From the May 2009 Idaho Observer:

Maliciously convicted energy medicine man awaits sentencing

A man who, according to everyone who has ever known him, is a stellar individual with flawless business ethics and a desire to heal the sick, was found guilty on 26 counts of fraud, misbranding and various other felonies relating to the sale of energy medicine machines that use Rife technology. Jim Folsom, 68, could have copped a plea to three felonies as late as March, 2009 and would have been sentenced to time served and a small fine if he would agree to stop selling his machines. Instead he went to trial and, on Feb. 17, 2009, was found guilty of a litany of "crimes" for which he could receive a total of 140 years in prison.

Sentencing, which was scheduled for May 11, 2009, has been reset for July 10, 2009.

A larger story will be produced when the time is right. For now we will state that the plot behind this marvelous manís real-life persecution is the plot of best selling political intrigue novels. For now we would like our readers to keep Jim company by writing to him at:

James Folsom, N5M5 #05650298

Western Region

Detention Facility-

San Diego

220 West "C" Street San Diego, CA 92101

(Remember that mail is routinely "monitored" in such facilities)

A Defense Fund has been established under

Jim Folsom Defense fund

c/o David Folsom

12025 Fuerte Drive

El Cajon CA 92020


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