From the December 2008 Idaho Observer:

Words have meaning

I sent my five stamps for a copy of the Sept. 15, 2008 edition of The IO once I saw the centerfold "voter’s guide" written by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. in another inmate’s copy. I keep such things around to instruct the few in this gulag who are capable and willing to learn. And while Cuddy’s laudable effort illustrates with flow charts all too clearly the fallacy that "We The People" are in any meaningful way in control of our national government (which is really controlled by the Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, CFR members and other unelected elites) and how such crucially important decisions are really made. However, his use of the pejorative term, "unrepentant domestic terrorist" to describe FOBs (Friends Of Barack) William and Bernadine Ayers, left me cold.

Must one always demonize the opposition in order to raise awareness and justify one’s own cause, I wonder? Must we adopt the main tactic of the Cultural Marxists which is to assassinate the character of people with whom we disagree?

To do such a thing is to tacitly self-surrender both the moral high ground as well as the valleys and fertile "mind fields" where the great silent majority of the badly uninformed dwell blissfully in ignorance.

In their youth, the Ayers had the courage to actually act out against what they and a sizable minority at the time believed was the center of evil in this world—the congressional/military/industrial complex—and bomb it. How could their actions in the late 60s be described as "domestic terrorism" when we were warned about the global and domestic threat this cabal posed by five star general and outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower in his 1960 farewell address?

Enlisting one’s grown sons and wielding broadaxes in the dead of night to hack to pieces newly arrived settlers to a state contemplating democratically legalizing slavery—while the victims neither owned such "property" nor had they harmed a soul—is terrorism by any definition. One religious fanatic named John Brown committed these and many other atrocities because he believed that the political and economic union of this nation must be preserved—at the point of a bayonet if necessary. History, song and verse recalls that over 600,000 Americans died in the "War of Northern Aggression." Such are the spiritual roots of our current form of "federalism." While we may not openly advocate violence, the Ayers should not be faulted for trying stop the war machine from taking over.

And if the Chicago PD has mug shots of the Ayers from the 1960s, then you may wish to stop reading right here. The patriot penning this missive had his mug shot snapped by both the New York PD and the FBI.

Which brings me to the great quote I found on page 26 in the same edition of The IO which urges felons to possess weapons. Or else be judged cowards who "spit on the grave of every American who ever gave for the cause of freedom."

When those of us who follow the wise words of Harold L. Raymond III from the booklet, "Quotes of a Patriot," either slay or are slain by "law enforcement" while trying to exercise our God-given, constitutionally- protected (HA!) rights, I just hope some of you can see past the label "domestic terrorist" that will inevitably be smeared on us by a totalitarian run media.

Remember when the media in this once great nation used phrases like "megalomaniacal messiah," "baby beater/child rapist" and "methamphetamine manufacturer" to justify the fedgov’s holocaust at Waco, TX? Isn’t it ironic that the day the feds set fire to Mount Carmel and burned all those innocent men, women and children alive was April 19, 1993—the 218th anniversary of the "Shot Heard ‘Round The World" fired at Lexington, Massachusetts in 1775 to open the American Revolution?

Despite never producing even one unregistered full-auto weapon which, ostensibly, sparked the ATF raid (a tax issue!), our national government also lied about every other felony Koresh and his cohorts were tarred with. And to this very day, not one person in power has been prosecuted for that deadly debacle. This country readily spends $millions prosecuting octogenarians alleged to be former Nazis yet not one home-grown fascist is brought to justice.

If there be any "unrepentant domestic [and international] terrorists" in America, they undoubtedly work for and do their dirty deeds in the name of U.S. And that is the one crime we are all, paradoxically, perpetrators and victims of as long as justice is denied.

After all, even in such a dysfunctional democracy as our own, We The People are ultimately responsible for what goes on. Ergo, choose your words carefully!

Wayne Costigan

Loretto, Pennsylvania