From the January 2009 Idaho Observer:

A trip down the rabbit hole

I used to be your typical, ignorant American lemming. I used to believe our government was good and walked the moral high ground. I used to believe our judicial system was fair and just and our representatives actually represented us and our best interests. I would have continued to believe these things if it werenít for my trip down the "rabbit hole" that is our judicial system.

I have worked all my life, paid my taxes, voted during the electionsóall the things good Americans do. In 2000, I was arrested for narcotics. It is not my intention to argue for or against our drug laws. That would be beyond the scope of this letter. I am, however, very much pro-privacy.

This was my first experience with the lies, the manipulation and the overall corruption that is the norm in our courts. I was, to say the least, shocked. I did not know about the bankruptcy of 1933 or the treasonous betrayal perpetrated by FDR. Had I known, I would have been able to understand what was happening.

Since the beginning of my sentence I have started to educate myself on the reality of this once great countryís present situation. Through books such as The Creature from Jekyll Island, Sui Juris, and others, my eyes have been opened. Also, The IO has been a fantastic resource.

How did "We the People" get to this point? How can the majority of Americans not see whatís happening? When I try to explain to people that the Federal Reserve is a private foreign bank, they think Iím crazy. When I try to explain to individuals who "own" their own property that, in fact, the state owns it, they get angryóespecially when I ask them what would happen if they stopped paying their property taxes. When I first discovered this "new" reality, I was enraged and wanted to share with my friends and family. What Iíve come to realize is that most people would rather stick their heads in the sand than take a real hard look at the reality of things. They say that my "ideas" are weird. When I try to point out that these are not my ideas but cold hard facts and try to show them some proof, they just shut it out. When I pointed out some of these facts to a staff member, he told me, "I wasnít raised that way." What?

As time goes on, Iím starting to think, whatís the point? If the people donít want to wake up and face reality they deserve what they are going to get. Many of the fellows that I am currently incarcerated with think America is a hopeless cause and plan on leaving the country when they are released. I am not one of these people. I still believe in America. We were given both the right and responsibility to throw off any government that becomes self-serving and tyrannical. I think this government fits both of those definitions, and has for quite a long time. do we do it? Through our right to vote and if that fails, the Second Amendment comes into play. Is it a coincidence that when the State imposes felony status onto a person, the first rights to go are the vote and the right to bear arms? What are they afraid of? In my opinion, they arenít afraid of much any more.

Theyíre becoming more and more bold in their attacks on our liberties, especially since September 11, 2001. If there ever was an indication of just how thoroughly brainwashed this nation has become, one only needs to look at 9/11 and our governmentís reaction to this so-called attack. I fail to comprehend how any rational, semi-intelligent person, after reviewing the facts (not the propaganda) surrounding 9/11, can think that it was anything other than a government perpetrated event. But anyone who questions the "official story" is automatically labeled a conspiracy nut.

Is it too late for this country? Will the people wake up? I think we will, but it might be too late. I believe, in the near future, there will be another contrived, so-called attack or similar incident. I think this incident will coincide with economic collapse of some degree. Possibly it will be a flu pandemic, another "terrorist attack," or come in the form of an assassination in order to trigger a "Rodney King" type of incident, but on a much broader scaleóany excuse to declare martial law. During martial law there would be restriction on travel, interment of suspected "enemy combatantsí (Americans), confiscation of weapons, and so on. It is at this point that America will start to wake up. Will it be too late?

I believe that martial law is going to be declared in the very near future. What I canít predict is how the sheeple will respond. Will they be afraid and give up even more of their liberties for the promise of "security," or will they finally say, "Enough is enough!"

I would like to quote a friend of mine, M. Nelson, whom some of you might be familiar with. "The best investment one can make in this day and age is a good assault rifle."

If you take Mr. Nelsonís advice, you should consider choosing a weapon in the .223 or .308 NATO. Iíll let you figure out why.

I pray for this country. I pray for all my incarcerated brothers. God bless.

Bryce H.

Airway Heights, Washington