From the June 2009 Idaho Observer:

Scripted to deceive private property owners:

Legions of GPSers claim trespasses covered under census statutes while gathering pinpoint data for military contractors per realtime, fulltime UN global civil surveillance agenda

To obstruct a census worker in his duties per provisions of Title 13 of U.S. Code comes with a possible fine "...not to exceed $500." There have only been a few cases where code convictions have resulted in fines. Most people cooperate with the census and permit themselves to be counted. However, with the advent of the American Community Survey in 1995, a program administrated by the U.S. Bureau of the Census under the Department of Commerce, people began to quietly rebel. Instead of just counting us by number, gender and race, we were expected to fill out a form that asked scores of extremely invasive questions, answers to which many Americans felt were none of the government’s business and refused to fill out the 36 pages of survey questions. Beginning last April, the quiet rebellion erupted in outspoken anger as the dupes of military contractors masquerading as census workers used GPS locators to tag Americans’ addresses to their front doors (The IO, April, 2009). The reasons given for the "precensus" trespasses were not satisfactory to a large cross section of Americana. Following is an explanation that, while not making us feel good about the fact that foreign troops or rockets can find our front doors from outer space, it will answer questions that the temporary worker dupes couldn’t—or wouldn’t.

By J White

We first reported that legions of temporary workers were crawling the nation with GPS locators to tag physical addresses to the front doors of every home in the U.S. last April. Research proved that this plan had been set in motion as early as 2004 with Congress approving contracts worth over $1 billion. We have since discovered that this effort, which is scheduled to be completed by the middle of July, is being carried out by defense contractors as part of a UN agenda. (The IO)

There are innumerable clues that the United States of America, as our forefathers knew it, is all but extinct and those who outspokenly demand the return of our constitutional republic are at risk of being targeted by Homeland Security and put on a color coded list as suspected of being a terrorist. When did criticizing the actions of government become an act of terrorism? Is the 10th Amendment still in operation? Is the Bill of Rights still valid? Are there no longer civil property rights? Is the current GPSing of front doors all across the U.S. within 90 days preparation for ferreting out U.S. citizens reluctant to embrace change coming from the shadow walkers through Mr. Obama?

A State Senator told me the national door to door GPSing under the guise of the Census Bureau has been subbed out by Obama to ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations and Reform Now). Another source deep into research on this issue has told me this is actually a congressionally-sanctioned, $717.1 million dollar contract awarded to defense contractors operating under the umbrella of the Census Bureau.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, all front door locations in the U.S. will be GPSed. "In most cases, census workers will knock on doors to verify addresses and inquire about additional living quarters on the premises."

An article published by GEO World Dec. 1, 2004 and posted to the website at, reported that, "The U.S. Census Bureau awarded Shreveport, La.-based Michael Baker Jr. Inc. an estimated $10 million contract for data collection services that involve Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

The Michael Baker Corporation works closely with the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

An article by Scott Tillett dated April 1, 2005 and posted to the website at, revealed that, "The Census Bureau, in preparation for the 2010 census, already has begun collecting GPS coordinates. The bureau contracted Harris Corp. for a multi year contract with a potential ceiling of more than $200 million to collect GPS coordinates for streets around the nation.

Harris Corp. works closely with the U.S. defense and intelligence community. Workers currently canvassing the nation to tag GPS coordinates to the front doors of America are using GPS locators manufactured for Harris Corp and sport the company logo.

On Sept. 26, 2005, a news release headlined, "Lockheed Martin Awarded $500 Million Contract to Implement System for 2010 U.S. Census," announced that, "The U.S. Bureau of Census will count on a team led by Lockheed Martin to develop and operate an information processing system for the nation’s 2010 Census. Under the six-year contract valued at approximately $500 million, the Lockheed Martin team will develop and deploy the Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) for the Bureau, which will include a publicized option for filing census surveys via the Internet."

Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest defense contractor.

On July 31, 2006, National Public Radio announced, "Two-and-a-half years from now, in early 2009, the Census Bureau plans to send an army of 100,000 temporary workers down every street and dusty, dirt road in America. They will be armed with handheld GPS devices.

