From the May 2009 Idaho Observer:

End civilization, vote Swain

Sean Swain for Ohio Governor

A few fantastic quotes from the last IO:

"Cycle after cycle we pretend to elect men and women to represent us in government and feel disappointed when they consistently demonstrate a phenomenal incapacity for representing our interests in government…"

"If the truth were to be told, the best thing that could happen to the American people would be a cultural exodus of us going back into the garden…"

"Looking back, we can see this pattern has been repeating over and over again since the dawn of our present culture which essentially began with the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago…"

Yes! The system we have created does not work for us. We would be better off abandoning this monster. We have to re-think the very founding assumptions of this thing called civilization. When I read the quotes above, I was inspired to see that you guys have the same bigger picture put together from the puzzle pieces—and it doesn’t look good.

I’ve decided to do something about it. And I hope I can count on your support.

Inspired by Ron Paul’s candidacy, I see what can be done when someone adopts a revolutionary platform—even if not having any real chance of getting elected (and nobody telling the truth gets elected, as we all know). Ron Paul inspired ideas; got people to question things.

Problem is, a revolution of the kind Ron Paul wants to see can’t happen on a national level because there are so many hypnotized zombies. Ron Paul supporters could never make up a national majority.

But what about a state? Just one state? What if the Ron Paul revolutionaries and the anarchists who took to the streets in Boulder and St. Paul and in Seattle for the WTO all piled into one state for ONE election?

I’m running for governor of Ohio in 2010. I’m setting up a campaign headquarters in Cleveland. The Zapatista Party of Ohio is named for the Zapatista guerrillas of Southern Mexico who refused to bow down to corporate farmers and got pushed off the land. I’m running as a write-in candidate and my campaign slogan is: End Civilization! Vote for Swain.

My plan is to get every unemployed, down-sized and fed-up American who sees that this system does not work and persuade them to come to Ohio, to register to vote and to turn their ballot into a bullet and scratch my name on it.

My campaign promise is to let the state government collapse, to de-commission the national guard and hand out weapons to the people, to empty the prisons and all control systems of government, and to transport all federal property to the state line where the U.S. government can pick it up.

Everyone can form their own local, sustainable communities. Live as they see fit; no imposition and no politicians misrepresenting them; going back to the garden and turning their backs on the pyramid.

I need to get the message out. As of now, I have help from the Burning River Anarchist Collective in Cleveland, and they plan to come see me May 6 to discuss some strategy. They hope to get Dan Siskind, the editor of the Profane Existence magazine (a punk-rock counter-culture magazine that rails against the system) to set up a website on-line for my campaign. But, that reaches a specific audience. It certainly doesn’t reach the Ron Paul/IO spectrum. I know with the Shays interview (The IO, Feb., 2009), I received a boat-load of mail and there are plenty of people out there ready for a revolution. Perhaps they can load me into their pistol and blow a hole through the brain-pan of civilization.

Stay dangerous. We can take back the future.


Sean Swain

Toledo. Ohio

Sean: History has shown that the only value of large governments is to repel invasion. The only reason to tolerate governments of any size is when they provide justice and protect freedom. Hmmm—it seems like "ours" no longer has any value or reason. But move to Ohio? (DWH)