From the March 2009 Idaho Observer:

"Say goodbye to duplicate-looking floor plans!"

Weekly Russian publication foreshadows 9/11 on cover of Sept. 3-9, 2001 edition

THE IO—A free Russian home remodeling publication with a weekly print run of about 100,000 distributed throughout the greater Moscow area called "obustroisovo i remont" frontpaged an image of the Twin Towers with a banner that translates to, "Say goodbye to identically-looking floor plans."

A Russian friend who read The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11 forwarded the image with two others and said that, in Russia, the "Remont" edition in question was seen by hundreds of thousands of Russians and has since been widely cited as foreknowledge of the attack.

"If you search for it with Russian language Internet search engines, you will find hundreds of blogs and websites discussing it," he said and directed me to the Russian language Wikipedia article on 9/11 where the Remont edition is mentioned" (

Remont has published other "ads" that are controversial, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa with a circle slash and a sign with universal people symbols inside a circle slash. Those ads are still available at the website indicated below, but the Twin Towers image is not.

"The magazine is said to be linked to the Russian-Jewish elite which controls much of Russia’s real estate (and much real estate internationally). Looking at the image, note the blackened upper part of the Twins and note that the red line crosses the tower with the antenna on top at the higher level where the jet impact was—and the other tower at the lower level where the jet impact was. Very interesting." (

"For some reason I never hear this spoken about in the English-speaking world even though in Russia it is widely known.

"Because of this ‘coincidence,’ it even made it into the headlines of Russia’s central press. For example, a few days after 9/11, one of Russia’s largest newspapers with currently 2.4 million daily circulation, Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP) which, during the Soviet time, was the official newspaper of the Union of Young Communists) ran an article, "Russians had said farewell to the ‘twins’ one week before the terrorist attack". The article is still available on the newspaper’s website at (

"The KP article makes the reference to the ‘weird coincidence’ and features an interview with the graphic designer from the company that ran the advertisement. The designer, of course, explained it as a ‘pure coincidence’ and, as a proof of that, mentioned that they also put a cross on the Pisa tower—and see, it’s still standing! He also said they even had a visit from Russia’s secret police (since the ad has come to their attention as well). He finished by saying that they now have a huge in-flux of clients—so the ad was very good for business. Even so, the journalist ended by saying that this ‘coincidence’ went beyond normal. No mention of the other ads of the same company (the crowd of people crossed over and the airplane with an empty cock-pit and a ‘unique mission) was mentioned in this article and are not mentioned in most on-line discussions."

Attempts to email a Remont editor named "Tatiana" looking for a better explanation for how someone could have known the Twin Towers were going to come down have been unsuccessful. It does seem that someone close to Remont has a very sick and "well-connected" sense of humor.

My friend pointed out another 9/11-related point that is very well known in Russia but unheard of in the U.S.: The 1989 prophecy of the clairvoyant Bulgarian woman Vanga (she was a clairvoyant whose prophecies are very well known in Russia). "Thus, in 1989 she said: ‘Horror! Horror! AMERICAN TWINS will FALL, pecked to death by IRON BIRDS. Wolves will howl from the BUSH, and there will be a huge flow of innocent blood’ (1989).

"This 1989 prophecy was remembered after the 9/11 and was widely cited in Russian press, including the previously-mentioned KP Daily article."