From the February 2009 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s rectangle

As strange as this may sound, the difference between the Bush and Obama administrations is emphasis only. Where Bush was more outwardly focused in its efforts to wage its war "of" terror to militarily advance the neocons’ agenda of empire globally, the Obama administration is pulling back to enforce the neocons’ domestic totalitarian agenda here at home. In other words, the zealousness with which Bush, et al wrought horrors upon the peoples of the world is about to be visited upon Americans.

Clues that this transition would be made by an Obama presidency were foreshadowed during his campaign and while he was presiding over "the Office of the President Elect" between Nov. 5, 2008 and Jan. 19, 2009. The final glob of wax sealing our domestic tranquility fate is the $1 trillion of pork and venom contained in HR 1—the so-called "stimulus" bill signed into law Feb. 17. It is the sense of the 111th (Obama) Congress that new federal agencies must be created, funded and staffed to help existing federal and state agencies surveil, monitor, medicate and educate Americans. The 1,000-page bill, ostensibly to preserve and create jobs, invest in infrastructure, energy efficiency and science, assist the unemployed and stabilize state and local governments, outlines a sea-to-shining-sea nationalization of everything and federally-overseen cradle-to-grave surveillance of everyone—all with imaginary "dollars" that have been imagined into existence, borrowed into circulation (at interest) and tallied against the American people as additional public debt.

Between the lizard-themed SoBee and Hulu SuperBowl commercials, the new "sense" of Congress and the cast of recycled Clintonistas surrounding Obama, it is apparent that the American people are about to face a total war attack against their persons, papers, property and effects—a comprehensive attack to be choreographed by the Obama administration with the duplicity of the U.S. Congress and the governors of the several states. And the soldiers for this final assault on the peace, dignity and freedom of the American people? Regular military, national guard, federal, state and local law enforcement, public health personnel, first responders and a dumbed down, fearful, sickly, dependent rabble so confused about what is going on that they believe war is peace, slavery is freedom and ignorance is strength. Wouldn’t Orwell’s Big Brother be proud?

Oh, and by the way, remember the fraud, scandal, petty thievery and murderously-ruthless southern-style political corruption that thoroughly disgraced the White House during the Clinton years? Well, that style of leadership is back but this time the recycled Clintonistas have enhanced technological capabilities and a more thoroughly marginalized nation to rape and disgrace.

And finally, let this month’s editor’s desk be a plug for the only avenue of social, political, cultural and economic salvation available to us: Each other. The time has come for us to stop amusing ourselves with TV and toys and get out there to meet our neighbors. Nations come and go but people always survive them. The chances we will survive the follies, frauds and betrayals of our leaders will be greatly improved when we can draw strength from one another. United we stand. (DWH)