The three stooges go to Washington

Part 3: Barack Hussein Obama

Parts one and two of The three stooges go to Washington appeared in the June and July, 2008 editions of The IO where the genealogical roots and life of then "presumptive Republican nominee" Sen. John McCain was investigated. Our second stooge is Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the Democrat nominee for president. Our researcher Don Nicoloff has discovered so many anomalies, discrepencies, lies, obfuscations and inconsistencies with the "official" Obama story that no one—probably not even Obama himself—can truly claim to know who he really is or where he came from.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama is the Democrat nominee to be elected the first "black" and 44th president of the United States. Upon using his "official" story as a starting point for an investigation of who he is and where he came from, it becomes apparent that the official Barack Obama story is just that—a story.

By Don Nicoloff

In an effort to legitimize his U.S. citizenship, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (BHO), recently posted his "Certificate of Live Birth (COLB)" on his presidential campaign website. However, a detailed forensic analysis completed July 20, 2008, reveals innumerable inconsistencies with official State of Hawaii COLBs—before and after BHO’s was allegedly created. "The image [of BHO’s alleged COLB] "is a horrible forgery," concluded the anonymous but well-qualified forensic fraud investigator who performed the analysis.

But why didn’t, or couldn’t BHO produce a regular birth certificate like everyone else? Why was an obviously forged COLB offered as "proof" that he was a U.S. citizen qualified to be elected president?

While the story of BHO and his meteoric rise to political prominence sounds plausible, even sentimentally American in the "apple pie" sense, the apparently forged COLB supports our gut feeling that the "official" version of BHO’s life and family history is a tall tale. 

Unfortunately for the American people and the world, careful research consistently disproves the great American mantra, "Anyone can become president" and BHO, the evidence will demonstrate, is not just "anyone." Those who ascend to the White House are genealogically linked to specific bloodlines and are supported throughout their lives by immense wealth and protected by political power—BHO is no exception.

To fool the people into thinking that candidates for high public office are just ordinary Americans, their genealogy is obfuscated, the immense wealth backing them is not mentioned and the political power behind them is understated. Their public personas, then, are illusions. Our purpose here is to dispel the illusions and reveal the true identities of those who have serenaded the world into a hypnotic state by composing, arranging and orchestrating their secret symphony while raping the world of its resources and the people of their sovereignty, dignity and freedom.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama is a creation of the mainstream media and their controllers. Never before has a political figure been so completely created out of thin air. While the public’s attention is focused on sound bites, pictures, and stories of heroic deeds, the subterfuge behind BHO’s presidential campaign is nothing more than an all-out effort to accelerate the creation of a "New World Order." Let it suffice to say the evidence overwhelmingly supports that conclusion. Accepting this reality will be a most difficult challenge for BHO supporters who believe the junior senator from Illinois is their "savior."

Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama, Jr.: The Official Story

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961, to Barack Obama, Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham, young BHO soon found himself without a father. According to biographical accounts, the couple met at the University of Hawaii while Stanley Ann was a 17-year-old undergraduate and Obama, Sr., was attending UH under scholarship to a post-graduate economics program. Obama, Sr. and Stanley Ann reportedly, "separated after a two-year marriage and divorced after another two years." Obama, Sr., so the story goes, left to pursue a Masters degree in economics at Harvard University and then landed a high-level accounting job with Kenya’s Ministry of Finance. After divorcing Obama, Sr., in either 1965 or 1966, Stanley Ann, a student of anthropology, soon found love in the person of Lolo Soetoro, another UH student. They were married in 1967 and Soetoro moved her and 6-year-old BHO to Indonesia where he began working as an army geologist for one year, then as a manager for Mobil Oil. BHO began his education in Jakarta before returning to Honolulu to live with his grandparents, Stanley Armour and Madelyn Lee Dunham. Stanley Ann returned to Honolulu herself in 1972.The following official summary is a life chronology of BHO:

• Born August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham.

• Accompanied his mother (as an infant still in diapers), during a visit to Seattle, WA, (circa 1961-1962).

• Attended Franciscus Primary School (1967-1969) for two years and the Besuki State Elementary School Menteng 01 in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 1969 until age 10, in 1971. 

• Enrolled in the Punahou School in 1971, a private, Hawaiian college-preparatory school, 5th-grade through high school graduation in 1979. He was rewarded a scholarship and received support from his grandparents.

• Attended Occidental College in Los Angeles for two years. 

• Transferred to Columbia University, New York City, where he graduated in 1983 with a B.A. in political science, specializing in international relations.

• Worked for Business International Corporation and New York Public Interest Research Group for one year.

• Moved to Chicago, in 1985, to work as a community organizer for the Altgeld Housing Project on the city’s South Side.

• Visited relatives in Kenya, 1987. Entered Harvard Law School, 1988.

• Summer associate (three months) of Sidley Austin, a Chicago law firm, June, 1989, working under the supervision of associate Michelle Robinson, whom he began dating in the summer of 1989.

• Voted first black president, Harvard Law Review, 1990.

• Graduated magna cum laude with a JD from Harvard Law School, 1991. Engaged to Michelle Robinson, 1991. Married Michelle Robinson, October 3, 1992.

• Became member of Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, 1992.

• Returned to Chicago, headed voter registration drive and became a board member of the Woods Fund, Chicago, a grant provider, from 1993-2002. Began writing "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance," published in 1995.

• Became an associate attorney with Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, 1993-2002. Worked only summers after 1996.

• Part-time teacher of constitutional law at the University of Chicago, 1993-2004.

• Attended mother’s funeral in Honolulu, 1995.

• Worked on taxpayer-supported building rehabilitation loans for his longtime political supporter, Tony Rezko, co-founder of Rezmar Corporation. Also worked on real estate transactions, incorporation, briefs, contracts and minor lawsuit defense. 

• Elected to Illinois State Senate, 1996, 1998, and 2002. Lost Democratic primary campaign for U.S. House of Representatives, 2000.

• Chairman, Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee, January, 2003.

• Elected to U.S. Senate, November, 2004; sworn in on January 4, 2005.

• Moved from Hyde Park (Chicago) condominium to $1.6 million house in Kenwood. Simultaneously sold adjacent land to Tony Rezko, who was indicted for fraud and extortion in 2006 and subsequently found guilty on 16 counts.

• Published "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream" (2006).

• Announces candidacy for the U.S. presidency, February, 2007, in front of Old State Capitol building, Springfield, IL.

