From the May 2009 Idaho Observer:

Even Obama’s photos are phony

To date, the man acting as if he is the 44th president of the United States has not provided enough public documentation to be issued a drivers license. All public records that would memorialize his existence from birth through young adulthood, beginning with a forged certificate of live birth (COLB) from Hawaii (The IO, Sept., 2008), have been either "sanitized," sealed from public inspection or simply do not exist. Attempts to make the records of the most public man in America today available to the public have been denied from low state courts all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. It stands to reason that, if the only proof that Obama is who he says he is rests on a forged COLB, then the handful of publicly-released photos allegedly proving that Obama is the son of a black man named Barack Obama from Kenya and a white woman named Stanley Ann Dunham from Mercer Island, WA, are likely forgeries as well.

Intuitive genealogical investigator Don Nicoloff (The Bush [Scherf(f)] family (The IO, April-June, 2007), John McCain [McCann] (The IO, July, Sept., 2008) and Barack Obama [Barry Soetoro(?)] (The IO, Sept.-Oct., 2008) undertook a forensic analysis of the most commonly seen Obama family photos. As he suspected, every one of them is filled with anomalies that prove them to be retouched composites. Nicoloff sought a second opinion from Ohio photographer Max Klein who also became convinced that the Obama photos had been "Photoshopped" and volunteered to forensically analyze the photos and submit a full report on his letterhead. According to Nicoloff, a few days later Klein’s demeanor had changed dramatically and his report was pathetically deficient.

Fortunately, anyone who has a computer with Photoshop software and even moderate experience with the program has the ability to verify Nicoloff’s findings.

On this page we will show several of the photos in their publicly circulated form with brief explanations to illustrate the anomalies. To see the full report, go to Nicoloff’s website at

Photo 1:

The photo above is Obama’s alleged mother at about age two with mother and father Madelyn and Stanley Dunham circa 1944. Notice that Stanley Ann’s head is about the same size as her "parents’" heads and is out of proportion with the rest of her body.

Contrasting shadows, skin tones, and objects that are intentionally obscured are revealed by modifying various light aspects of this computerized collage of three separate photos. All three subjects demonstrate differing focal points derived from a single camera and the lighting casts opposing shadows typically found in such fabrications.

All three subjects’ eyes are focused in different directions, further indicating that each subject was photographed in different settings at different times.

Stanley’s overall appearance is gray and outside the light parameters of the rest of the photo. Notice how his tie casts a dark shadow behind his tie, indicating the light is shining from the left side of the photo. However, the right side of his face (that which faces the direction of the light) is obscured within a shadow. If the shadow was created by the light approaching from the left, his tie, his shirt, and his chin would be obscured by his daughter’s head. But it is not being obscured by her head, evidenced by the singular shadow behind the tie. Therefore, the tie’s shadow is foreign to any lighting effects present in the overall portrait, disqualifying Stanley Armour’s image.



Photo 2:

Nicoloff originally thought the photo at right of Stanley Ann and her "parents" was taken in Beirut, Lebanon (The IO, Oct., 2008) circa 1954. Nicoloff has since determined that the photo is a composite. The original background has been darkened to aid in masking numerous anomalies which occur in the foreground regarding the three subjects. The shadows cast by each subject’s head travel in a different direction and at different angles, revealing that the photo is actually a composite of at least three photographs. Shadows follow light angles and do not possess the ability to move independently. The contrast level of the original photo was altered to hide the composite nature of the subjects, shadows, etc.

Photo 3:

The photo at left is purported to be Obama on a bench in Central Park South, New York City, with grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham.

Stanley Dunham reportedly died on February 8, 1992, so he could not have been in a photo which simultaneously includes Obama’s wedding ring, obtained (and worn) on or about October 18, 1992. If this is a genuine photo taken in 1983, Obama would have actually been wearing his wedding ring prematurely—by 9 and 1/2 years.

The most glaring anomaly is the fact that his grandfather appears to have three arms. Look closely at his left shoulder. His arm is hidden but his shoulder is in the "down" position—yet there is a hand patting Obama’s shoulder.

A closer examination reveals that even the park bench is fraudulent. The photo appears to have been compiled in layers and in the following order: the bench, Stanley Dunham, Barack Obama, Madelyn Dunham, Stanley Dunham’s suit jacket—entire left side, and Madelyn Dunham’s suit jacket — entire right side.

The background, if in the actual setting of Central Park South, should have water on the other side of the wall nearest the bench—not trees. A closer look reveals two walls, the first near the base of the bench, and the second behind that wall. As in the previous set of photos, the subjects are not looking at the same photographer because there wasn’t just one photographer—there were at least three, and most likely, six. The alteration/reinsertion of clothing is most visible along Stanley’s left lapel and Madelyn’s buttonhole side of her suit jacket, which is, abnormally, a straight line. The buttonholes are aligned, but the right-side lapel is definitely smaller than the left lapel, and so, it is out of proportion. (Nicoloff discusses many more anomalies with this photo in the full length analysis which include the park bench and Obama’s clothes and a "cropped-in" leg).

Photo 4:

In order to perpetuate the lie that Obama’s father was from Kenya, Obama’s image was inserted into the photo at right.

Obama and all other subjects have been compiled into this photo to give the fraudulent representation of a family gathering. Obama’s hands appear to be resting on the shoulders of his half-sister Auma and his grandmother Kezia. One can see his cupped hands do not look natural—especially his right thumb—and are merely superimposed to look like they are really there. The hand of Abongo (Roy) Obama, his so-called step-brother, rests on Obama’s shoulder, while what would be the same hand is holding the hand of an unknown woman. Enlargement reveals that Abongo’s right hand has been altered (masked) by photographic editing, showing a large, square pixel in place of the hand.

An unknown individual (back row, 2nd from the right) is wearing dark clothes intended to obfuscate the compiled abnormalities which cannot be hidden by other means. The unknown individual (back row, far right) next to him is sporting two-toned trousers, the left leg being powder blue, and the right leg being dark purple. Even the trousers’ inseam on the left leg is purple and is inconsistent with the lack of natural shadows within the entire picture. Nevertheless, that individual’s right shoe remains white, while the color of his right pant leg has turned purple.

In summation

On this page are just four of nine photos that Nicoloff analyzed in Photoshop. Three of five remaining photos not shown here were of Obama during his years at Punahou High School. What is interesting, beyond the numerous anomalies consistent with the other historical Obama photos, is the timing of their public release. According to Nicoloff, "The....Punahou school photos [were] published within three hours of Dr. Orly Taitz’ amended complaint with the U.S. Supreme Court. The photos mysteriously appeared on the web site, and the time reference within each photo demonstrates both the times and dates of each photo’s release. Dr. Taitz referenced her filing time as "2:30 p.m." These photos have an imbedded time stamp of "5:14:04 p.m." on the day that Dr. Taitz filed her amended complaint."

As you look at the photos on this page and a few more that were published in the Sept. and October, 2008 editions of The IO, some of the anomalies become obvious to the naked eye when you look past the presumption of their authenticity. But the "forensic" proof comes when you apply the tools in Photoshop to see how differently the various components of the composite photos behave. Such electronic "stress tests" reveal that components were applied in different "layers," that shadows are being cast in a variety of directions and that certain features "pixilate" when others in proximity do not (which indicates retouching).

Nicoloff closes his analysis by stating, "there remains no doubt, now, that the photographic biography of Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama, Jr., is as great a fiction as his own autobiographical accounts, whether in book, audio, video, online, or print-media format. Although these photos do not conclusively prove where Obama or his family were at any given point in time, they do prove where he—and they—were not.