From the May 2009 Idaho Observer:

When prison itself becomes a death sentence

An Ohio prison commits genocide right out in the open for decades and nobody cares. The public must know of the atrocities committed here, funded by their tax dollars. Men are dying here; daily, weekly and monthly. I take each death personally. So should everyone out there.

My name is Jack L. Frederick. In 1994 I was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to eight to 25 years in prison in Ohio. Since then, various state agents and agencies have played with my sentence to ensure I do the 25-year maximum; they have enacted one sex-offender law after another and applied them ex post facto (a scheme designed to acclimate the public to registering humans like animals), and for 10 years now, Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Ross County, Ohio, has forced me and tens of thousands of other prisoners to breathe and ingest airborne friable asbestos. Genocide in broad daylight. Your tax dollars at work.

As my lawsuit attests, I chose to step to the plate rather than appease the cowards responsible for this atrocity in hope of getting paroled. We are being systematically exterminated. The asbestos is not the only toxin we are forced to endure here, but that is (maybe) for a future article.

What Iím talking about isnít some unproven "conspiracy theory"; it is a fully documented, uncontested and incontestable fact. I may well die without seeing the outside world again, but Iíll die a patriot standing in battle and not as a coward on his knees. I had a parole hearing (actually a re-sentencing hearing) on March 16, 2009. As of this writing, (April 27), I have no decision. But the stateís agenda is clear and I already know what time it is.

In the unlikely event I live to see freedom, Iíll at least have a sizable damage award. Iíd like to retire in South America. Iíd appreciate any help from others in obtaining information and connections to facilitate my goals. My health isnít getting any better. Please, donít let my struggle exist in a vacuum.

Look up Frederickís lawsuit on line: United States District Court

Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division

Gerald Smith and Jack Frederick vs. Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and Chillicothe Correctional Institution

Case # 2:08CV0015

District Judge Holschuh, Magistrate Judge King

Email plaintiff counsel at or for instructions on downloading from our federal court.

Write Jack L. Frederick #305-424, P.O. Box 5500, Chillicothe, Ohio, 45601-0990

(If youíre a free world single lady with like-minded interests, perhaps you might drop me a few lines).