From the October 2008 Idaho Observer:

Want freedom? You’re fired!

OMAHA, NE—After spending almost seven years as one of the top truck drivers in his company, 48-year-old Harold L Raymond III was fired. The reason sounded simple enough: A serious customer complaint.

However, this happened to come on the heels of a 6 month long struggle to re-assert his freedom and protect his 5th Amendment rights by signing his logbook, as required by the Department of Transportation (DOT), with the addition of, "All rights reserved."

Raymond believes that, by reserving his rights he was, in fact "de-certifying" the required logbook and thus protecting himself from prosecution for any tickets he might receive by accidentally violating the rules and bylaws governing the logbook as stipulated by the DOT.

However, one can plainly see that the rules governing trucker’s logbooks are unconstitutional as they require truck drivers to provide prosecutable evidence against themselves, a direct violation of the 5th Amendment.

Over the course of the last 6 months prior to his firing, Raymond had been repeatedly warned by his employer that he couldn’t sign the logbook "All rights reserved" as it was a violation of a "new" company policy. His boss even went so far as to threaten to put the entire company, (about 150 drivers), on "computer-controlled, paperless logs" in an effort to intimidate him into dropping the phrase, "All rights reserved," from his signature line.

Raymond still refused to give up his rights. Then, in an apparent act of desperation and fear of the government, his company changed the entire format of the logbook. Regardless, Raymond continued to stand for his rights, even upon threat of termination.

On October 7, 2008, by way of a friend and fellow employee, Raymond learned that he’d been terminated over a "customer complaint" stemming from a "disagreement with a security guard" at a facility in Kansas a week prior. "My boss didn’t even have the decency to tell me personally that my employment with his company had been terminated," Raymond said.

This story illustrates an interesting point: If you insist upon reserving your rights in today’s "Amerika," You’re Fired!!!