From the January 2009 Idaho Observer:

Become an activist: You can make the difference

As Obama assumes the presidency and begins advancing a socialist agenda that involves calling on socialist Americans to serve their country by serving their government, Americanist Americans are currently forming committees of safety to serve their country by serving their communities.

The same sense of urgency that inspired good people to throw themselves heart and soul into the Ron Paul Revolution last year is compelling us to transition out of national politics and into forming non-partisan neighborhood committees. The idea is catching like wildfire as Ron Paul revolutionaries are naturally capitalizing on the lessons learned and the networks established during the Ron Paul Revolution. The difference is that we are no longer seeking to elect a president; we are preparing ourselves and our communities to weather the socio-political-economic storm that is coming to America by forming committees of safety.

The committees of safety concept has its roots in colonial America prior to the American Revolution in the 1760s. Many communities formed committees of safety to address local concerns and they often consisted of every male adult in the community. The local militias, which were also present in most communities, were generally under the control of the committees of safety which, in turn, sent representatives to county and colony-level assemblies to represent their local interests.

The sense of urgency that compelled the formation of committees of safety during the birth of our nation was for mutual defense and to promote the public welfare as the relationships between free people and their government were taking shape.

The sense of urgency we are experiencing today is precipitated by our need to promote the public welfare as the relationships between people and government deteriorate in what is now our sadly dying nation.

The most pressing concerns we must address at this time are:

1. Security of our money. As the economy collapses and the dollar devalues, people will still need to engage in commerce so different forms of currency will need to be exchanged.

2. Security from natural and man-made disasters. There is ample evidence to suggest that government agencies such as FEMA, the Dept. of Homeland Security, the military and its deputized Blackwater mercenaries protect the interests of government during emergencies. For the needs of a community to be best served in an emergency requires the community itself to be prepared to help and protect one another.

3. Security of the political process. If the current civil government is replaced by martial authority, the people in our communities will be governed at gunpoint if they are not organized and working together in a cooperative sense dedicated to defending their mutual interests and promoting the community welfare. Having in place elected or appointed representatives capable of representing those interests to whatever authority is exercising power is always essential, especially during times of uncertainty.

4. Security of our food and water. If we experience a disruption in the food supply or the power goes out, both food and water will become a community-wide concern. Most Americans are not prepared to survive a natural disaster, have minimal food and water storage and have little or no experience even preparing food from scratch. It is critical that communities share or gain knowledge in these areas and discuss how each community memberís needs will be met.

Committees are quickly forming all over the nation and statewide coordinators are being established. The committees themselves are developing independently to serve the unique needs and circumstances of each community or neighborhood. We are advising people with Internet access to visit the website at and get familiar with the committees of safety concept. Then get together with people you trust to begin forming plans to organize the neighborhoods and communities in your area.

The time has come for those of us who know the storm is coming to help our lesser informed and prepared countrymen learn how to better take care of each other.