From the January 2009 Idaho Observer:

No answers, no taxes: Founding concept with contemporary application

Safety engineer, 9/11 truth activist and concert violinist Don Meserlian of North Caldwell, New Jersey(pictured above),has submitted government evidence disproving the governmentís explanation for the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapses on 9/11 to his mayor and city council. After claiming to have received the information, city officials have thus far refused to publicly proclaim that the governmentís evidence warrants a new 9/11 investigation. Meserlianís response has been to place his property taxes into an escrow account until they sign a proclamation or supply him with a letter describing a valid reason why they will not. Just as committees of safety are forming all over the nation today (see above) have roots dating back to the founding of our nation, the tactic of withholding taxes until government responds appropriately to petitions for redress of grievances is also rooted in our nationís founding era. Following is the letter Meserlian sent to officials in his town. Meserlian, 80, is encouraging everyone who believes a new investigation into 9/11 must be conducted to supply their elected officials with the evidence and a copy of the proclamation. If they refuse to proclaim their support for 9/11 truth, Meserlian is also encouraging people to say, "No answers, no taxes" and place property taxes in escrow until their respectfully-submitted grievance is redressed.

To Richard Mondelli, Chief Financial Officer, North Caldwell, N.J. & Joe Kunz, N. Caldwell Administrator: I have placed my Feb 1, 2009 property tax in an escrow account that will be paid to N. Caldwell when the following terms of the account are met.

1. All officials will return phone calls and discuss any citizenís concerns.

2. The Administrator will not refuse to present any documents addressed to the Mayor and Council based on his unauthorized personal opinion.

3. All town officials who take the "Oath of Office" "to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution," including the Police Chief and Administrator, will enforce the 1st amendment right to petition and their "obligation to respond".

4. The "9/11 Truth Proclamation", that I petitioned the mayor and council to sign, will either be signed or a valid written reason provided for not signing.

Note: Since the Proclamation is based on the U.S. governmentís seismic and FAA evidence, that basement explosions occurred before the planes struck the twin towers, the mayor and council must prove that the governmentís evidence is in error or sign the Proclamation.

The above terms must be met in order that you receive my property tax on the due date. I will not pay any interest charges if the terms are met after the due date.

My personal attempts at nonviolent civil disobedience, based on taxation without representation and your violation of your oath of office will be broadcast on radio and in print. This is a test as to whether a citizenís constitutional rights must be enforced by anyone who takes the "Oath of Office." Failure to do so is a betrayal of their sworn oath of office and they are subject to prosecution for the minimum crime of perjury, a felony, or the more serious crime of treason.

"Donít Tread on Me".....

Donald Meserlian, P.E., National Leader

Citizenís Campaign for 2009

Year of 9/11 Truth

The 9/11 Truth Proclamation and instruction on how to proceed can be found at 200802/