"Robert LaMacchia, head of the Census Bureau’s geography division, says they’ll capture the latitude and longitude of the front door of every house, apartment and improvised shelter they find. ‘We will actually knock on doors and look for hidden housing units,’ he says. ‘We will find converted garages; from the outside, it may not look like anybody lives there.’"

A story posted by Marketwire on Feb. 24, 2009, was headlined, "Law Enforcement Associates Corp. awarded $7.1 million by Census Bureau." The story, datelined "RALEIGH, NC," stated, "Law Enforcement Associates Corporation….the largest U.S.-based developer and manufacturer of electronic surveillance equipment, today announced it has received a $5.7 million order from the U.S. Census Bureau. The order, the largest in company history, represents a follow-on contract to the $1.4 million purchase made by the Census Bureau in September, 2008. LEA did not identify the products associated with the order, but said they are expected to ship during the first two quarters of fiscal 2009 and will be used in conjunction with the 2010 U.S. Census."

The articles above show that federal contracts underwriting the plan to GPS the front doors of American homes were being let as early as 2004. Additional research shows that this campaign is part of a United Nations agenda. The current GPSing operation is not part of the decennial census scheduled to begin next year.Yet the "GPSers" show up invoking Federal authority to trespass on private property to conduct a census survey per 13 USC, 223(7)(2).

To compensate for the fact that this intrusive "precensus" is being conducted in the absence of lawful authority, the temporary workers (at $12.75 per hour) have been instructed to deceive the American people when asked to explain the purpose of GPSing our front doors. "We are from the Census Bureau, we are here to confirm your address," is the most common line the temps use.

My neighbor answered the door to hear, "We are from the Census Bureau. We are here to inform you that, in 2010, you will receive a packet of census questions in the mail and you will be required to answer them. If you are unable to fill out the information, someone will be around to help you."

Interesting. Hundreds of millions of dollars to tell people they will get census mail next year?

The conversation was a distraction. My neighbors didn’t know they were GPSed until I told them; they were shocked and angry when they realized another GPSer had remained in the vehicle logging in their coordinates.

Sometimes the temps, most of whom have no idea what they are doing or why, will say they are from the Census Bureau taking advance GPS readings in preparation for the 2010 census. There are variations to this statement and inconsistent answers to questions.

The Census Bureau, under the Department of Commerce, works through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to obtain current addresses. The USPS must already have our addresses figured out because we receive mail and the GPSers were able to find us. Inquiries have confirmed that there are no postal, emergency service or even local law enforcement imperatives necessitating the gathering of this information.

I spoke with the post offices in two towns. They know nothing of the GPS information being gathered to update addresses. I also spoke with a representative of my county planning commission who personally assured me, "These front door to front door census GPSers have nothing whatsoever to do with property taxes, nor the county’s new GPS updated address system. The county is taking its GPS readings from where the county road meets a private drive."

[I asked a sheriff of a rural county who said that he had received a lot of inquiries about the GPSers but they had nothing to do with information being gathered for county law enforcement or emergency response purposes. He added that he would not send deputies out to respond if GPSers called to complain about not being allowed onto people’s private property. ~DWH].

Then why is the U.S. government spending hundreds of millions of dollars to pin point our front doors and other structures on our property? What is the urgency and why must this project be completed within 90 days? Why is this happening all over the country at the same time? Our Census Bureau regional director told me, "We are not doing census, we are taking no personal information, no census questions are being asked; that’s not until 2010. But we have the right to be on your property and federal authority to take whatever coordinates we need; we are authorized to trespass per 13 USC, 223(7)(2)."

A review of 13 USC, 223(7)(2) indicates that GPSers are not covered by the statutes as they are not performing a census or another Census Bureau survey as stipulated in the text. Reports from all over the country reveal that once GPSers are on private property, they will trespass all over the place against the wishes and/or without the permission of homeowners to log GPS coordinates. I have heard over and over how front door GPSers show great interest in buildings auxiliary to the primary residence.

2009 Census Bureau GPSers are focused on resident front doors and potential living accommodations. They are not interested in personal and demographic census data at this time. If there are no legitimate census, postal, emergency response or law enforcement purposes being served by this GPSing campaign, then we have to assume that some other purpose is being served by this $billion intelligence-gathering project.