• Stanley Ann Dunham (Soetoro), who had not seen her son much after age 14, fell ill in the fall of 1994 and died of ovarian cancer on November 7, 1995 in Honolulu. BHO "has said his biggest mistake was not being at his mother’s side," according to journalist Amanda Ripley in "The Story of Barack Obama’s Mother" (Time/CNN, April 9, 2008) "He went to Hawaii to help the family scatter the ashes over the Pacific."

Stanley Armour Dunham (maternal grandfather of BHO):

The official story

Pictured is Stanley A. Dunham with wife Madelyn and daughter Stanley Ann circa 1944.

Stanley Armour Dunham (SAD, March 3 or 23, 1918—February 8, 1992) was the maternal grandfather of BHO. SAD was born to Baptists Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham and Ruth Lucille Armour in El Dorado, Kansas. SAD, at age 8, had discovered his mother’s body after she allegedly committed suicide in 1926. The traumatic event reportedly contributed to his being expelled from school as a teen, after having punched his school principal in the nose.

SAD married Madelyn Lee Payne, whom he met during her weekly visits to "hear the big bands in Wichita." SAD reportedly had a penchant for "drinking moonshine, hopping freight trains and chasing women," then enlisted in the U.S. army the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 8, 1941 and was assigned a tour of duty in Europe.

Upon returning home after the war, "Sgt. Dunham" became a career furniture salesman. He worked as a store manager in El Dorado before moving his family to California, then Texas, back to Kansas for a spell and then to Mercer Island and, finally, Honolulu.

The move to Seattle suburb Mercer Island was, according to official biographers, "to enable 13-year-old Stanley Ann to attend the new high school."

While living on Mercer Island, SAD worked at the Standard-Grunbaum Furniture store in downtown Seattle.

Upon Stanley Ann’s graduation from Mercer Island High School in 1960, SAD moved his family to Honolulu where he found a better sales job in the furniture business.

Though Stanley Ann was accepted at the University of Chicago, her father refused to grant her permission to attend that school; Stanley Ann attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa instead.

SAD was remembered as a "loving grandfather," according to BHO, despite his "disapproval of his daughter’s marriage to a black man from Kenya."

SAD died at age 73 on February 8, 1992. He was interred at Punchbowl National Cemetery north of Honolulu. The cemetery is situated on land that ancient Hawaiians used for human sacrifices.

Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham (BHO’s maternal grandmother):

The official story

Born on October 26, 1922, in Peru, Kansas, Madelyn moved to Augusta, KS, at age 3. Her parents, Rolla Charles Payne (1892-1968) and Leona McCurry (1897-1930), were strict Methodists who frowned upon her weekend forays to El Dorado, "the wrong side of the tracks," where she met her future husband.

According to biographical accounts, Madelyn’s parents lived on a farm but enjoyed a ‘modest income’ from leasing their land to John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. The Paynes were not farmers.

Madelyn eloped with SAD on May (4th or 5th), 1940, a secret she kept from her parents until after her high school graduation. Madelyn worked as a waitress and then landed a job with Boeing in Wichita as a riveter on a B-29 assembly line during WWII.

Her father managed oil leases for Standard Oil in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Madelyn gave birth to Stanley Ann Dunham at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, on November 29, 1942 [Note: There exist sufficient, conflicting accounts as to the exact year of Madelyn’s high school graduation. Some say she graduated in 1940, others in 1942].

After the war, the Dunham’s moved to Seattle where Madelyn became an aircraft inspector for Boeing and, later, a bank vice-president.

SAD moved his family to Honolulu in 1960 (apparently) for a better opportunity in the furniture sales industry; in 1970 Madelyn became a vice-president at the Bank of Hawaii. After enduring their daughter’s marriage to Obama, Sr., until they became separated and finally divorced circa 1965 or 1966, the Dunhams supported Stanley Ann and BHO for a few years until 1967 when she married Lolo Soetoro, another University of Hawaii graduate student and moved with him to Jakarta, Indonesia, where he was employed by an oil company.

When BHO decided to return to attend school in the U.S. at age 10, the Dunhams supported him in their Honolulu high-rise apartment and helped him with tuition at the Punahou School and possibly his Occidental College tuition.Madelyn lives at the same Honolulu high-rise apartment today.

Barack Obama, Sr. (father of BHO): The official story

Barack Obama, Sr. (1936-1982), was born in Nyamgoma-Kogelo, Kenya, to Hussein Onyango (Obama), a polygamist and missionary cook in Nairobi who converted from Christianity to Islam after joining British colonial forces in World War I and marrying "Akuma," his second wife.

According to, Obama, Sr., was "raised by Onyango’s third wife, Sarah," when Akuma "left the family."

Obama, Sr., "grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack and was a cook, a domestic servant to the British," according to BHO in his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

In short, BHO’s father was from a very poor family.

The Luo tribe to which Onyango belonged was predominately Ugandan, Tanzanian, and Kenyan, inheriting 12 percent of the power bestowed upon these countries when they were granted their "freedom" from British colonialism.

At age 18, Obama, Sr., married "Kezia," a young girl from his tribe, with whom he fathered two children.

Deemed an "outstanding student" in his biography, Obama, Sr., received an airline ticket and a scholarship through a "special program promoted by the Kennedys" that enabled 81 under-privileged African students to study in U.S. institutes of higher education (There is no mention of what school Obama, Sr., attended to earn his bachelor’s degree).

He chose to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa to study economics as a 23-year-old grad student. There he met Stanley Ann Dunham in a Russian language class.

He was known to have had an "engaging personality" and spent after-school hours drinking beer, shooting pool and debating political issues with fellow students.

On February 2, 1961,Obama, Sr., married Stanley Ann in Maui. According to BHO, Stanley Ann’s parents were against the marriage, as was senior Obama’s own father.

On August 4, 1961, Obama, Sr., became a father for the third time. The couple remained together for two years. Then Obama, Sr., left to pursue a masters degree in economics at Harvard University. Another two years passed before Obama, Sr., divorced his second wife, Stanley Ann, in absentia. Upon graduation from Harvard, he returned to Kenya accompanied by schoolteacher Ruth Nidesand whom he married circa 1967.

It is alleged that Obama, Sr., fathered two more children with Kezia while still married to Ruth. Ruth, too, eventually divorced Obama, Sr. and teaches kindergarten in Nairobi today.

Subtle charges of spousal abuse were hinted by Ruth and other relatives in Kenya.Obama, Sr., while holding a high-level job as an economist with the Kenya government, was described as an abusive, alcoholic husband.He was killed in an automobile accident in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1982.

Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro (mother of BHO):

The official story

Stanley Ann Dunham as a senior at Mercer Island High School in Washington state and about one year before moving to Hawaii, enrolling at UH, becoming pregnant with BHO and "marrying" Obama, Sr.

Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942—November 7, 1995) was born in Wichita, Kansas. Little is known about her early years; her life seems to have begun at age 13 upon her arrival at Mercer Island. Though the Dunham family moved to the island in 1956 "so Stanley Ann could attend the new high school," she actually began classes at Mercer Island High School in 1957, one year later.

As a student, Stanley Ann was known as a "strong-willed and unconventional atheist" who "made after-school runs to Seattle to sip coffee for hours and hours, listening to jazz and defending her well-read views on atheism and organized religion," according to former MIHS classmates.

Estranged from the "matched sweater-set crowd," the opinionated and often sarcastic Stanley Anne graduated "with honors" in 1960 at age 17.

Teachers at Mercer Island HS described Stanley Ann as an "independent thinker" and an excellent debater who could skillfully defend her beliefs, no matter how unorthodox.

Stanley Ann intimated to her classmates that she was not interested in marrying or having children.

Described as "boyish" and "petite," she was preoccupied with her weight and her domineering father. Still, she excelled at grasping the concepts outlined in "The Communist Manifesto" and discussions about sex and theology. 

Though Stanley Ann was accepted, SAD refused to permit his daughter to attend the University of Chicago and moved his family to Honolulu, in 1960, for a brighter furniture sales future.

Stanley Ann enrolled in the University of Hawaii where she met a Kenyan graduate student named Barack Obama and conceived a child before completing her first semester of college. The Dunhams were against the marriage, which took place during Stanley Ann’s third month of pregnancy. The union would only last about two years.

Obama, Sr., transferred to Harvard University in 1963, leaving his young family behind. According to African relatives, Stanley Ann explained away the absence of his father by telling little BHO that "supporting the family would have been too much of a financial burden."

In 1965 (some accounts say 1966), Obama, Sr., signed divorce papers and Stanley Ann was free to marry Lolo Soetoro (c. 1936—Jan., 1987), which she did in 1967.

Soetoro was also a UH grad student who moved his new family to Jakarta, Indonesia. Soetoro had landed a job as an Indonesian Army geologist for one year before joining Mobil Oil. Soetoro, "a devout Muslim," fathered a daughter, Maya (now Soetoro-Ng), with Stanley Ann. The couple separated in 1972 and divorced in 1980.

While in Indonesia, Stanley Ann Soetoro, a self-described anthropologist, researched peasant blacksmithing. She was also credited with facilitating "thousands" of micro-loans to indigent women throughout underdeveloped nations. 

How interesting: Working under the auspices of the Ford Foundation, Mrs. Soetoro was able to forge her peculiar interest in "blacksmithing" while arranging bank loans to "poor" women. She also taught English at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta.

Upon her return to Honolulu in 1972, Stanley Ann again attended UH as an anthropology major and completed a "Ph.D." dissertation on "Peasant Blacksmithing in Indonesia." The thesis is also described as being from "800 to 1,067 pages" in length.

Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro eventually developed ovarian cancer and reportedly (by BHO) died at age 57 on November 7, 1995. "Her ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean," according to BHO.

Stanley Armour Dunham (maternal grandfather of BHO):

The real Story

Discovering one’s mother has committed suicide and finding her dead body on the kitchen floor would be traumatic for any 8-year-old, though it can hardly be an excuse for punching the school principal in the face as a teenager.

Those who controlled the life of Stanley Armour Dunham (SAD) prepared him for the subservient role he would later play, as a "surrogate grandfather" to a fictional character created for the purpose of first infiltrating, then compromising the United States government.

SAD’s father "Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham" was born on December 25, 1894 and died October 4, 1968. His birth date would become significant in 2004 (See, "Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.,: The Real Story," in next months edition of The IO). SAD’s mother, Ruth Lucille Armour Dunham (1900-1926), as we have already learned, committed suicide when he was eight years old.

At 22, SAD eloped with and married his teenage sweetheart nine months before her 18th birthday (Recall that John Sidney McCain, Jr., "eloped," with Roberta Wright, to Caesar’s Bar, Tijuana, Mexico [The IO, May, 2008]).

The exact date of Stanley and Madelyn Dunham’s marriage is in dispute and the location has remained a secret. One may reasonably question whether the marriage ever occurred at all. 

Also reminiscent of the McCain/Wright marriage, Madelyn’s parents were reportedly "against her marriage to Stanley Dunham."

But how could they have been against the marriage if the couple eloped and married in secret?

Whether Dunham actually served in the U.S. army and achieved the rank of "sergeant" is speculative at this time. Therefore, the fact that Madelyn gave birth to Stanley Ann at "Ft. Leavenworth Army Hospital" is curious and warrants further examination.

SAD, according to BHO’s account, "enlisted in the U.S. army the day after Pearl Harbor" (December 8, 1941). Typically, boot camp in WWII spanned a 6-week period, usually followed by a one-month furlough (10 weeks in all). SAD was allegedly sent to the European theater sometime later, though if or when that occurred is not certain and may not even be provable. Records that could prove SAD’s military service are not currently available from The Department of Defense, "due to the ‘terrorist attacks’ on September 11, 2001."

How strange. What do the 66-year-old service records of a presidential candidate’s "grandfather" have to do with a "terrorist attack" in 2001?

It is certain that, if Stanley was shipped out of Kansas after the usual furlough, he could not be the father of Stanley Ann unless she was born 10 to 11 months after conception. This detail is worth exploring further. It is possible that Stanley served in Europe, but as a spy, not a soldier.And where was SAD at the time of his daughter’s birth? Was he stationed at Ft. Leavenworth, or had he already been assigned a tour of duty in Europe?

(The "McCain" family genealogical research proved that a foreign power could insert his offspring into the U.S. navy, aided by willing co-conspirators within the U.S. government [See "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Parts 1 and 2, The IO May, June, 2008]).

Upon learning that his first child was a daughter, SAD gave her his own name because "he wanted a boy."

Most parents do not name their girls after the father. If they do, it’s a feminized version such as "Samantha" or "Roberta." Usually, parents conceive another child and hope for "junior."

It would seem that it had already been predetermined that Stanley Ann would be the Dunham’s only child. Or had it already been decided that Stanley Ann’s role would be both father and mother to her future "son?" In the end, it turned out that way.

SAD’s "career" as a furniture salesman took a back seat to his wife’s role as a Boeing aircraft riveter/inspector and vice-president of two banks, first in Seattle, then in Honolulu.

