From the December 2008 Idaho Observer:

We may have to start all over again

The government-controlled media continually runs the same old game: Fill minds with massive distortions of truth until "understanding" is erased and peopleís ability to think logically fails. It is like George Orwellís "Animal Farm," where the rules keep changing and no one asks about it so things just get worse...

Itís as if the powers that be have created a strategy to keep the people dumbed-down and programmed in a certain way, so as to just merely accept things the way they are and do nothing to change them for the better.

The "People" have become like the proverbial frog in the pot of increasingly warm water. There must be a formula being used that has created the error in the American Peopleís ability to think and reason logically.

It appears that the rules, regulations and laws have been slowly but incessantly changing to where the common man just throws his hands up in the air and says, "The hell with it!" and just lives his life as best he can regardless. These are the same Americans who work year after year to pay the confiscatory taxes funding this never-ending barrage of laws drafted and passed by lawyer/ legislators. How can "We the People" be so deluded by the government-controlled media that we canít see past the lies and gutter garbage thatís dished out as news and entertainment?

Somehow we have bought the media lies and are brainwashed into confusing patriotism with unquestioning obedience to government authority and mindless consumption.

This is how Americans have come to tolerate such nation-destroying policies as "amnesty" for illegals. It is not the People who want to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, it is the government that wants itóthe same government (under a different command) that brought us NAFTA, CAFTA and SHAFTA! It is the same government that grants the full spectrum of government entitlements to the (predominantly brown) hordes of illegals so they will conceive and give birth to anchor babies in U.S. hospitals. The anchor babies are considered natural-born U.S. citizens and they are overrunning American schools that are becoming more like prisons than schools, complete with metal detectors, bars and screens on the windows and on-duty police officers. Itís no wonder that these schools are producing a nation of illiterate, violent, drug-abusive, gun-toting, drug-dealing gang bangers. Local law enforcement can do practically nothing about the waves of petty and violent crimes gripping the major cities across the U.S. The federal government does not seem to care because this is the intended and anticipated outcome of its policy of promoting illegal immigration.

Now women and children canít walk down the street without fear of being robbed, raped or accosted in some violent manner. Itís almost like the comic books and movies when some super-hero comes to "save the day!" The only difference is that no one is stepping up to save the dayócertainly not our leaders. Ordinary people who try are destroyed and super heroes are, sadly, pure fiction.

And that is the trickle down effect of just one of the problems facing America today. Government policies on almost every issue are similarly causing trickle down effects that must also be intentional and Americans are just as complacent about them, too.

And, just to make sure no one is able to rise up and save the day, free speech is being attacked in the name of political correctness and violators are charged with "hate crimes," a category of crime invented by lawyer/lawmakers to frighten the public into complying with whatever the government determines is correct thinking and behavior.

Next up, we have a gun-grabbing, liberal socialist (a nice word for communist) about to move into the White House. It is expected that a major assault on the ability of Americans to keep and bear arms is on the way aided by a socialist (communist)-dominated cabinet, Senate and House.

People have forgotten why the Declaration of Independence was written and how the United States Constitution created a Republican form of government of, by and for the People. Oh, I forgot, no one was at school that day! Or perhaps schools donít even teach the founding principles of our country anymore.

Americans used to be self-sufficient and took pride in their country. American craftsmanship used to be of the greatest quality on the planet. Now we outsource manufacturing to third world nations because we value cheap goods over quality and whatever we still make in America is forced to compete on that level.

Tears come to my eyes when I see what has been done to my country! How we ever allowed our government to devolve so deeply into corruption and socialism Iíll never really know. It appears that we cannot fix our present government so we will have to start all over again. The People can never allow themselves to be defeated!

Daniel J. Coughlin

Adelanto, California