Our concerns that an agenda beyond the needs of local and national government is behind the GPSing of Americans’ front doors are confirmed by reports that the UN has issued military contracts to similarly GPS some 40 other countries in advance of conducting their own decennial censuses in 2010.

Below are excerpts from the UN report "United Nations Expert Group Meeting to Review Critical Issues Relevant to the Planning of the 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses." The report from Sept., 2004, confirms suspicions that the coming census, which was hijacked by the Obama White House (The IO, March, 2009), is a ruse to facilitate a UN agenda that intends to capitalize on advances in satellite-driven mapping and surveillance technology to conduct real-time intelligence-gathering on a global scale for purposes best described as "inventory control" (The IO, May, 2009).

Dated Sept. 15-17, 2004 and datelined from UN headquarters in New York, the report "Integration of GPS, Digital Imagery and GIS with Census Mapping" was drafted by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD). The five-year old UN document makes numerous references to applying and/or making available surveillance data for operations and agencies outside the bounds of geographic mapping and census demographics. If one scrutinizes the text, they are not talking about making better maps of the U.S. and counting U.S. citizens and where they live. The UN is showing how GPS and GIS data technology can be used for observation/surveillance and the perpetual real time creation of digital images for any specified living space on the planet.

According to the report, "…the UNSD is considering the establishment of a Group of Experts to reflect on these important issues of census mapping with GIS and formulate a plan, with the aim to lead the effort to transform census-taking for the 2010 round of censuses, and usher in larger programs…However, recent satellite imagery is extending its use to urban areas with the increase of its resolution to one-meter [i.e. IKONOS satellite which has better resolution today], its high positional accuracy, the revisit frequency of only three days [now many times a day] and its GIS-readiness… Furthermore, the combination of digital video (DV), satellite imagery and GPS for the data capture and the input of this data into a GIS for manipulation, analysis and display, is empowering data collection and integration [for ground observations of buildings, GPS can be used in combination with satellite-generated digital imagery].

"The recent technological developments, including new high-resolution sensors, global positioning systems (GPS), geographical information systems (GIS), Internet and World Wide Web services, are revolutionizing cartography, surveying and mapping in fundamental ways: geographic data is easily collected and combined with a variety of other data in order to create relevant information for spatial analysis and decision making. Geographic information, in its digital form, is indeed exchanged more rapidly, duplicated without alteration, and easily disseminated to end-users" [local governments, national governments and invading/occupying military personnel].

"This paper outlines some developments in satellite imagery, GPS and GIS with reference to census mapping activities, and provides some insight on the similarities between a geographic information process and a census mapping process, therefore, it urges for the integration of these geospatial technologies within the census mapping process. It suggests some future actions to undertake in order to help kick-start the development of this field in developing countries."

Regarding the recent technological advances in GIS, GPS and aerial/satellite imaging capabilities, UNSD observed that, "GPS, remote sensing (including aerial photography) and GIS are technologies that are being increasingly used in the field of data collection, including census mapping operations. Until recently, aerial photography did play a major role in geographic data acquisition in urban areas, and the use of satellite imagery, due to its low resolution, was limited to the study of some phenomena like floods and urban pollution.

"Indeed, some cost-effective GPS can handle real-time differential correction capable of sharpening accuracy to five meters or better. Furthermore, GPS coordinates (waypoints) can be displayed real-time in a GIS software (i.e. ArcPad). GIS are becoming more powerful and friendly to use, and GPS more accurate and cost-effective. Both are more integrated, reamlining the acquisition and processing of coordinate data. The future of satellite positioning system looks promising, particularly with the new system under construction, Galileo, the European system dedicated to civil activities" [emphasis added].

With mobile GIS, it is now possible to capture, manipulate, analyze and utilize satellite-generated and electronically-transmitted data in the field in real time. With the recent advent of your front door GPSed, agents of the UN have access to constant high resolution digital video of you at home; inside and out. With today’s technology, Homeland Security/Black Water can be down the road a mile or thousands of miles away in Washington, D.C. and watch your every move in real time.

Under cover of the "Census Bureau," U.S. military contractors, with the blessing of Congress since at least 2004, is setting us up for the continuous monitoring and errorless rapid deployment of "personnel" to our living space, even if it’s in a shed behind the barn out back. This agenda is going forward in lockstep to the UN vision for data collection and civil surveillance.