Despite his wife’s achievements, his family’s moves were motivated by his desire to "advance his own career," according to biographical accounts. At least, that was the cover story.

In reality, his impulsive "decisions" to move from one location to another were made for him. The moves always positioned Madelyn and Stanley Ann in the appropriate geographical location to fulfill the next stages of their "missions."

SAD "died" one month before his 84th birthday in 1992. Can anyone explain why his age has progressed to "90" (in 2008) on several "people-search" databases and why his name does not appear in the Social Security Death Record Index?

Acting on a hunch that SAD’s death has been faked, we followed up on a clue: Madelyn L. Dunham in Oklahoma City.

It seems that the late-Wesley A. ("Arnel") Dunham (WAD) of Oklahoma City, OK married "Madelyn" (same unique spelling) F. in 1946. WAD "lost his mother to lymphoma in 1936," Madelyn F. said even though "lymphoma" could not have been diagnosed in 1936.

As in the case of the SAD family, the story Madelyn F. Dunham (83) has been told is replete with anomalies. We were beginning to suspect that WAD and SAD were the same guy, perhaps posing periodically as Stanley Ann’s "father" while actually married to another woman and living in Oklahoma City.

Madelyn F. Dunham asserts that "WAD was a hemophiliac with a 4-F deferment and worked for only 10 years after their marriage in 1946."

WAD, according to Madelyn F., was employed as a "desk clerk" at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK, Service Trucking Co. in TX and OK and at an Oklahoma City hardware store. He was not a furniture salesman. Service Trucking Co. specialized in delivery oil field equipment. WAD was both a driver and dispatcher for the company. It seems odd that a hemophiliac would drive truck and work in a hardware store.

Madelyn F. claims she supported the household for 37 years as an administrator at Tinker AFB. The WAD house is very large and nice—much larger and nicer than one would expect a non-working husband and a secretary could afford.

SAD was born on "October 3, 1919," WAD on "October 15, 1919." SAD died in "1992," WAD in "1997." Unfortunately, WAD’s ancestral genealogy is untraceable beyond the story related to Madelyn F. Dunham. WAD had a Social Security number, but no parents or birthplace. Including the middle name, "Arnel," produces "No Results" when tracing his full name.

The vital records of WAD’s father, "George Arnold Dunham," and his mother, "Zelda O.(McHenry) Dunham" (Sept. 30,1885-Oct. 19, 1936), are equally obscured. It seems Zelda had no parents and no birthplace.

Madelyn F. described "having laid flowers at the graves of both in-laws," asserting that "Zelda died in 1936" (supported by Oklahoma City cemetery records) and George "in 1963." Followup research reveals that George "Arnel" (not "Arnold") Dunham (March 23, 1881-Dec. 23, 1962) died at Osteopathic Hospital, Pawnee, OK, on Dec. 23, 1962 (not "in 1963") and was interred at Woodland Cemetery in Cleveland, OK. WAD’s story (via Madelyn F’s account), seems true to some extent. However, in either account (that of Madelyn F. or the cemetery records), there exist no ancestries for either of WAD’s parents.

George also had a second wife, a Eula "Hazel" (Warren) Dunham (Nov. 16, 1899-Dec. 25, 1959), who is buried at his side. Like his first wife, Eula has no ancestry and no birth record.

Forensic research reveals a "George A. Dunham" (April 15, 1903-Nov. 16, 1989) was issued his SS number in Oklahoma and died at Newcastle, Wyoming in 1989—the oldest of five George A. Dunhams listed by the SSDI. This George Dunham would have been 18 years younger than Zelda O. Dunham. Zelda’s cemetery plot describes a son, "George Kenneth Dunham," age 4, who is the only other relative buried at the site.

Searches for Zelda O. Dunham (outside the cemetery search) yield one result: "Zelda E. Dunham" (June 30, 1901-Nov. 14,1987) who was issued her SS number in Louisiana. Zelda E. Dunham died in Selma, CA. If George A. Dunham was married to a "Zelda," it would have been this one—the only Zelda Dunham on planet Earth born close to, or after 1900.

At first, Madelyn F. was very interested in finding out if WAD and SAD were the same man. We agreed to trade photos and did so, albeit with some complications. We emailed the "baby" photo and the "NDJ" photo (this page); Madelyn F. provided two photos which were scanned and emailed (with difficulty).

While the photos we provided were pretty clear, the ones Madelyn F. provided must have been the two worst photos in the album. Her initially skeptical, then interested and helpful tone had become politely noncooperative.

We would like to talk to her more, in person, even through a third party, get more photos and find out more about WAD, but this avenue has been closed by Madelyn F. and we respect her desire to end this inquiry.

Her behavior supports our hunch-turned belief that WAD and SAD are the same person. The poor quality photos also support our "theory." Though the photos, which appear to have been enlarged, are very grainy, there are remarkable similarities in the physical appearances of SAD and WAD seen in photographs. Both men had black hair, were about 5’-9" in height, were on the thin side and had long, slender hands; noses, ears, chins, hairlines and eyebrows are also striking in their similarities.

According to Madelyn F., WAD weighed about 130 pounds. until his later years, when he "put on about 30 extra pounds" (Photos of SAD as an older man shows that he put on about 30 extra pounds, too). Another curiosity is that neither WAD nor SAD wore wedding rings in these photos.

Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham (BHO’s maternal grandmother):

The Dunham Family: Seated (L-R) are Stanley Ann, Stanley Armour, and Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham. Note the "NDJ" insignia embroidered on Stanley Ann’s school dress. Stanley, unlike Madelyn, is not wearing a wedding band. The parents appear to be visiting their daughter who was enrolled at College Notre-Dame de Jamhour, Beirut, Lebanon. Stanley Ann is likely aged 11-12 years in this photo. The upholstery and draperies are definitely 1950s Middle-Eastern style. The window frame finish appears to be extremely worn,suggesting this photo was taken in a school dormitory. Was Stanley Ann about to graduate during this visit? Strangely, there are few childhood photos of Stanley Ann Dunham. Those that we have seen were taken years apart, usually every 7-8 years. This photo would have been taken circa 1953-54.

The real story

Madelyn Payne’s origin leaves little room for dispute until one scrutinizes that of her father, Rolla Charles Payne. How is it that a non-farmer living on a farm in Kansas earns his "modest" living by "leasing his land to John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company?

The name "Rolla" is both German and French in origin and speaks volumes about his probable heritage. Though one might deduce that the "Payne" name is British, it was likely an alias. His connection to the Rockefeller dynasty supports that conclusion.

