From the February 2009 Idaho Observer:

Block watchers

Many years ago I lived in the Plainedge School District in New York. There came a time when the people in this district were informed that our elected board members decided, without letting taxpayers know, that it would be in our best interest to vote in "bussing" for the purpose of "integration." Well a near riot broke out after the residents found out this was going to be done "behind closed doors." The people that made up the majority of this area were people that fled New York City because of the crime that rampaged after this same situation had occurred there. The residents, 5,000 strong, converged on the school where the meeting was being held. They immediately fired the school board even though the board protested that they would have to be voted out of office. The residents countered by explaining that the board members could pack their stuff up and leave willingly or leave in an ambulance.

With that, they called in their security goons that they had at the ready because the board had anticipated this response from the resident taxpayers. Well, the people beat up the "goon squad" and threw them and the board members out of the meeting. The people held elections and seated a new school board that did the will of the people. There was a minor backlash but the unity of the People squashed that.

The reason why I mention this now is because the people got together and organized "Block Watchers." They divided the district into sections wherein the people would elect or appoint someone to attend any meetings that concerned the interests of the residents—much like the committees of correspondence that existed in America in colonial times. This is what we need again in America today—Committee’s of Correspondence, to keep the people informed and to protect their interests.

Anthony Russo, Malone, New York