From the February 2009 Idaho Observer:

Global MMR/mercury damage control campaign underway

Thousands of families outraged; whistleblowers persecuted to protect pharma in worldwide vaccine damage coverup

UK "health writter"Brian Deer is the sole anonymous complainant in a case from 2004 charging Dr. Andrew Wakefield with fraud regarding studies proving the MMR vaccine link to "leaky gut syndrome" and neurological problems in children. Deer then became the "crusading journalist" defaming Dr. Wakefield without revealing his connection to the "investigation."

The Sunday Times UK journalist Brian Deer is being challenged to explain his role in assisting Bush’s U.S. Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services, leading to the ruling February 12 denying a vaccine association to autism in the first three of 5,152 pending cases of vaccine injured children (see article below). Deer was recently identified as the original complainant in the UK General Medical Council (GMC) proceedings against Dr. Andrew Wakefield whose 1998 studies link MMR vaccine, autism and bowel disease in children. Deer has reported extensively in The Sunday Times of London on his allegations which are now the subject of the GMC proceedings and was also previously a defendant in a lawsuit brought by Dr. Wakefield. Challenges to his new denials of involvement with the GMC case are being made as are demands for Deer to publish his complaints and other correspondence with the GMC and to explain his relationship with them.
Brian Deer admitted providing documents that influenced the outcome of the three autism cases in vaccine court as announced February 12 in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Deer’s admission was found in a blog response, wherein he stated (as reported by on
"...the U.S. government sought my help in mounting its case...I was surprised by this...I would come home, find an email from the department of justice asking me for a document and see that the next day it was being run in court." [See "Did the Department of Justice Tip-Off Brian Deer?" by J.B. Handley (posted February 13, 2009)]

Deer’s misrepresentation of Wakefield’s research in the UK for the past five years helped pharma earn a victory in U.S. court. Thousands of parents of autistic children are shocked over the ruling that ignored sound science in favor of politics.Thanks, Brian. This story will continue next month.