From the October 2008 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s Rectangle

This month’s edition of The IO is top, middle and bottom heavy with our attempts to understand what is happening to us (and the world) economically. What we already know about the Federal Reserve—The Creature from Jekyll Island—and fiat money is merely the foundation for our comprehension of this rolling and spreading global economic "brown out." We are now leaping beyond our foundational loathing of the international cabal of extremely wealthy and politically-powerful usurer-elites who finance the ruthless raping of the world with endless supplies of paper "money." We are now beginning to see that global economic enslavement to worthless paper instruments is critical to the timeless desire among elites to create a one world government through perpetual war, death, destruction and misery. It feels now like the plot to control all the world’s resources (including people), hatched by the Jekyll Island gang in 1910, has entered its "for-all-the-marbles" phase. As we speak, the government is forcing banks to take the "sellout" money, is nationalizing them through the purchase of stock and gaining title to millions of properties through mortgages that will go into default when the economy collapses.

We are at an epic crossroads. The banksters will either succeed for a time or fail utterly. We (the people) will either learn from this adventure in credit/debt-based money system-induced disaster and teach our children the necessity of honest money or doom ourselves and our posterity to falling prey to usurers again (and again and again and...).

In doing our part to insure that we learn the lesson of real money and real value once and for all, we have assembled many components of the international banksters’ global swindle. Our editorial intent this month is to bring events as they are unfolding (at a dramatically-accelerated pace) into sharper focus with an enhanced understanding of modern monetary machinery. We intend to help bring about a better understanding of money—in its real versus debauched fiat forms—and inspire our people to take the subject of honest money more seriously as a matter of deep social responsibility.

We are, in a perverse way, blessed. The socio/economic/political cycle that began before we were born is coming to a close on our watch—at the peak of the information age. We have the opportunity to expose the usurers for the greedy, genocidal, warmongering vermin they are, dismantle their empire of misery in a hugely public way and make sure our children carry this lesson into adulthood.

But, while our nation is collapsing economically, we cannot afford to sit back and await the crash because, under the cover of economic collapse, the machine is going forward with its plans to trigger a global pandemic (DWH)