From the October 2008 Idaho Observer:


[(All they can do is dream)]


Sense the silk of the milk,

touch it - only in your mind;

crave and savor -- but you canít taste the cream.

Natureís most powerful urge

beckons eat, indulge, en-joy!

But all you can do is DREAM.

Strap Ďem all inside

this giant chastity belt,

sea-to-U.S. sea with nary a seam.

Lock Ďem up, destroy the keys

that reproduce love and the lovely

So all they can do is DREAM.

"Hear no evil, see no evil"

taste-not, touch-not hypocrisy,

"Speak no evil!" --all the evil keepers scream!

But the craving joy to touch, to love, to give

and be loved comes again

Still, all they get to do with it is DREAM.

Pound them here, bash them there,

destroy, again destroy, destroy some more.

Donít let them have one ounce of self-esteem.

But most of.all -- the cardinal rule

is rule out the union love so lusts

Take it away, so they, can only DREAM.

No other animal on earth

so hunted, haunted, "helled" and hopeless--

"Cap the geysers! Heap sand upon the steam!"

--of their natural spark, the pulse of love,

lifeís crowning joy

But they only get to feel it in a DREAM.

Bottle it up, repress it down,

douse the birthright fires of passion.

"Block every prisonersí natural flowing stream!"

(Itís natureís way, expressing love,

the highest height of all we have)

"So let them have it -- only in their DREAM!"

~© PF Lazor (2008), Delano, California

Note: PF Lazor has done hard time for 26 years in the California prison system for killing a man in a clear case of self-defense while he was in his 20s. It is an unconscionable crime that California would steal this marvelous manís life. (DWH)