From the May 2009 Idaho Observer:

Genocide against the American people

America is intentionally polluted! Genetically altered food lacking nutrition, highly toxic aluminum byproducts (fluoridation) in toothpaste and water supplies, the spraying of toxic chemicals in our skies by the U.S. military and medications that do more harm than good are only the tip of the iceberg.

The American public is at war on American soil. This war is called a "mixed war," which is when a government is at war with its own citizens. Our own government agencies are facilitating the military and big corporations’ intent to commit the crime of genocide upon the American people. Just because the concept is unfathomable to most people does not change the facts. Whether or not you are ready to accept it is not for me to determine. My job as a preacher and fellow American is to sound the alarm. Our constitutional republic has been overthrown by a Neo-nazi Bankrupt Corporate Democracy commonly known as the "U.S. government." This corporation is not the constitutional republic guaranteed to every state in the union by Article 4, Sec. 4 of the Constitution.

This foreign Bankrupt Corporate Democracy is completely controlled by the board of directors of the Federal Reserve, who are the creditors of the corporate U.S. They gained complete control of it through the U.S. bankruptcy of 1933. They control the money, mainstream media, public education, state and federal courts, the FDA, EPA, FBI, CIA, NEA, AMA, CDC, et al, to include our highest offices.

The neo-nazi communist ideals of these creditors are in place and active within all these agencies. This fact was reported in the December, 2008 edition of The IO in an article entitled, "Bless us for we have achieved their goals," and is supported by Congressional Record – Appendix, January 10, 1963, in the remarks of the Honorable A. S. Herlong, Jr., of Florida, both manifesting that we are under communist rule.

We cannot look to Homeland Security, FEMA, or any agency for help. They are a façade, ultimately used to destroy American confidence (remember New Orleans?).

These creditor/banksters are very aware that conquering America by conventional warfare could be very problematic. They know the safest way to conquer a nation is to put that nation so far into debt that you own it. With this method the debtors (Americans) feel guilty, which thwarts retaliation and promotes easy confiscation and sale of all property.

This is the true purpose of the "bail-out." You do not come out of a 76-year-old $9 trillion bankruptcy (1933 to 2009) by going into debt $10 trillion, especially not by giving the alleged funds to the very banks you already owe.

Our founding fathers made the statement before the National Constitutional Convention: "Have we not once thought to call upon the Father of lights?"

Our scripture forbade us to become debtors. Scripturally, debt is a national sin. As a preacher and fellow American I encourage our nation to do as our founders did and seek the Father of lights:

"Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors."~Matthew 6:12.

T.L.C. The Preacher Man

Ontario, Oregon