From the December 2008 Idaho Observer:


Commandeer your local TV station!

By Craig

Remember when TV stations would go off the air every night? Remember when TV was free? We endured the commercials because we accepted them as a way of paying for our programming, so how is it we are now actually paying to be propagandized and yet still have the commercials? Imagine if the greatest propaganda medium on earth were to suddenly become ineffective? Why do you think government had to bribe the American sheeple with credits for converter boxes for the February 2009 changeover to digital? Maybe there would have been a too great of loss of subjects if they hadnít.

Are you running out of friends and family to awaken to the truth about what is happening to our once great nation? We have all tried booklets, pamphleteering, DVDs, meetings etcÖEvery major source of media is now under control by those in control of our government and corporations, yet there is one chink in the armor of the media behemothópublic access TV, and itís just waiting for you to pierce it. Why not use their own propaganda mechanism against them? Small newspapers such as The Idaho Observer are a godsend; micro FM stations that bypass the FCC are a blessing since you have to be a millionaire to start your own station otherwise; but public access is the only way to cut through the most powerful mind control mechanism since the day of Hitler ĖTV.

OK, so I hear most of you saying, I donít have the time, talent, equipment, money or knowledge needed to start my own TV show. Only the latter of these, knowledge, is necessary to start your own TV show, and Iím going to give that to you now in this article.

There are three basic steps to starting a TV show:

1. Find the channel on your system and contact for requirements

2. Secure program content

3. Submit programs on a regular basis

Search your local cable TV channels and guides to find the public access channel(s). Some larger cities may have similar channels called government, education, school and others that you may not qualify for. You are looking for something called public access or community access. If you find such a channel, you can try to find the contact information through the cable provider, but this is usually easier if you watch the channel in question late at night or off-hours that may display a page on a bulletin board showing the information you need. There will likely be a screen or two on requirements, limitations, or who to contact. There may be residency requirements or some other minor restrictions, but one thing will be universal; programs submitted will not be allowed to advertise anything unless they are a non-profit organization. Public access is intended for non-commercial purposes, and for you, the little guy. If you are looking to promote a business or sell a product, you will need something called leased access or paid programming, on which you will pay to get your program aired. Public access usually involves no money being changed hands in either direction; you donít pay and you donít get paid.

Find a source for the material you want to air. Most patriot related programs and films want their message out and may give permission to air them on your local channel. Some cable companies will require this permission in writing, but even if they donít you should make sure you have the permission of the copy write holder before you start because you will become responsible for the content of anything you put on the air and will likely have to sign a disclaimer to that effect which releases the cable company of liability. There will then be some minor technical requirements that must be met such as time ranges, a possible countdown, black screen requirements, and media formats (these days usually VHS or DVD). The program you secure may already meet the requirements, or it is usually easily satisfied if you have a VCR or DVD recorder.

Submit programs. Depending on if you want a regular series or just want to submit programs on an occasional basis, you will likely have to take tapes or DVDís to the TV studio some days or weeks before it is to be aired. Some studios allow mail delivery. If you find some studios that do not have residency requirements, you might be able to take the same programs to several TV stations for airing. I had one of my weekly series aired on four different channels at once, in two different states. Presently I have two different weekly series airing on the same station. Sometimes I also go on live and have a sort of talk show with audience participation. I have had my original weekly series shows on five stations so far with no signs of censorship or editing and they all return my tapes and DVDs after airing.

After you get active in this you may find that starting your own show with your own original content is not as hard as you think and is quite rewarding. Many communities supply training classes and may have studios and equipment for you to use at no charge. There may also be a list of other volunteers who will direct, film, or edit your production for you, or you can become a volunteer yourself and help someone else with their production. Then get other patriots together and seize the TV station! No, not by forceóby occupation. Flood the channel with patriot programs so people will finally have something of value to watch on TV.

Craig presently has a weekly one-hour series called Forbidden Knowledge in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is presenting this show for others to broadcast in other communities, and hopes other producers will offer theirs as well. For more info go to

(See Liberty and Justice and Out There TV page 23 for more program options)