From the December 2008 Idaho Observer:

Putting the pieces together: A researcher’s story

Whether it is local corruption or global pollution, we only have each other because, with rare exceptions, public officials and licensed professionals religiously demonstrate their worthlessness in helping good people fix the many broken components of our modern world. One has to wonder how a papered professional in government employ can look up at a chemtrail-laden sky and be more concerned about lawnmower exhaust, but then, one also has to wonder how the same ilk can approve poison as medicine, refer to occupation as liberation and believe that perpetual war will inevitably lead to perpetual peace. Since the future of mankind hangs in the balance and government employees are too busy consulting computer models, falsifying reports and writing tickets to help us out, we need to save the planet ourselves. The first step is recognizing that real experience—not rat studies or statistical surveys—are evidence. The following lay research is from a man in Arizona who refers to himself as "Blue." You will likely be shocked at what his observations—his experiences—have turned up in the form of evidence, but you will not be surprised.

Note: The numbers of photos of the various "critters" and "chemclouds" described in the following article are available at and The photos, hundreds of them, are extremely revealing. When you take a look at them, you will realize that the age of Morgllons and "nanobots" is not futuristic science fiction.

This research was initiated in an attempt to explain physical and neurological symptoms that are affecting just about everyone, including myself. It’s been like a splinter in my mind.

Diminished brain function. I’ve observed in recent years that co-workers, especially those I’ve attempted to train, all seem to be losing their short-term memory. They’ll set a coffee cup down and forget its whereabouts 10 seconds later. They’ll work on stuff for the field and leave the office without it. Ten years ago, trainees could be given three or four tasks at one time and remember them they can only handle one at a time, at best—very spooky! Children in particular, who should have a strong memory, seem affected also. Store clerks and others seem to suffer from these same neurological symptoms as well.

Physical anomalies. As for me, my nose runs a lot, my ears ring constantly, my joints ache, and my vision in one eye has become a little blurry. This and my continued observations of the sky led me on this quest to see if there could be a connection.

Photo blog. I’ve been actively photographing the aerosol spraying above the White Mountains of Arizona (6,500 feet elevation) since 2005 and created an entire photo blog of one year’s observations (at least 50 hours a week) that began in December 2005. My conclusion was that the entire upper troposphere contains what can only be described as synthetic clouds that have been introduced by aircraft. I’ve not just photographed the spraying—but the morphing—of this substance into clouds of a fibrous nature and other bizarre formations not found in early—or for that matter, ANY —cloud textbooks.

In the last year, however, I’ve observed and photographed an extraordinary sheen around the sun, which indicates that a saturation level has been achieved. The spraying now is infrequent by comparison (once or twice a week). This sheen can also be seen around stadium lights on TV. I’ve recently noticed that when the sky is an azure blue, like it should be, the planes will not be long in coming. I’ve been trying to figure out how the clouds could appear so fibrous at times and how this process is likely to be a function of the nanotech polymers’ self-assembly technique (see clouds connecting in the Lakeside aerosol photos at Gases could not striate like this, and what goes up...well, you know—Newton was right.

Luminescent particles. Just using a strong flashlight pointed upward at night and looking into the focused beam of light proves that we are living in a virtual bath of what research by others suggests is an exotic form of barium, aluminum and God knows what else, but I cannot afford complete testing myself (see "Barium Test confirmed").

[Note: We can confirm this as Ingri, myself and several of our neighbors reported seeing luminescent particles with flashlights in north Idaho (The IO, Nov., 2007)]

Global dimming. This stuff has become so saturated in our atmosphere (at least here in the White Mountains) that quite often sunlight can be seen streaking to the ground through it when cloudy, much like when sunlight streaks in through one’s window blinds when cooking smoke or other smoke is present inside. Our sunlight is reduced compared to two years ago: I set a light meter then and it now measures a decrease in light of about 50 percent. This is also evidenced by my camera—the flash now operates in the morning way more than it used to and at times lights at the park that have photo-sensitive switches turn on during the day or way before dusk.