"Furthermore," the UN report continues, "the combination of digital video (DV), satellite imagery and GPS for the data capture and the input of this data into a GIS for manipulation, analysis and display, is empowering data collection and integration [for ground observations of buildings, GPS can be used in combination with digital video]. Indeed, the most significant development in these recent years lies in the better integration of GPS, image processing and GIS systems. Hence, collecting data in the field and storing it in a geographic database, can obviously improve the efficiency of the census mapping process."

Under this system, facilitated by the legions of temporary workers mindlessly GPSing our front doors for $12.75 an hour, the word "privacy" no longer has any relevance.

The UN report then describes how the accumulated data can be integrated through software and used to accomplish a variety of invasive functions. "The geographic information process consists of three stages: data acquisition, data processing and data dissemination. As illustrated in fig. 1, geospatial technologies are spanning through these three stages: GPS and satellite imagery, among others, are useful tools for geographic data collection; GIS have demonstrated their powerful capacities to enable data integration, analysis, display and dissemination. Hence, remote sensing techniques, GPS and GIS have become ubiquitous [omnipresent] in developing policies for integrated management."

The integrated managers are not identified by the UN but a cursory review of UN history infers that they would be officials from corrupt governments, corrupt non-government organizations, corrupt UN functionaries and ruthless mercenaries.

Under the subtitle "Census Mapping Operations," we discover that the UN intends to reinvent the census by replacing a once-every-ten-years invasion of personal privacy with a continuous, ongoing process that is better described as keeping tabs on "inventory" than updating demographic data. "Census mapping operations are an essential component of a Population and Housing Census. As illustrated in fig. 2, census processes entails [sic] three stages: pre-census, census and post-census. In the pre-census stage (pre-enumeration), maps ensure consistency and facilitate census operations; in the census stage, maps support data collection and help monitor census activities (during enumeration); in post-census stage, maps make it easier to present, analyze and disseminate census results (post-enumeration).

"The traditional role of maps in census and survey operations consists of supporting enumeration and presenting results in cartographic form. However, additional capabilities of GIS, GPS and satellite imagery, such as integrated field data collection, advanced analysis and dissemination of census data, support census activities at all three stages, proving that census mapping would gain by being a continuous process" [emphasis original].

The UN also feels that, "Since the census is a process, cost-benefit of census mapping should be therefore considered in this context."

Realizing that the adoption of such invasive information gathering may be met with some resistance, the UNSD proposed some ideas to help "sell" the concept by "advocating the use of GIS in census mapping and other statistical activities [that] would help developing countries in their endeavors."

UNSD continued, "In order to achieve the above stated actions, workshops and technical advisory services would be required during the 2010 round of censuses. However, these actions should be part of a broad vision for the next decade. That’s why the UNSD is considering the establishment of a Group of Experts to reflect on these important issues of census mapping with GIS and formulate a plan, with the aim to lead the effort to transform censustaking for the 2010 round of censuses, and usher in larger programs."

End notes:

From the inception of this nation, men have sought to control the policies of our government as servants of darkness, conspiring to fulfill shadowy dark dreams. Shadow men, illicit banksters, through the U.S. Government and United Nations, have been perpetrating horrific crimes in and out of the U.S. "Inside jobs" have been carried out and "false flags" have been flown for the perpetual waging of war on humanity for profit, political control and influence over the minds of U.S. citizens and world opinion in general. Clandestine U.S. government agents have been spawning terrorism: sponsoring, training, funding and working in concert with the "terrorists" they are creating. Sometimes terrorists and terrorist organizations are fictitious—like Osama bin Laden (CIA operative and business associate of the Bush family) and al-Qaeda; yet they serve the very real purpose of keeping the people in fear and willing to fight. For decades, our government has imported genuine terrorist minded foreigners into the U.S. and supported them through selectively open borders and government programs. Reorder out of chaos. Turmoil, social strain and financial strain open the door for change. Controlling public forum controls perception; perception is reality. The plan is to reshape beliefs for political manipulation by psychologically conditioning our society with issue-sensitive word concepts and state-sponsored news stories, creating deviant stereotypes and branding dissenting people and groups (foreign and domestic) as terrorists that pose a potential "threat to national security."