Rolla C. Payne was "fronting" for Rockefeller, as Rockefeller was "fronting" for Louis Cass Payseur, heir to Daniel Payseur (Crown Prince Louis of France under King George III). Former French paymaster George Payseur became American "George Bayshore" and was gifted land and stock in The Virginia Company.

The Payseurs acquired land to build railroads and solicited the services of the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Loebs, Schiffs, Harrimans, J.P. Morgan and other well-known banking families as agents.

George Bayshore was also the owner of Jekyll Island, where the Federal Reserve Act was secretly penned by the front men for the Rothschilds and King George V.

For their role in facilitating the establishment of a foreign central bank in the U.S., these operatives were well-rewarded and became known as America’s "power elite."

Though Rolla Payne is claimed to have been born on August 23, 1892, the 1920 U.S. Federal Census curiously describes his birth date as "about 1893."

Again, we have government complicity in the obfuscation of fact.

Though Payne’s biography implies he was born and lived in Kansas, his Social Security number was issued in Oklahoma, where oil production was far more prolific. His birthplace is equally unreliable, considering a crew’s list for the USS Somerset (II) which identifies an "R. Payne" as a "British" citizen, "age 19." The date of this ship’s arrival at Ellis Island was September 23, 1925. That would mean "R. Payne" was born in 1906 (not 1892 or 1893).

The Somerset was operated by the Federal Steamship Navigation Co (FSN). and was owned by the Peninsular & Orient Lines (P&O). Known as an "Imperial institution," FSN first shipped passengers, troops and mail to the British empire east of the Suez Canal. On this voyage, the ship had departed from Lyttleton, New Zealand and arrived at Ellis Island by way of the Panama Canal. By this time FSN specialized in mail contracts, gold, silver, silk and indigo shipments.

Since Rolla Payne earned his living through "oil-lease royalties" and as an accountant for Standard Oil, he likely served an important role with the shipping lines, traveling about the globe as a Rockefeller agent.

His daughter’s "mechanic" job with Boeing in Wichita, KS was no coincidence, either. Boeing was another company secretly owned by the Payseurs.

A standard search for "Rolla Payne" in the Social Security Death Index produces "no results," though, as seen with other "relatives" of future U.S. presidents and politicians, incomplete data often accompanies an S.S. number that has been discovered through exhaustive research.

Was Madelyn (Payne) Dunham, former "waitress and "Rosie the Riveter," destined to become an "aircraft inspector" at Boeing and the vice-president of two major banks?

In hindsight, yes. Madelyn’s journey in life was not a matter of scholastic achievement, hard work and chance. She was groomed for her role as a moneychanger. The Dunham’s unverifiable cross-country moves throughout the western U.S. were likely related to her future banking roles and had little or nothing to do with SAD’s "landing a better job" as a furniture salesman.

Also indicated in a people search database are "four distinct addresses" for Madelyn L. Dunham in Chicago, IL. When (and why) did these moves occur and why are they never mentioned in official biographical accounts of her life? Is it because they will lead one to the truth—the truth of who Madelyn Dunham really is?

Chicago has been (and still is) a major center for international money laundering and her secretive history there, along with Barack Obama’s subsequent residence and political career, is not a coincidence (Recall how SAD "refused to permit Stanley Ann to attend the University of Chicago").

Numerous aliases also appear to be linked to Madelyn L. Dunham. One such alias, discovered within a "people-search" database, "William A Mai Residence Payne," is suspiciously connected to the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC), a community college in Tifton, GA, involved in crop and livestock genetic modification research.

Another name that pops up associated with Madelyn L. Dunham is "Kelly L. Schippleck (age 39). Names associated with possible aliases for Kelly L. Schippleck are "Kelly A. Dunham" and "Kelly L. Dunham."

One record for Madelyn L. Dunham in Hawaii listed her age as "48." Reverse the numbers and she becomes "84." One could speculate that this record was created in 2006 (1922 + 84 = 2006). 

Listed as "possible relatives" are the names of two Dunhams purported to have died in 1992 (SAD) and 1995 (Stanley Ann) and "Shippleck, Kelly L." Also listed is a reference to "4 unique addresses in Chicago, IL." and "5 unique addresses in Honolulu, HI," for Madelyn L. Dunham.

An investigation of Madelyn L. Dunham’s possible associations and aliases can take us down "rabbit holes" beyond the scope of this article. However, it opens wide an avenue of investigation that could lead to exposing a huge real property acquisition racket, of which Dunham, et al, are only part; exposing what’s really behind the nation’s scandalous mortgage industry feeding frenzy, the $trillions in private profit taking and potentially $trillions in looming public liability.

Barack Obama, Sr. (father of BHO): The real story

The first issue in considering the veracity of the Obama, Sr., story is the origin of his name. "Obama" is not a name native to his Luo tribe. In fact, his father Onyango was likely told to add the name, even after adopting "Hussein" as a first name.

So, from where does the "Obama" name actually originate? It is not found in the Swahili language, nor anywhere else in Kenyan dialects, including the Luo tribe that the Obama clan claims is their heritage. It is found in the Maluku (S. Moluccan) language of Indonesia: "Obama" is a contraction of two words: "O," which is a vocative, i.e. "O, Lord." "Bama" means, "when." So, the contracted name "Obama" actually means: "O, when."

The primary religion of the Maluku people (S. Moluccans of Indonesia) is Muslim, though various authorities claim a Christian majority. In either case, religious distinction matters little since Obama, Sr., was an atheist by his own admission.

Contrary to biographical claims that he was a "poor goatherd," Obama, Sr.’s father was quite wealthy, owning considerable land and livestock. The claim that he was a lowly, poor "missionary cook" is misleading and intended to evoke admiration, even sympathy, while supporting the mantra, "Anyone can become president."

Onyango also supported numerous wives and children, a lifestyle well beyond the means of a "missionary cook" who traveled the world.

Obama, Sr., was reportedly an "exemplary student" and "a high achiever."

Where did he attend college in Kenya and in what discipline did he earn his undergraduate degree? How did he afford that school if he was the son of a "poor goatherd?"

The story makes no sense. There is no indication, in official biographies or other sources, that he earned a university undergraduate degree before enrolling as a "graduate student" at UH.

If one carefully follows the timeline of his UH post-graduate education, Obama, Sr. would have spent six years earning a masters degree. The purported "airlift" of 81 Kenyan students occurred in 1958, when then Senator John F. Kennedy chaired the Senate subcommittee on Africa and "arranged a $100,000 grant through his family’s foundation" to keep a U.S./Kenyan scholarship program alive, The UK Guardian reported Jan. 10, 2008.