Non-living fibers that grow and multiply. The alkalizing of water and any water-based, air-breathing organism allows for increased storage (and even the creation of) DC current, especially when mixed with other components or chemicals. I proved this in myself with only a "pretty good" digital volt meter. I measure my voltage constantly by just wetting my fingers and squeezing the probes. I started looking at the collected water with an old microscope in early April, 2007, by letting about 30 drops dry on a microscope slide, and saw immediately what appeared to be what I’d seen coming from Morgellons patients on the web. I really had thought the story was a hoax but I know now otherwise. I started to look at all my samples and found dozens of these fibers.

Morgellons and nano machines. Confirmation of what these fibers were came on April 18, 2007, when a "Goldenhead" nano sensor was isolated. This was quite a shock, as I knew then that all of us in the White Mountains were being infected with this bizarre nano-affliction/infestation.

Why the voltage issue is so important: I’ve observed in my jars that were electrolysized that the growth of what I’ve learned are "synthetic-model organisms" (or artificial life forms) becomes greatly enhanced and increased. The fibers they call "Morgellons" increase in about 6 months to being almost visible to the naked eye or magnifying glass. One such clump in my samples has gone from a dozen microscopic fibers to about a hundred or so that can easily be extracted by tweezers. Two of the translucent silicone nano-tube fibers are evenly segmented and one appears to have a DNA strand twisting through its core. How this is possible I don’t know, but it’s neither a delusion nor illusion, as I still have it and observe these phenomena frequently.

How they assemble. I can observe that we now live in an energized electrical bath maintained by the concentrations of metal particulates and constant emissions from microwave towers, cell-phone towers, radio towers, satellite transmissions, electric lines and wi-fi systems. Now consider the pervasive presence of polymers in plastic water pipes, plastic plants, plastic clouds, food wrapping, car interiors, plastic clothing and plastic Christmas trees. Plastic is in a constant state of degradation and hence vaporization.

One plausible explanation of how the flat ribbon-like fibers seem to grow even on glass is that these synthetic-model organisms can assemble plastic components from the air, water or wherever they are present, and use DC current as part of their assembly technique or they are feeding off the silicone in the glass—or both. It’s been proven that plants extract most of their mineral content from the air, not from the soil, as once was believed. Nano-tech is designed to mimic the things that man has discovered about how nature works and assembles itself.

This also would explain how these tiny fibers work their way from the inside of our/my body to the outside of the skin, unnoticed by our immune system. We have lived, breathed and drunk plastic residues for so long that they have become part of our body’s composition. Since the skin constantly sheds from the inside outward, and completely regenerates itself every seven years, my guess is that it took about 10 years to surface as photographed. This was about when all the aerosol programs or so-called "chemtrails" started.

And now the fun begins. I began looking at dried droplets of this collected water before electrolysis and that was when all the fun began: I discovered what I saw on the Internet known as Morgellons fibers. I had read a story about people who have fibers growing out of their skin but, again, I initially thought it was an Internet hoax. It was said that these fibers could grow on their own and created a myriad of symptoms from skin lesions to brain fog and memory loss. (See for interviews with Morgellons patients and doctors who are treating them.)

My first reaction was to flee the area but that was economically impossible, so I decided to continue studying the problem. I set up another testing station 300 miles away which yielded the same results. By now, as if all this wasn’t enough, there were other things growing in the water. The first one I noticed was a small tapeworm-looking thing I called "Fred." It began as a tan speck in the bottom of my jar and assembled itself quite quickly in about two weeks from the size of a pinhead to its current size of about 1-1/4 inches long.

I began spending hours every night and every weekend on the microscope looking at these bizarre growths. No visible biology as we know it whatsoever. In the same jar occupied by Fred, a few dozen Morgellons fibers had clumped together and, at one time, Fred got tangled in them pretty good. Much to my amazement, Fred slowly freed himself from this mess while I watched for about three to five days. The fibers were accommodating the effort by moving out of the way. To this day, I can’t get them to tangle up. I spent the entire month of May, 2008, studying this bizarre growth, the fibers and doing other tests. I then decided to test 1,100 miles north in Idaho.

