From the November 2008 Idaho Observer:

Dear Mr. "President"

You have promised change—change we can believe in. Time will tell if and how you fulfill your promise. Given the colossal failure of nearly every political venture in my lifetime, those of us who have been paying attention hold very little hope that the "change" you propose will be an improvement.

I could give you a laundry list of issues that need "change." But there is a paramount issue that must be resolved. First and foremost is the return to a sound economy. I am not speaking of bailouts or rescues, nor tax cuts, energy rebates, mortgage credits, or simplified tax filing. Your plan to create five million new "green" jobs and national infrastructure investment or any other modern day "new deal" is not the sound economy to which I am referring. These are mere band-aids on a hemorrhage caused by nearly a century of the unlawful economic take-over of our sovereign national economy.

The sound economy I am speaking of is an end to our personal and national indenture to the privately (and mostly foreign) owned Federal Reserve System (FED); the return to the constitutionally mandated lawful economy.

The Fed banking cartel has looted our nation and our future. Saving and investing is not possible when the "dollar" has been reduced to a virtual ledger accounting unit held within the unaccountable regime of the international bankers. The engineered cycles of inflation/confiscation, since their takeover of the national economy 95 years ago, has literally reduced the purchasing power of our present-day "dollar" to two cents.

The present "economic crisis" has also been engineered to produce the final bloom for the banking cartel as we plunge into economic winter. The cartel never intended to fulfill any bailout or rescue plan. On the pretence of a "crisis" they set the stage for a final looting before their engineered collapse.

Financial fascism has been fully amalgamated with the TARP Act:

The former CEO of Goldman Sachs (part owner of the FED) is now the treasury secretary who has been empowered by the TARP Act with unlimited, unaccountable powers of U.S. Treasury paper issuance. The FED, no doubt, will be the lenders/backers of the Treasury’s toxic paper. The recipients are the major banks, including Goldman Sachs and the U.S. Treasury, are now a major stockholder in the banks. Fully amalgamated financial fascism.

The "TARP" Act was ostensibly to be used to buy off the toxic debts in the mortgage sector and "rescue" the economy. But now the treasury department has decided not to fulfill the purposes of the TARP Act. Instead, it is issuing not just 700 billion$, but multi-trillion$ in U.S. Treasury paper.

The nation is in ruin. We the people are in great peril from the inflation cycle that will result from the exponential theft of the TARP heist. TARP: Totally Asinine Relief Program? Take All Remaining Proceeds? Totally Annihilate Real Potential? Treason Against the Republic and the People?

We all know the TARP Act is a crime against the nation and her people. It is not being hidden from us by the absolutely arrogant banking cartel. Recent Treasury Department testimony before Congress has essentially been a middle finger salute.

I realize that the current debacle has occurred under the Bush Administration but the problem really began when Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. You will merely inherit these problems. However, you supported and voted for the TARP Act. I am also well aware that you took million$ in campaign contributions from Wall Street including over half a million dollars from Goldman Sachs.

Reportedly, your current proposed appointees for Treasury Secretary include Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers, ex FED chairman Paul Volcker and Tim Geithner, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This can hardly be considered change. Choosing different faces from the banking regime to run the country further into the ground is not a change we can believe in!

If you can produce a valid birth certificate evidencing you are eligible to hold the office of president, you will be taking a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. We, the American people have no greater enemy than the mostly foreign banking cartel who owns the FED. They have been the instigator of nearly every war since Negroes were still slaves. Their fiat, fractional money is itself the ultimate form of slavery.

As grave as the present situation is, the solution is simple and at hand.

The Constitution at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5, gives Congress "the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof…". The key word is "coin," not print, nor delegate the issuing authority of…

Congress has exercised that power with the passage of the Coinage Act of 1792. Therein, a dollar has been defined and mandated as a certain weight and alloy of silver and copper. This law has not been repealed. As the chief of the executive branch, you will be authorized to execute it. In my opinion, the president can lawfully issue Executive Orders to direct the executive branch, in this case the U.S. Mint, to begin producing real dollars again.

