From the April 2009 Idaho Observer:

FBI expands DNA collection

The FBI has announced that it will collaborate with 15 states that collect DNA samples from those awaiting trial and will also take DNA from illegal immigrants in custody (illegals are a growing class of "genetic registrants").

Until now, genetic tracking was limited to convicted felons. Yet the government appears to be obsessed with inventing ways to justify collecting DNA from anyone—newborns, schoolchildren, government and military service personnel and even employees of private enterprises are being tapped to give up DNA samples to be stored in government databases.

The FBI currently claims to be maintaining a DNA database with 6.7 million profiles and expects to be processing 1.2 million samples each year by 2012.

According to (New York) City University Professor of Sociology Harry Levine, "DNA databases were built initially to deal with violent sexual crimes and homicides — a very limited number of crimes. Over time more and more crimes of decreasing severity have been added to the database. Cops and prosecutors like it because it gives everybody more information and creates a new suspect pool."

Taking DNA from violent criminals was the proverbial camel nose under the tent. Even Obama’s "stimulus" contains $545 million for "health promotion and genomics research (The IO, Feb., 2009).

It appears that a top priority of this government is to get everyone’s DNA—for research.