The ostrich effect. The opportunity to quit my job came up with the offer of a substantial increase in pay, which I refused. I had a lot of respect for [my employer], as we had worked well together in the past. I felt I owed him an explanation as to why I was going to turn him down and move, so I showed him my research. I showed him the extent of the chemical poisoning we were living in and the consistency of that poisoning from week to week (a dozen jars at least). I had shown the other office the chemical poisoning also, but not the biological stuff. I showed him my entire collection of weekly tests and told him of the Morgellons fibers I’d found in the water. I showed him Fred, the thing that grew along with a smaller one just like it. I told him I could prove without any shadow of a reasonable doubt that we are currently under not just chemical attack, but also biological (and synthetic) attack. I wouldn’t have told anyone this if I couldn’t prove it. His reaction, like that of most, was quite mild. He had never heard of Morgellons and knew not of what this would mean for his future. He did the ostrich thing like everyone (another observed neurological symptom): If you don’t recognize a problem, it must not exist. I believe if he had listened to the Rense audio files, his reaction would have been different.

A new test station. I soon left for Idaho. The first three days there the visibility was good and a very small sheen around the sun meant I might have found a safer haven for my family to live. By the third day however, a large spraying operation could be seen to the east and I started examining spider webs and the oozing sap on trees, and the fresh sap on my car. The conclusion: These fibers are everywhere.

The anxiety, fear and terror that I had come to quell during the month of May as I looked at all this rapidly returned. My hopes for the future were destroyed and the realization that everyone from here to Idaho has been infected with this heinous man-made creation (type "Morgellons" into YouTube) has become a reality. This particular town’s water supply is drawn from a lake, which can only mean its residents are getting a double dose, not just from their air but their water, too.

A new discovery. I returned from Idaho and decided to continue my research, which has only gotten more bizarre, if that’s possible. I discovered another thing growing—a square pliable (perhaps protein) crystal of some kind about 1/4-inch square. It has continued to get thicker, but not expand as one would expect, and thickens slowly to this day.

I made a wood frame (13 x 13 inches) and took ultra clear packing tape and covered the frame completely, stretching the tape across the opening. I laid the frame sticky side skyward and left it outside overnight. In the morning I let it dry in a closed area, then placed a 12 x 12 piece of thin glass on the tape to seal in my overnight collection of fallout from the sky. I looked from the glass side through to the tape with a cheap ($10) 60x-100x microscope from Radio Shack (good for looking at your skin, too) and there they were—Morgellons-like fibers. This confirmed in my mind that [the sky is] one provable source for these fibers. Spiderwebs produce the same effect.

A new experiment. I set up another testing station and decided to run this one for two weeks and not electrolysize the water. This has yielded new synthetic-model organisms different from the rest. My third Morgellons-type growth started off like Fred but had an odd-looking black seed-like thing with small spikes sticking out. It was about 1/20th the size of a pinhead and, like the Fred things, was surrounded with tan-colored stuff. It popped, I guess, and created a bag of sorts. The bag was comprised of hundreds of fibers that looked a little different than the ribbon-like Morgellons fibers, though many of those were present. At this point I realized I needed cameras, as no one would believe any of this. because I was having a hard time believing it myself! I bought two microscopes and started to photograph all this stuff and more.

I have seen evidence of this replicating technology myself in spiderwebs (and on skin and in hair), finding clear silicone nano-tubes mimicking plant structures and other things, but at a much smaller scale. If, as claimed, this thing can come in contact with a bio form and replicate parts of its RNA/DNA (by transcription and quorum sensing) and then attempt assembly with available components (silicone being the most abundant), isolation for study will be almost impossible. Fibers living on glass suggest that this form can suck silicone out of glass to self-assemble. Look closely at the attachment points of these fibers on glass:

[Note: The online version of this report at contains many high-resolution images of all the "critters" Blue has been describing. The intricate structures and patterns, though under magnification, are too complex to reproduce well on newsprint. We strongly suggest that those who have access to the Internet get the full effect of Blue’s research by reviewing the online version of his research odyssey].

It remains my great concern that components of viruses (or the complete virus itself) may be also replicated, and remains an undetected/undisclosed aspect of this technology. I offer my observations with the assurance of duplicability. I only record what I can duplicate first. I offer this work with extreme urgency, believing time may be short. The growth of mold structures in my "boogers" (and most likely yours) is a real concern, and the most probable suspect is a weaponized fusarium fungus.