This is not a simple or impractical pipe dream. It is the law. In my experience of spending the privately minted "Liberty Dollars," merchants and the American people readily accept silver dollars. This was before the present economic meltdown rendered the fraud of the FED "dollar" even more obvious for all to see. Americans will now be eager to sink their teeth into real money that gives them a secure and reliable future.

History has demonstrated the stability of economies based on gold and silver monetary units. Many astute Americans have already converted their wealth into this sovereign economic form.

Some will say there is not enough gold and silver to satisfy an economy of our present size. There is some truth to this. The FED looted Fort Knox in the 1930s, trading our nation’s gold to their partners in Europe for mere "notes." Similarly, much of our nation’s silver was melted down and sold in the 1960s after the debased nickel-plated coins went into circulation. Today, in the midst of the "economic crisis," gold and silver, physically delivered, will cost nearly double the "spot" price, if you can find it, because it holds real value that people recognize.

We can take a lesson from history, Mr. President. There is a solution that will solve the many economic problems we face. In the 1500s, the British Empire owed much of its military prowess to the use of the Longbow and the yeomen who so effectively wielded the great stick of Yew. But the supplies of native Yew, a slow growing tree, were soon depleted as the wars pressed on.

The solution? Ships importing goods into England were required to pay an import tax—paid with Yew staves suitable for longbow making. The Empire prevailed because it acquired the essential "strategic materials" and the Yeomen archers were inspired to make good use of them because they were granted a plot of land, free of feudal encumbrances, after fulfilling a term of service to the crown.

How can such a lesson be applied today, Mr. President? Imposts and excises are constitutionally authorized taxes. Thomas Jefferson used taxes on imports, along with responsible budget constraints, to pay off the Revolutionary War debt.

Our nation can charge a small and fair import tax on all imported goods—a tax paid in silver or gold. This will begin to restore and return our nation’s true sovereign wealth that was looted and exported by the FED during the last century.

It will turn our people away from the valueless paper and plastic FED economy of today and towards real value, which will again make saving and investing possible. A small but fair import tax of, for example, three percent, will add value to domestic products, which now compete against foreign products produced by poverty-wage workers.

You might ask, Mr. President, how such a "change" will work in this day and age? First of all it is the law and the only lawful form of American money. It will be a "change" back to the form of economy we should not have abandoned. Secondly, the silver and gold that comes into our country as an import tax can be minted into lawful U.S. coin. That coin can pay government workers, suppliers and contractors who will then spend it into the economy.

It’s that simple, Mr. President. The role of government in the lawful, constitutional economy is not to hoard our national wealth in Fort Knox, but to reserve only that which is necessary to fund an annual budget. Government’s duty is to mint a recognizable, honest coin to be used by the people in commerce—to create and issue a stable circulating medium of exchange—period.

There are many important issues facing our nation today, but until we resolve the crisis of our indenture to the fraudulent FED economy, none of the other issues can be adequately addressed. As long as the nation remains under the yoke of the FED and the international crime syndicate that owns it, we will remain indentured servants to their scheme.

Do we owe a national debt? It can be repudiated merely by acknowledging what it really is—an ongoing process of kited checks, economic deception and extortion by inflation. What they have done is create a FED "dollar" to supplant the real dollars taken out of circulation. The FED is nothing more than a private counterfeiting and check kiting operation maintained by a complicit congress, executive and judiciary. End the FED and open the Mint.

You have promised us change Mr. President. It will be time to act responsibly and uphold your oath. Issue the orders to mint real coinage again. Impose a gold and silver import tax—it’s probably still on the law books somewhere. Start paying government’s expenditures and obligations in real money. That will jumpstart a real economy.

To appoint another FED operative to the Treasury Department will only bring "change" like a fresh diaper. Soon thereafter, we’ll be soiled again, with the same old @#$%.

We hope that is not the "change" you want us to believe in!


Hari Heath