Obama, Sr., "left Hawaii for Harvard in 1963" and then earned his doctorate in economics in 1966. He could have completed medical school in less time.

If Obama, Sr., fathered a son with Stanley Ann Dunham, he did so on or about November 4, 1960, when she was 17 years old. If he married Stanley Ann Dunham on February 2, 1961, he did so on a Thursday. Is there a marriage license or certificate on file anywhere? Why does The Chicago Sun Times (in the aforementioned "special report") claim the marriage occurred in 1960?

Despite two polygamous marriages, Obama, Sr., felt comfortable adding a third wife, Ruth, to his "harem," though such practices are illegal in the U.S. and in many other countries.

The "official" reports of Obama, Sr., describe a man who mentally and physically abused his third wife Ruth (and likely the two children she bore).

Through independent accounts of "relatives" in Kenya and college acquaintances in the U.S., we know that Obama, Sr., was a self-centered, alcoholic wife-beater—and a "generous and caring individual." So caring, he decided to sire two more children with Kezia, his first wife, while married to Ruth, his third wife. He was about to marry a fourth woman with whom he had one child and had impregnated a second time.

Obama, Sr.’s first wife Kezia, in an interview with Mail Online, described the dowry bestowed upon her parents at the time of his marriage proposal. "Barack was also worried about what his father would think because I was so young, but he gave us his approval. He sent my mother and father 14 cows for my dowry. Barack’s father was only a cook, so it was a big sacrifice."

About his U.S. education, Kezia stated, "It was not long before Barack’s potential was noticed by his employees (of the Nairobi government) and he was offered a scholarship to the U.S."

Kezia mentioned nothing about the Kennedys "airlift," though she did mention that Obama, Sr., left for Hawaii in 1959. Curiously, the airlift occurred in 1958—one year earlier.

What we do know is that Obama, Sr., was killed in an "automobile accident" in 1982. What is not mentioned, except by Kezia, is his "automobile accident" the year before. That was when Kezia first learned of another woman, Ruth, who was in Obama’s hospital room when she arrived to pay him a visit. "I thought, ‘what is that lady in there with him for?’"

About that same accident, a Kenyan cousin said, "He was injured so badly, he had to have both legs amputated" and his artificial limbs were described as "crude iron."

Were these accidents a result of heavy drinking, or were they an outside attempt to prevent him from possibly revealing some darker secret? This, we may never know.

Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama-Soetoro): The real story

Stanley Ann and baby BHO, probably in Hawaii, circa 1962—shortly after Obama, Sr., left to attend Harvard.

Virtually nothing is known about Stanley Ann’s schooling prior to arriving at Mercer Island, WA, though one photograph with her parents at about age 11 or 12 shows her wearing a school uniform with the embroidered letters: "NDJ." (see photo)  

What does "NDJ" stand for? Try "Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour," a secondary Jesuit school in Beirut, Lebanon (with a French name). This miniscule clue accounts for the tremendous obfuscation behind the real whereabouts of the Dunham family and their daughter from, at least, 1945 through 1956. Why conceal her schooling?

The significance of her early education (and grooming) has everything to do with the covert, orchestrated rearing of a future U.S. presidential candidate—and political puppet. 

Other notable NDJ alumni include Amine Gemayel, Charles Helou, Bachir Gemayel—all three are former presidents of the Lebanese Republic and; Michel Edde, former Lebanese minister and president of the Alumni Association; Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan-Renault; Henri Sader, politician and president of Lebanon’s central bank; Karim Pakradouni, former head of the Lebanese Phalanges and former minister; Nassib Lahoud, former Deputy in the Lebanese parliament and; Pierre le Quiller, deputy in the French Assemblee Nationale).

Stanley Ann’s indoctrination at NDJ likely prepared her for the unorthodox sociological doctrine she would later learn at MIHS and the future which had been planned for her and for us.

Since we are not privy to the specific educational curriculum at NDJ, we can only deduce that she was taught the belief system promulgated by the Jesu Society (Jesuit Order).We are not even certain that Stanley Ann, herself, was born in the U.S. She could have learned to speak English (and French) at NDJ in Lebanon before coming to the U.S. Her "father’s" European stint in the Army easily could have been a cover story to explain his "introduction" to his new "daughter" whom he would have met for the first time (Recall the historic account of Prescott S. Bush "deflecting an incoming missile with a bolo knife"—later proven to be a hoax).

Stanley Ann somehow found the time, the opportunity and the money to visit former classmates in Seattle shortly after the birth of her son. Her classmate and friend, former Councilwoman Susan Blake, according to The Chicago Sun Times, was "asked to change BHO’s messy diaper" after feeding—an apparent act of disassociation from her newfound motherhood and her "infant" son. Blake also described Stanley Ann’s mind as "on full tilt."

Why did she make such an unusual comment?

Pictured is Lolo Soetoro, Stanley Ann Obama Soetoro, baby Maya Soetoro and BHO in an undated family photo circa December, 1970. The photo also comes without an explanation of where it was taken (Note: This photo, recently published as black and white, was originally a color photo that has been altered).

Lolo Soetoro. There seems to be an absence of evidence that a "Lolo Soetoro" was living in Jakarta with Stanley Ann and BHO from 1967-1972. The only photo of the "family" appears to have been taken in a waiting room, possibly at Lolo Soetoro’s Mobil Oil Co. office in Malaysia and not in Indonesia. (See photo)

Despite her self-proclaimed independence, Stanley Ann wore the same "Puritan-collared" shirt her female classmates wore for their junior class photos at MIHS. And in her graduation photo, she adorned the same pearl necklace (real or faux) her classmates wore (See page 12). So much for the "nonconformist." Two images from the MIHS 1959 and 1960 yearbooks evoke an eerie feeling about the school. Its curriculum, the Marxist teachings and its clandestine location, are reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock movie—or a Project Monarch experiment.

At least four of the MIHS faculty were known to be members of the local Communist Party and their wing of the school was known as "Anarchy Alley." The church the Dunhams attended, East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, Washington, was nicknamed "the Little Red Chapel on the Hill" due to the congregation’s support of Chinese Communists.

This was an aberration from the Dunham’s self-proclaimed "Baptist-Methodist" roots, yet a clear and mutual endorsement of Stanley Ann’s atheistic views.

We are led to believe that Stanley Ann’s father was against her attending school in Chicago because "Chicago wasn’t a safe place for such a young girl." How would he know that, unless he had been there himself?

