From the November 2008 Idaho Observer:

Dual U.S./Israelcitizenship and public policy

There is growing concern that U.S. domestic and foreign policy is being influenced by people in public office who enjoy dual U.S./Israel citizenship.

Regarding foreign policy, the U.S. government unerringly favors Israel in all instances—even when Israel is obviously the aggressor or unjustified in its actions (see story at right). The concern here goes all the way back to June 8, 1967, when Israel conducted an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, a U.S. Navy surveillance vessel in international waters—and the LBJ administration "punished" Israel by continuing to give it $billions each year even though 34 Americans were killed in the attack and another 175 were wounded—with no apologies.

There is increasing concern that persons of Jewish faith, many of whom are likely dual U.S./Israeli citizens, are wielding tremendous policymaking authority over U.S. economic policymaking bodies, including the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve System and the world’s most powerful banking institutions.

And the concerns are deepening. The Jerusalem Post reported Nov. 5. 2008, that, "The next session of Congress will include 45 Jewish lawmakers, a new record."

The Jewish Journal reported Nov. 4, 2008, that Obama, whose sympathies for Israel are on par with both President Bush and his defeated Republican counterpart John McCain, received 78 percent of the Jewish vote during the Nov. 4 elections.

Dual citizenship

There are 93 countries that tolerate dual citizenship. Israel is unique in that being Jewish and coming to Israel qualifies one for citizenship where all other countries require a naturalization process.

There is no tracking registry in the U.S. for dual citizens so estimates range dramatically. There are an estimated 5 million U.S./Mexico dual citizens. No numbers on estimated U.S./Israel dual citizens could be found but the following list of U.S./Israel citizens in the federal government has been published:

Attorney General - Michael Mukasey

Head of Homeland Security - Michael Chertoff

Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board - Richard Perle

Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) - Paul Wolfowitz

Under Secretary of Defense - Douglas Feith

National Security Council Advisor - Elliott Abrams

VP Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) - "Scooter" Libby

White House Deputy Chief of Staff - Joshua Bolten

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs - Marc Grossman

Director of Policy Planning at the State Dep.- Richard Haass

U.S. Trade Representative - Robert Zoellick

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board - James Schlesinger

UN Representative (Former) - John Bolton

Under Secretary for Arms Control - David Wurmser

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board - Eliot Cohen

Senior Advisor to the President - Steve Goldsmith

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary - Christopher Gersten

Assistant Secretary of State - Lincoln Bloomfield

Deputy Assistant to the President - Jay Lefkowitz

White House Political Director - Ken Melman

National Security Study Group - Edward Luttwak

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board - Kenneth Adelman

Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) -Larry Franklin

National Security Council Advisor - Robert Satloff

President Export-Import Bank U.S. - Mel Sembler

White House Speechwriter - David Frum

White House Spokesman (Former) - Ari Fleischer

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board - Henry Kissinger

Deputy Secretary of Commerce - Samuel Bodman

Many of the countries that tolerate dual citizenship allow dual citizens to hold public office. It is, however, understood that most dual citizens will choose their native country over an adopted country when forced to decide allegiance. It has also been shown that most people will maintain their allegiance to country over religion.

The reasons people choose dual citizenship are surprisingly few and mostly due to cultural attachment, family relations and for travel convenience. A minority of dual citizens use their dual citizenship with criminal intent.

It is curious that, at a time when homeland security is allegedly so important, that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not developed a registry of dual citizens. But then, the DHS director Michael Chertoff is, himself, a dual citizen.