Historically, fascist regimes have incrementally disarmed acquiescent nations before fully taking power. The disarmament process is definitely underway in America. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) introduced H.R. 2159, the "Denying of Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009," which permits the attorney general to deny transfer of a firearm to any "known or suspected dangerous terrorist." The bill requires only that the potential firearm transferee be "suspected" of preparing for a terrorist act and that the attorney general has a reasonable belief that the gun might be used in connection with terrorism. The bill’s language argues that it enables the federal government to suspend a person’s Second Amendment rights without any trial or legal proof and only upon suspicion of being a potential "terrorist."

The Internet is rife with stories like former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger recently attending a high-level meeting with Russian President Medvedev that also included former Secretaries of State James Baker and George Shultz, former Secretary of Defense William Perry and former Senator Sam Nunn. Kissinger reportedly asserted that the American people were now ready to accept a "New Global Order." He is also reported to have told Medvedev, "By September we’ll have confiscated all privately owned guns so it really doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll still be in charge."

Is this Kissinger story real? Is this more disinformation? A shadow impression, a perception of an image is not always real. On the other hand, the dark ones realize power from foretelling their plans—they have been doing it all along and it seems to work.

Regarding the 9/11 controversy, Alan Miller recently reported in his article, "U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11," that many ranking government insiders are now challenging the official story that Osama bin Laden was behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. "Following in the footsteps of well over 1,000 scientists and other professional groups who have already gone on record questioning the official theory, more than 40 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency veterans have come forward to challenge the Government’s rendition of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Their behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience of sensitive and classified issues places them in a uniquely authoritative position. In this sense, their critical stance is all the more damning for the government. Conspicuously absent from the landscape are the mainstream media professionals, as they continue to provide cover for the government’s totally bankrupt theory and fail to report on landmark developments such as this."

The national corporate media is complicit in the government’s actions even though it is obviously lying to the people (To see the rest of the Miller’s story and additional links, go to

The federal government has officially determined that the vast majority of every day Americans are extremists or possible potential terrorists. The average NRA member fills most of the criteria. All it takes to be targeted by the Department of Homeland Security as a potential terrorist is to believe the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the law of the land. Federal agencies are profiling and creating data watch lists of those speaking openly in opposition to the New World Order, the U.N., gun control, the violation of Posse Comitatus, the Federal Reserve, Federal Income Tax, the Ammunition Accountability Act, a possible Constitutional Convention, the North American Union, the Universal Service Program, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), abortion on demand, illegal immigration. Even returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are being viewed as "potentially dangerous extremists who need to be watched and guarded against." Our most highly-trained militarily retirees are targeted because they may honor their sacred oaths and they can do harm to enemies of the nation they swore to defend.

The federal government is preparing for a martially ordered, "roundup" of "right wing extremists," and is racing towards police state empowerment to disarm first, then relocate (if lucky) those that can be reprogrammed to the multiple hundreds of fully operational but vacant FEMA internment camps, scattered throughout the U.S. If history is our guide, those who will not be reprogrammed will be executed.

It may seem a little drastic to follow an article about the GPSing of America’s front doors with a rant that ends with the execution of those who resist the growing tyranny, but ask yourself, "Why must we endure the perpetual trespasses of global government into our private lives and onto our land within the boundaries of an allegedly sovereign nation?"

Under these circumstances, can the United States government legitimately claim to be operating under the authority of its people, by its people and for its people? Is the United States government defending its citizens’ best interests?

Don’t tread on me.

Montana man smashes GPS locator, pays fine

When a GPSer came onto the property of a Montana man and refused to leave, he grabbed the offending GPS locator (like the one pictured at left), threw it on the ground and smashed it. The local sheriff was called, a complaint was filed and charges were pressed. The Montana man was "sentenced" to pay restitution of $800 to pay for the GPS locator. There are rumors that the Department of Justice may charge the Montana man with violations under Title 13, but it is not too likely. Such an action would result in favorable headlines, sympathetic press and competent civil rights legal counsel that could reveal the deeper meaning (the military and global inventory control aspects) of this epic invasion of privacy.