It remains an idea that this form may only be defeated with resonant frequencies (e.g., Rife technology), tuned to destroy its quorum-sensing capacity. It remains an observation that perhaps light-wave technology might influence these forms, since auto-fluoresence was achieved and is, in my opinion, evidence of the frequencies at which these fibers vibrate. It remains a concern that atmospheric oxygen may be in very short supply. It remains logical to assume that microscopic fibers that collect/conduct electrical current are growing in our brains and slowly shorting out our neurons, i.e., our memory, resulting in Alzheimers. Denying conductivity to these creatures is perhaps the key, though it seems impossible.

Insect vectoring. This technology can reside in the fluids of insects. When we are bitten by them, the technology transfers with the DNA/RNA from the insect and then attempts reconstruction (perhaps of the venom) within the human host. This would explain the DNA of insects and plants that have been isolated in infected humans.

Artificial intelligence. A new and quite disturbing observation is as follows: According to testimony given by those infected, a hive mentality [collective consciousness] has been observed in those afflicted. This suggests artificial intelligence, but to what extent is unknown.

Vindication. A recent article about an air-grab study in Phoenix entitled "Chemtrails Shocking Phoenix Air Quality Study" (just Google it) proves or vindicates my work and discoveries. Aluminum measured at 6,400 times above the toxic limit, along with manganese at 5,820 times, iron at 28,000 times and barium at 278 times the limit.

Clouds act different now. Clouds now disassemble not evaporate with such frequency that I no longer photograph them, and have stopped my chemtrail photography altogether, as it no longer matters.

Houston, we have a problem. In a nutshell, the way I see part of our dilemma is that many of those synthetic clouds are comprised of nanotech polymers programmed with certain geometric assembly functions to look like real clouds. They can retain this programming as they degrade. Their programming is diverse (i.e., assembly, association, self-replication, all three or more). This implies undeniable intelligence or control of some kind. In addition to the metal particulates I found in our air, photographed in my blood and electrolysized from my urine, we have plastic components (photo-degrading at this very moment and present everywhere) of microscopic size, capable of geometric pattern regeneration and replicative/self-survival behavior. Morgellon’s Syndrome could be more correctly labeled "Synthetic Cloud Infection Syndrome."

The purest form of science is observation. After hundreds of hours of observation, I can say without hesitation: "Houston, we have a problem!"

Blood things. I have been verifying Clifford Carnicom’s work for years and his blood observations are a MUST READ now (See Morgellons pages). All blood looked at so far contains anomalies—even my dog’s! The first time I looked at my blood, it took me weeks to get over it and look again. It’s that bad. Blood should contain not much more than red and white blood cells.

Knowing what’s in the chemtrails makes me cringe when I see them spraying. This is nothing less than state-sponsored terrorism—mass homicide. Though the government has reserved the legal right to test this stuff on us (USC, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a), the states have a legal/moral/ethical obligation to protect us.

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with what was described as a rare form of blood cancer. Looking at my own blood, I can’t help but wonder. All those people who look at blood for a living must know what is really going on!

Skin photos. The skin photos clearly show that a metallic sheen has built up in our skins, along with faint red splotches. This metallic sheen is preventing close observations of the extent of the translucent-fiber infestation, which are most probably not fine hair. Pinhead-size skin eruptions that develop quite quickly and then take weeks to heal have been photographed. These skin conditions have been found on [others besides myself].

Glue stick studies. I discovered quite by accident that a cheap hot-melt glue-stick gun is good for sealing microscope slides as it preserves the specimen and is like a lint brush for Morgellons fibers. Spread some on a slide, let cool and then rub all over your forearm. The tiny fibers will stick to this glue stuff, and if you don’t believe it’s Morgellons fibers, wait a few months and look at it again. Not only do they stick to the glue, but they grow quite rapidly (the red ones in particular).

Oddly enough, about 20 percent of the time the glue-stick stuff that’s on the slide will grow into bizarre strands. I noticed balls of glue stick that would appear and removed them only to find them again in the same spot. It remains an observation that the slides that have squished boogers on them are the primary slides on which the glue-stick stuff grows. Sometimes it grows quickly, sometimes it takes months. My boogers may somehow be the cause. God save us!

Strange boogers. Over the past few months a new infection appears to be culturing in our noses. Field workers are all getting this odd nose tickle (many with mustaches). A strange white, thin, stringy booger is the cause (I believe) and I have placed a dozen or so on slides and looked at the growth over time. Oddly enough, when small they look like fly maggots, but can get quite long. What has been observed is as bizarre as the rest of this story. Geometric crystal growths, snowflake designs, Morgellon-fiber growth, mold-looking fibril growth with sporulations.