It was more likely that SAD was following orders to move to Hawaii; the same orders he followed when the family moved to Seattle and Mercer Island. After all, "Sgt." Dunham grew up near and was stationed at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, the former center for military intelligence and the "birthplace" of his only daughter. And he certainly would have been against her move to Indonesia, would he not?

The "African" marriage set the stage for BHO’s cover story (which would evoke sympathy, enthusiasm and solidarity among black Americans), while the Indonesian one would connect him with his true roots and to his elite handlers. Lolo Soetoro provided a crucial alibi for Stanley Ann’s (and BHO’s) presence in Southeast Asia and, strangely, a clever cover story to obfuscate the truth about BHO’s non-African heritage.

Stanley Ann’s thesis on "Peasant Blacksmithing in Indonesia," which she wrote after returning to the University of Hawaii in 1972 as an anthropology student, would have been researched while in Indonesia. Where was young BHO while this research was being conducted?

One Jakartan "remembers attending BHO’s 10th birthday party some 35 years ago," but no one seems to remember the location of his home and fewer recall Stanley Ann. None recall ever seeing or hearing of a "Lolo Soetoro" who worked for the army or Mobil Oil. How could that be?

Consider that Soetoro was Malaysian, not Indonesian. Also consider that the timing of Soetoro’s return to Southeast Asia coincided with the 1966 establishment of Mobil Oil in Malaysia, on the heels of the U.S. Justice Department’s dissolution of the Rockefeller Standard Oil monopoly.The following history clearly indicates that Mobil Oil was not operating in Indonesia as claimed by BHO, so this chapter of his life’s history is absolutely in question.

Pertamina was Indonesia’s state-owned oil company from 1945-2001—the only one. It was not until 2001 that Indonesia’s government permitted outside competition in the petroleum industry. Exxon/Mobil negotiated a 25-year contract with the Indonesian government in 2005. Certainly, BHO would have known about that. If he did not, he does now.

Pertamina statistics, as published on its website, are that it was incorporated: in 1945 as Perusahaan Tambang Minyak Negara Republik Indonesia. Sales in 2001 were $19.4 billion and currently has 24,000 employees. The company extracts and refines crude oil and natural gas.

The Pertamina website publishes the following chronology on its website:

Key Dates: 1945: Article 33 of Indonesia’s constitution establishes its first national oil company. 1960: The Indonesian government enacts Law 44 stating that exploration and mining are now to be carried out only by a state-owned company. 1968: Pertamina is formed by the merger of existing state oil companies. 1971: Pertamina becomes the only national oil company that can extract oil and natural gas throughout Indonesia. 

1993: The company launches a restructuring program to cut costs. 1998: Indonesia’s President Soeharto is forced to step down during a state of economic crisis and civil unrest. 2001: Law 22 is passed, which will end Pertamina’s oil and gas monopoly. 

Pertamina was developed by the Dutch Shell Oil Company, not Mobil. In fact, Indonesia was still under Dutch rule at the time, so the Mobil Oil story is just that—a story.

Since Lolo Soetoro did not work for a company that did not exist in Indonesia, he must have worked in Malaysia, if he worked for Mobil Oil at all. That would explain why no one in Jakarta knew the Soetoro "family."

Stanley Ann divorced Soetoro in 1980, eight years after their separation. Soetoro had arrived in Los Angeles for specialized "medical treatment" and died from a "liver ailment" in 1987.

The odds of two ex-husbands "dying" at relatively young ages within a five-year period are astronomical. Did they die naturally or were they removed to prevent DNA testing? Was she ever married to either one in the first place?

By official accounts, Stanley Ann spent much of her adult life in Indonesia. She reportedly worked as a consultant with the UN, banks and the Ford Foundation to arrange bank loans for poor, third world people.

On November 7, 1995, Stanley Ann (Dunham-Obama) Soetoro allegedly died of "ovarian cancer" at age "56." Her body was cremated; there was no funeral. However, there was a memorial service held in her honor at the University of Hawaii.

BHO, by all accounts, did not attend the service, though he claims to have "helped scatter her ashes over the Pacific Ocean."

There are a few problems with the story—and with BHO’s account: Stanley Ann did not live to be "57." She ‘died’ 22 days before her 53rd birthday, so she was only 52 (a small detail, but an important one). An alias for Stanley Ann Dunham was found as a "relative/associate" of Madelyn L. Dunham, Honolulu, HI: "Kelly A. Dunham."

The Dunhams had only one daughter, Stanley Ann. Therefore, Kelly Ann, who does not seem to have any other history, is likely an alias for Stanley Ann, indicating that she had been doing more than arranging for poor people to become indebted to bankers.

Stanley Ann shows up on Internet databases at various ages, including her current age—65. Incredibly, despite the accounts of her having been with her family while "living in the U.S. and Indonesia," her name shows up numerous times under her birth name and the following abbreviated list of "aliases:"

Kelly A. Dunham, associate/relative of Madelyn L. Dunham, Honolulu, HI; Kelly A. Shippleck (Kelly A. Dunham), Phoenix, AZ [is this a third marriage or an alias for real estate/money laundering?]. Sandra Dunham (Sandra Lee Dunham), OH, FL; Susan N. Dunham, HI, CA. Ste (Stephen) Dunham, Honolulu, HI (Stanley Ann chooses another male name?); Stephen O. Dunham, Honolulu, HI ("O," as in "Obama"); Scott A. Dunham, (Stanley Ann chooses a second male name?), HI, WA, OR, TN, VA, IN.

Each of the aforementioned aliases contains one or more references to the above examples. In cases where the trail seemingly ends, one needs only cross-reference the "relatives/associates" and the trail continues.

Some entries show as many as "99 addresses" in one city and "160 relatives/associates." These numbers really stand out as almost grotesque when compared to the results of most searches. 

The aliases for Stanley Ann Dunham likely number in the hundreds.

Symptomatic of mind control. The above revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the so-called "relatives/associates" are not Americans, though they also have a multiplicity of addresses throughout the U.S. and are affiliated with foreign intelligence agencies. One of them lists the location of "Old Orchard Beach, ME." This location is nine miles from the Bush compound at Walker’s Point, Kennebunkport, ME.

Other females who have been part of the intelligence-based mind control programs have lived in the same town, have been assigned male names as aliases and show the same "possible relatives/associates."

The significance here is that the uncommon number of aliases and addresses associated with Stanley Ann are symptomatic of her being a mind-controlled operative. In short, the names also identify specific associations in a massive real estate/drug money-laundering scheme.

