From the May 2009 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s rectangle

The most maddening aspect of our present circumstances is that we never really seem to actually improve our lot, scale back the tyranny or stop the wholesale poisoning of our air, food and water or the general destruction of peoples and cultures through perpetual war. The essence of our frustration is that the gatekeepers of poison policy and tyranny, who are either ruthless malevolents in positions of power or their subordinate dupes, have honed to a fine point a specialized skill: The art of dragging intelligent, well-intended people with facts and evidence down into the muck of special interest-driven idiocy. These salaried individuals are extremely proficient in the art of wearing us out by insisting, over and over again—for years if necessary—that there is no proof that torture is torture, that poisons are poisons or that the Constitution does not prohibit direct federal taxation, warrantless federal surveillance, searches and seizures or waging "preemptive" wars without the consent of Congress.

So let us entertain a quick review of some of the most prevalent idiocies that decent people are attempting to overcome so that our people can live as free men and women; so our nation can survive political corruption, overcome economic ruin and transcend spiritual desolation:

• Mercury is a strictly regulated poison everywhere in the known world except when it is injected into our bodies as a vaccine ingredient or an amalgam filling for dental caries.

• It is lawful for the government to cruelly and unusually punish domestic prisoners and it is a national security imperative to torture suspected foreign and domestic terrorists.

• Government must have unlimited and unquestioned credit access to finance its unlimited growth backed by the energies, assets and limitless tax tolerance of the American people.

• Individual prosperity begins with access to credit because partnering people’s hopes and dreams with usurious parasites is a model for financial success.

• As the leader of the free world and defenders of freedom, the U.S. is obligated to liberate the people of foreign nations by mass murdering innocent civilians, destroying cities and reducing their residents to refugee status while poisoning entire regions of the globe to help spread democracy.

• "Human" progress is dependent upon replacing the natural world with synthetics; feeding a hungry world requires genetically modifying food plants and animals that are grown with man-made pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, vaccines and antibiotics; before entering commerce, food products from these plants and animals must be chemically amended, processed and packaged in plastic to protect consumer safety.

• In order for water to be safe to dink, microbe-killing chemicals must be added and fluoride must also be added to prevent cavities.

• To make sure that policies and procedures guaranteeing all of the above (and much more) are enforced, people must not make decisions for themselves but depend upon corporately-influenced experts to make all of their decisions for them.

• Parents must send their children to public school so they can be properly educated to unquestioningly accept pure lunacy as normal upon entering the adult world.

It would seem that we will be forever forced to debate whether poisons are poisons, and if torture is torture—if freedom is slavery, education is indoctrination and war is peace—until the day Jesus returns, the cows come home, there is a cold day in hell or pigs sprout wings and fly...or...we are able to short-circuit public instruction and people begin to see the gatekeepers of lunacy for what they are—ruthless malevolents and their subordinate dupes. Personally, I am committed to the latter because it seems important spiritually and materially that we are able to show our people that the gatekeepers and their dupes are wearing no clothes. (DWH)