From the October 2008 Idaho Observer:

Spreading the truth through DVDs: Video activist turns to the TV generation

Today in America, a growing, not so underground movement seeks the real promise of America: Limited government, controlled by informed individuals with prosperity and personal freedom as their goal. We can achieve that promise, but only if we successfully spread the truth to fellow patriots and awaken the citizenry from their slumber.

It took the world 40 years to find out that JFK was killed by the ruling elite because he wouldn’t play ball. With the instant access to facts that the Internet provides today, truth covers more ground more quickly. We are able to learn what really happened instead of what we are told happened.

Yet the numbers of informed individuals remain limited. Many do not have high-speed Internet access or the skills to do proper research. We must take what we have learned to those masses who mistakenly believe that five minutes of TV or radio news and reading the morning paper provides them all the information they need.

That’s the idea behind the OneDollarDVDProject.

DVDs given to friends and neighbors who might not be net-savvy could be the perfect tool for the informed activist. The price is right, and the disc medium is perfect for the TV generation. "Many buyers order large numbers of discs, repeatedly," says video activist Ron Neil. "Now the goal is to keep growing the number of titles distributed and the number of distributors."

Today’s activist can visit with neighbors, share articles and papers with them, and invite them to join meetings, but a hand-delivered DVD with a short face-to-face introduction is a powerful tool. Viewers may watch at their convenience and share at the appropriate time.

And this tool then becomes a physical viral video for the Non-Net-Savvy.

Each time you take two minutes to present a documentary DVD to another, you are also teaching that individual the method to continue sharing it," explains Ron. "There’s no need for speeches and arguments. Just hand the disc over with a short introduction: "May I give you this free DVD that explains how our Nation is being merged with Canada and Mexico, forming the North American Union? It explains why the borders are open and why we are becoming a third-world economy. After watching, please make or buy more one-dollar copies and pass them along just as I have today. We must get the truth out.’"

Who wouldn’t then rush home to view the DVD, find out what the urgency is and learn why they were given the information in the first place? An entire neighborhood could become informed in a matter of weeks. A one-dollar DVD is a great way to break the ice with new neighbors. "A sense of community is developed," says Neil, "and that alone is a worthy goal.", now 19 months old, remains Ronald Neil’s one-man operation. "I can only dream of a room full of busy activists loading duplication machines, printers, envelopes and boxes, leaving me the time to promote the project. Until then, well, we have a saying in Texas for dreamers like me: "Big hat, no cattle."

But this project is too important not to continue. With over 100,000 discs distributed, Ron looks forward to the first 1,000,000—and to the help of others who can duplicate his efforts and help get the message out.

Everyone has his own story of how he came to learn the truth about America and find the way to achieve America’s promise.

"I was first introduced to the big picture as a teenager reading John Birch Society publications. Dad was active in the society, becoming a chapter leader and an activist of sorts. But "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen was the real wake-up call for me," Neil explained.

After a two-year "extension of high school" at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, Neil found himself "bored with ‘education’" and set off to join the Army and see the world. The bus stopped in El Paso, Texas, and that’s where he stopped, too, for a while. Once again, a tip from his father put him on the right path. Neil’s father, a USAF career pilot and a member of the "Flying Sergeants," had flown in WWII as part of the Army Air Corps but had become disenchanted at the direction of the country he had defended.

This time, the book his dad sent was Irwin Schiff’s "How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Tax." Neil said, "I learned that the Federal Reserve and the income tax were a total fraud. Fraud and corruption became my new area of interest."

A management degree, several businesses, two kids and 20 years later, Neil landed in Granbury, Texas.

"Waking my friends and neighbors was becoming even more important as I watched the nation deteriorate into a ‘democracy.’ But February 7, 2007, was the day I remember making the decision to push away from the computer and get physical. Forums, chat rooms, groups and email buddies are fine for those who have access to computers, but what about those who do not have the Internet at their fingertips?

"Today, video documentaries and news items of import may be copied and passed along to others at a nominal expense. We really no longer have any excuse not to be properly informed. The information is available and there is a great need for its distribution."

In the 19 months since Ron pushed away from his computer and got physical, almost 2,000 folks have ordered DVDs from

"The record keeping is limited to necessity, but I have distributed nearly 100,000 one dollar DVDs. I will smile when we hit a million and hundreds of others are doing the same. Not only should the DVDs be duplicated, but so should the project, itself," Neil explained.

While he focuses on the new buyer and works to build repeat buyers, Ron will also offer his advice to those who want to duplicate his video activist project.

"I must move merchandise to make the project self-sufficient. Growth is a must at this point, or I will be forced to go back on the road to pay the bills, causing the project to suffer," explains Ron. "Time is short, and just as some in my circles have sold all their paper instruments and bought silver, food and lead, I have moved away from asset accumulation into information promulgation."But we ‘truthers’ must eat, and a dollar DVD project is only sustainable when the turnover is high."

While Ron Neil conceived of the OneDollarDVDProject as a way to reach the non-net-savvy TV generation, its value clearly moves beyond its purpose. "For example, if the internet is compromised and the word cannot be spread with ease, a stack of DVD documentaries and a duplication machine may be essential tools for activists," he explains.

"I encourage all to accumulate a short stack of Master DVD documentaries and a duplication machine. Many folks doing what I do on a small scale could prove to be prudent should folks like me get rounded up or should the internet become regulated."

At present, he relates, the OneDollarDVDProject needs "more exposure leading to more buyers, more activists leading to more distribution, more documentaries leading to greater understanding, and cash flow leading to expansion and self-sufficiency."

Become a video activist; visit today. Spend a buck, and spread the word.