Try this at home. To duplicate this experiment: After a shower, blow nose into a colored washcloth or plastic baggie and look for small white stringy boogers that don’t want to separate, but they will if pulled apart. Water makes them expand a lot. Place on the inside of a clean closed jar with just a tiny bit of moisture in the jar and let sit for 48 hours. Remove and dunk sample in some distilled water and place on a microscope slide. Gently squeeze the cover plate and seal with glue-stick gun, leaving just enough air underneath for continued growth. Observe. Nine months later, more glue-stick stranding will be seen.

Neurotoxic nose mold? This discovery of what appears to be mold culturing in our noses is of great concern, as many types of mold are neurotoxic to the brain. In small but consistent doses damage may go unnoticed until it’s too late. This would, however, explain a number of neurologic symptoms described by Morgellons patients. Just digging out a nice dry booger and soaking in distilled water for about five minutes will give about the same results, and there are always Morgellons fibers in them. (I don’t have access to scientific-grade distilled water, however.)

Spiderwebs. Anyone who wants to prove any of this to themselves needs only a half-decent microscope (at least 40x to 100x magnifying power) and some spiderwebs (or their own boogers or blood). Use a microscope slide and ultra-clear packing tape to seal the web to your slide. The web should be old and dirty to some extent, but needn’t be very dirty. I have discovered more verifiable completed nanotech things in spiderwebs than anywhere else, including segmented silicone nano-tubes and nano-feathers (see for his photos and analyses) and always find Morgellons fibers.

The starfish-looking things with multiple-leg design remain a current fascination for me. In the center of almost all these creatures is a fibrous substance/structure which appears to control and/or direct growth. The starfish creature/thing has no discernible biology as we know it and appears made of perhaps silicone only. My instincts believe these are most likely neuron replacements or implants for our brains (type "nanobots" and "neuron interface" into Google—they’ve been considered, if not developed). I found these structures in almost all exterior webs, but not on webs that were indoors, probably because the outside webs are years older than inside ones.

It’s imperative that those concerned make their own observations. Don’t believe my work—get off your duff and verify it for yourselves! An air-sample collector can be made for about $35.

For the most part I no longer photograph Morgellons fibers in spiderwebs: They are far too frequent and no longer a surprise. Every spiderweb so far has yielded photos of these.

Detoxing. During all this, I decided to try to detox from these metals. The ionic foot-detox bath was quite the experience. I first thought it a parlor trick until I electrolysized the stuff and looked with a microscope at the water after treatment. I noticed immediately that my senses of smell and taste were much improved, but the air now left a metallic taste in my mouth, which took about three weeks to go away, presumably because I was re-acclimating to the air around me. I then tried acupuncture and a chlorella detox, but had to stop as I could now taste my fillings, thanks to the mercury in them.

The birds and the bees. Most of these observations were initially made about six miles from a small town (population approximately 10,000). We have a large willow tree outside, about 15 feet tall. When in bloom, thousands of honey bees would swarm around it for weeks. In 2007, maybe 200-300 bees came to feed. When I first moved here in 2002, bats would patrol my porch at night and hummingbirds by the dozen would come to feed during the day. Now there are no bats, few bugs and only a few hummingbirds (2007). We would also get small fly-like insects growing on the moisture on the windows. In 2006, almost no bugs grew on our windows during the summer and few flies found their way inside, although we have no screen doors.

Early onset Alzheimers. I found a new source for Morgellons fibers in an old paper wick inside our humidifier. It’s about 6-8 months old and hasn’t been used since the summer. It’s loaded with Morgellons and other things. The truth remains: Every single time I look at new stuff, it gets worse and worse. In 2004 (I believe), three weeks before Christmas, a very spooky thing happened. An unusual chemical smell was in the air that others noticed as well—somewhat like a pesticide. One morning I woke up and couldn’t remember the day or what time I was to go to work. I panicked a little, but drove off to work anyway, kind of stunned. I was afraid I had had a stroke. It was about 6 a.m. While driving, I saw not one but THREE major accidents on the main road—highly unusual for that early in the morning and I rarely see three accidents in a single month.