The following database query supports the claim above and what "Brice Taylor" (Susan Ford) wrote in her book, "Thanks for the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free!" 

The book is a shocking exposé on multi-personality disorders induced by the Henry (Heinz) Kissinger/George H.W. Bush-controlled ritual-abuse/sex-slave intelligence industry. Taylor wrote about her mind-controlled involvement with world leaders, several U.S. presidents and members of the British Crown, actors, actresses, entertainers and Bob Hope, her "handler." 

The following database search for "Susan Ford" speaks for itself:




Ford, Susan

Address:Washington, DC

Bethesda, MD



Ford, George R   

 3 unique addresses in Washington, DC

Ford, Ronald   

 Subject: FORD, RONALD

 1 unique address in Washington, DC

1 unique address in Bethesda, MD

Ford, Michael A   


1 unique address in Washington, DC

Ford, Penny S   

 Subject: FORD, PENNY S

1 unique address in Washington, DC

Susan Ford’s "Brice Taylor" alias is intentionally omitted from this entry, though it appears as a single entry more than 100 times. The "Relative/Associates" column lists the names of some very prominent people. "George R. Ford" represents two individuals who have played a role in the "program," George H.W. Bush and Gerald R. Ford, two past presidents.

In her book, Taylor describes multiple sexual encounters with both ex-presidents where she endured brutal beatings, drugs, and complete humiliation.

"Ronald Ford" is, of course, former President Ronald Reagan. Taylor describes "servicing" Reagan at the White House, in limousines, and on yachts in the Pacific Ocean after being flown in a helicopter.

Again, though it is beyond the scope of this article, it appears that Internet "people-search" databases are being used to covertly document and track real estate holdings, laundered cash, and the names of CIA and other foreign participants.

Getting back to Stanley Ann, the birth date of "Kelly Ann Dunham" is listed as November 8, 1964. Stanley Ann is purported to have died on "November 7, 1995. The next day, "Kelly Ann" was "born," though the year is obviously modified to account for her being an adult. A search of the Social Security Death Index produces "No Results" with the name and S.S. number "079-52-7004," (the number given to Stanley Ann) so the birth/death record is also fictitious. However, the number entry alone does produce a record with her name.

This pattern is consistent with research into the aliases of other CIA "spooks" such as Otto Skorzeny. This record ties one to their activities as operatives, not their birth or death and obfuscates the theft of Social Security funds which, appears to be yet another organized criminal enterprise.

The Kelly Ann Dunham alias also appears in a list which describes "Madelyn L. Dunham" as a "relative/associate," listing "15 addresses in Honolulu."

Since SAD and Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham had only one child, Kelly Ann would undoubtedly be the alias for Stanley Ann. The number of addresses are most likely derived from real estate transaction records which are obscured by each alias.

Was Stanley Ann really securing micro loans for "indigent women" in Indonesia and other foreign countries, or was she acquiring properties for the Ford Foundation and their Rockefeller cohorts? The multiple addresses under each alias suggest an extreme pattern of money laundering and real estate acquisitions. 

No one person would have so many addresses in one lifetime and certainly not under each alias.

Could there be another "Stanley Ann Dunham?" Though Stanley Ann reportedly "died on November 7, 1995," her name is still active and does not appear in the Social Security Death Index. The odds that a second Stanley Ann Dunham exists are at least 7 billion to one and the odds that a second Stanley Ann Dunham would also be listed at "age 65" is even more remote. 

Dead people do not age, especially after cremation. Yet, here we have "Stanley Ann Dunham," alive and well, with multiple addresses in cities from Hawaii, Arizona, Massachusetts and California to New York. Include her aliases and the list expands to Ohio, Indiana, Wyoming, Oregon, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Alabama and Nevada.

More "clues" from Kezia. According to BHO’s "step-grandmother" Kezia, in a January, 2008 interview with the Mail Online, her description of Stanley Ann reveals many previously unknown details. "We have seen each other many times since that first visit, in the U.S., in Kenya and in England. I was very fond of Barack, Jr.’s mother, Ann. She came to Kenya after Barack, Sr., died and she and I became great friends. She was like a sister to me."

The article continued, "So, when Ann died of ‘breast cancer’ in 1995..."

BHO’s account, along with numerous biographies, claimed that Stanley Ann Dunham died of "ovarian cancer." How could two individuals so close to Stanley Ann be so confused about the nature of her "cancer" and the cause of her death?

The comments of Kezia provide additional clues supporting the belief that Stanley Ann Dunham’s death was faked in order to remove her questionable past and her ongoing banking and real estate acquisition activities from public scrutiny while BHO’s meteoric rise to political power was underway.

There seems to be no way to corroborate her American education prior to entering the 8th grade, so we can only conclude, from the NDJ embroidered on her sweater at age 10-11 (see page 13), that she attended school in Beirut prior to arriving at Mercer Island.

Stanley Ann also spoke several foreign languages. Though she studied German at MIHS, she could already speak French when she arrived at Mercer Island. She likely studied French in Lebanon and not in Kansas, Texas, California or Washington.

These details reinforce the argument that Stanley Ann was not born in the U.S. and might explain why there are so few family photos during her infancy or early childhood. The earliest photo may very well be the one shown on page 11 (upon "receipt" of the child?). A more remote possibility is that the whole family was brought into the U.S. during WWII as spies.

Today, in 2008, Stanley Ann, or at least someone "doing business as" Stanley Ann, is clearly alive and busy in the money-laundering activities attributable to Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham, the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the CIA.

The research into BHO’s parents and grandparents has revealed conclusively that the "official" BHO story is factually deficient and chronologically impossible in multitudes of areas. The research has, quite by accident, opened the door to the world of organized real estate fraud and money laundering. Admittedly, charging the Dunhams and their presumed aliases and Stanley Ann and her aliases with complicity in this nation-destroying scam is a bold step forward and, journalistically, could be deemed premature.

However, the extent of money-laundering, as revealed by means of linking database names and real estate transactions, is staggering. On the basis of the above examples and evidence from other investigations, the numbers of properties involved likely number in the millions and would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars, if not $trillions.

As a closing comment, I believe that the savings and loan company failures of the previous decade and the current mortgage industry failures as evidenced by the recent collapse of Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac—and the inevitable coming domino collapse of U.S. banks—have all been precipitated by this highly-organized, politically-protected community of operatives. In the end, they will have taken $trillions in profits and will be leaving the public $trillions in debts. And now, this cabal’s #1 son wants to be your president and promises to deliver "Change we can live with."