alcohol, you’re going home!"; "Don’t have sex on the dance floor!" and "Are you ready to party?"

Two men helped the lesbians herd youth into City Hall. One of the men reportedly wore exceptionally tight pants and eyeliner while calling the children "sweetie" and everything around him "fabulous." The other man wore leather bondage gear.

While BAGLY advertised the event for youth 22 and younger, Max said identification was not checked – even for people who were obviously older than 22.

Official greeter describes self as "leather BDSM fetishist." "Why would 22-year-olds be mingling with 14 and 15-year-olds?" Camenker asked, troubled by the details of the event. "As we saw, they pay no attention to any age limit at all. It was full of all of these strange adults."

A doorman, with a Mr. Boston Leather sash, had BAGLY’s official chaperone credentials around his neck, Camenker noted. He identified himself as a "leather BDSM (bondage discipline and sado-masochism) fetishist" and handed out business cards to youth.

His card asked, "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Mr. Boston Leather’s MySpace profile describes him as a single, middle-aged gay male who attends spanking parties and waxes for leather dancing events. "Starting in April I am teaching monthly BDSM classes at the MALE Center in Boston, and I will be running an event called Kinky Kamp ... in Upstate New York at Easton Mountain Retreat Center," it states.

"Recruiter" and girlfriend. Max said he also saw a prominent transsexual activist who specializes in recruiting middle and high school children enter the building.

Despite its announcement stating, "Do not bring drugs, weapons, or alcohol into the space, and do not come to the space under the influence of drugs or alcohol," Max said no measures were taken to stop anyone from sneaking prohibited items into the building.

He entered City Hall as two floors shook with earsplitting music and began taking numerous photographs of the event. Max spotted teen homosexual couples, with hair painted rainbow colors, making out in almost every corner of the room.

As Max moved through the crowd, he said he observed several adult homosexuals wearing T-shirts with "recruiter" written in rainbow colors. "The intention of these individuals, and of the entire event, is made plain by the slogans on those shirts," he noted.

Chaperones, cops look the other way. Max moved into a smoking section where he claims he saw people of all ages smoking cigarettes and marijuana. "Chaperones clearly witnessed these things occurring but did nothing to stop them," he wrote of his experience.

"He said that there was absolutely, definitely marijuana," Camenker told WND. "We have a picture. … He said that here was no question that the girl in his picture was smoking marijuana. A ton of people around her – that whole area of the room – just reeked of marijuana smoke."

WND contacted the Boston Police Department to ask whether officers on duty were aware of attendees smoking marijuana.

Boston City Hall spokesman Nick Martin reviewed the photos with Boston Police spokesman Elaine Driscoll and told WND, "There were both City Hall security on hand and also undercover Boston police officers. The allegations in terms of smoking both cigarettes and marijuana are unfounded. City Hall has hosted the event for at least 15 years and never ran into issues of that sort."

Camenker told WND this event takes place every year and the state of Massachusetts originally budgeted $850,000 last year for the Massachusetts Commission for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth. He said members, such as BAGLY, usually receive funding from that commission. However, that funding for the homosexual lobby was later slashed as part of an effort to cut costs in response to the state’s budget shortfall.

Busing them in.The Massachusetts Commission for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth sponsors programs in public schools such as Gay-Straight Alliance clubs, he noted. "The kids are contacted and brought in through this network of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs and the money that funds that," he said. "There are also buses that often bring kids in. We’re not sure if they used buses this year, but they usually do. That’s basically how the kids get there."

Max talked to two young boys around middle school age. One was wearing a dress and had "free kisses, free hugs and gropes" written on his body.

After his experience, Max said it is difficult for anyone who has never attended such an event to truly grasp the "perversion and disturbing nature" of the prom hosted by the city and welcomed by the mayor. "This movement has an obsession with kids, and there are no boundaries. It’s worse than anybody thought," Max said.

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