Throughout the next month, everyone in the office and even store clerks seemed to have the same problem and were joking about early-onset Alzheimers. I did not find it funny, however, as I was aware that something had happened. Slowly I regained my memory, but it felt like I was fighting to get it back. I mentioned this to a co-worker and he told me that his wife, an accountant for years, said that she all of a sudden was having trouble with normal math (during the same period) and he said that he too had forgotten things more than usual.

During that Christmas season, I noticed that store clerks would take money and forget immediately what it was for, or continually stumble trying to count change. I was and still am quite concerned. It took about three months to recover and about that time a doctor named Patricia Doyle called the Jeff Rense program with the same exact story (search "amnesiacs" at She said her small town back east was experiencing memory dysfunction after heavy spraying and she apologized for having to read notes she had made for the program as she too was having short-term memory difficulty.

Official confirmation (almost). About three years ago, I was showing my aerosol spraying photos and some others I had gotten from the Internet to the owner of a local video store. A man at the counter became interested and looked at my collection. He immediately recognized some of the aircraft in the photos as C-130 cargo planes. He seemed concerned and said he would investigate. The store owner told me he was her brother and that if anyone could find out, he could, as he was retired military intelligence. About four months later I asked her if he had learned anything, and this was what she recounted: He said that indeed the spraying was quite toxic, and he had been present at a confrontation by the Navaho Nation with the EPA. The EPA contended that everything was okay until the Navahos presented evidence to the contrary, which was quite compelling. The EPA closed up its books and left without another word. I asked her brother to call me with more details, but two weeks later she closed her store and left too. I have not been able to verify this story since.

Cell phones. Another recent revelation came from an article entitled "Are Microwaves Killing Our Insects, Birds, Frogs and Us?"

The metal particulates which separated out in my blood are photographically identical to the metal found in all air samples. It is reasonable to assume that cerebral fluids also contain these particles.

Have you ever put metal in a microwave? What do you think happens when you stick a 0.5 watt microwave cell phone next to your 70 percent water/30 percent cholesterol brain with some exotic metal flowing through it? Microsparks would be a good guess.

Coincidentally(?), the disappearance of the bees, bugs, bats and birds corresponds with the installation of all the microwave antennae on the mountain where we live.

General conclusions. It is undeniable that we and all life forms are under deliberate chemical and biological nano-attack. The D.O.E. and D.O.D. are most likely involved and your tax dollars are killing you.

The chemicals in our air and water—and in our blood and urine—are providing an enriched environment for the accelerated growth of these synthetic-model organisms. These chemicals are increasing the electrical capacities of our bodies and our environment, which provides the DC current for synthetic organisms to self-assemble. The diverse nature of the organisms observed may be a function of the "Silent Superbug" (see, but Morgellons fibers are, in my opinion, different. The body is providing the electrical current that these structures use to self-assemble as the body is electrical first and chemical second. Every living thing on the planet is currently being colonized by these artificial life forms, to what end I don’t know. This brings to mind the movie "The Matrix" ... I wonder if and/or how they knew.

This is why apathy doesn’t work. When we saw the spraying , we should have mobilized quickly to stop it. We also should have responded when John and Bobby were shot, when Vickie and Sammie Weaver were shot and when Branch Davidians were burned alive. "To sin by silence makes cowards of all men."

It is imperative that you reproduce any of these observations, should you care or dare to see how bad the air really is, but few people—if any—seem to give a shit about anything anymore (another neurological observation of serious concern). The government could start shooting people in broad daylight and they would just go about their business without intervention or condemnation. Oh wait—it already happened.

To understand what the future holds, I highly recommend that you listen to all the Morgellons interviews at

I regret now having discovered all this, as I was much happier not knowing all this stuff, as it has completely disrupted my life. But it’s my hope that maybe cures for all those things that ail us will be found, perhaps after enough people get this message.

Note: Blue’s observations admittedly take us to the edge of logic and reason. They also compel us to see the world in a way that most people will find impossible to believe—even if they are feeling the symptoms. We felt it was more important to inform our readers as to what experience is proving out as evidence so we can all understand the gravity of our present biospheric dilemma. With this two-page "ping," you should be motivated to inform those who travel within your circles of influence (see page 14).