From the September 2008 Idaho Observer:

My final word on the "Jewish question"

To the editor:

It has come to my attention and the attention of others that, while you report on many important problems in the world today, you consistently fail to mention who is responsible for causing and perpetuating them: The Jews. Is that because you are secretly a Zionist sympathizer working for the ADL and the Mossad or because you are unaware that the Jews are behind every crappy thing that has happened in the world since long before they killed Jesus?


A concerned patriot

Though I have never received the letter above, exactly, it summarizes at least a dozen letters addressed to me in the last several years. It also encapsulates a barrage of emails recently posted to me regarding a bizarre incident involving researcher/author Michael Hoffman and his new book "Judaism Exposed." This theme—blaming the Jews for everything bad in the world—umbrellas the worldview of many people, astute and ignorant alike.

The "Jewish question" hits me in the face now and then as either vicious personal attacks on my character (exclusively by those who do not know me) or as distractions from well-meaning people, many of whom do know me. Since the world situation is evolving (devolving?) rapidly and human nature compels us to seek attaching blame for our problems to someone or something outside of ourselves, it seems appropriate for the Sept., 2008 edition to contain my sincerest thoughts on this subject.

Who is to blame for the world’s problems? Is it the Jews? Is it the Catholics? Is it the Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, satanists or atheists? Is it the Reptilians? Is it the Committee of 300? Is it the 13 families? What about the communists, socialists, capitalists, libertarians and anarchists? What about the gays, lesbians and militant environmentalists? Constitutionalists? Is it all of them? Could it be some of them working together in secret combinations?

What if the world is full of problems because problems—and their solutions—supply a demand in the marketplace?

Perfect individualism. First of all, my entire worldview is shaped by one central and core belief: That individuals are to be credited or held liable for their words and deeds. Other considerations—race, ethnicity, religious persuasion, group affiliation, social class, material success, formal educational achievement and sexual orientation—are secondary to that core belief. People are animated beings. We choose what to think and how to act. I hold individuals, as children of God, in such high regard that I ascribe to them all responsibility for what they create in their own lives and how they affect the world around them.

While our words and deeds are influenced by upbringing and experience, responsibility for the choices we make belongs exclusively to ourselves.

Groups, on the other hand, are inanimate, pen-and-ink fictions of man; people are required to animate these fictions. If no people chose to occupy the offices and perform the functions of certain fictions, how much influence would they have over our lives?

The logic here is flawless: Groups do not enslave/exploit/destroy people; people enslave/exploit/destroy people. To blame the world’s current state of affairs on "the Jews" or any other group is, therefore, illogical. It does, however, serve a magnificent and historically popular purpose: We can blame our problems—the world’s problems—on something other than ourselves.

The marketplace. Now that we understand, logically, that animated individuals (not inanimate groups) are responsible for speaking words and performing deeds, good and bad, let us return to "the marketplace."

To wit: Think about every greedy, fearful, cowardly, jealous, licentious, (look it up) and/or murderous thought (action?) you have ever entertained—and multiply that astronomical number by the human population alive on Earth at any one time. Now imagine the marketplace our common frailties create for opportunists in commerce, religion and government. From that perspective, we can see how opportunists would join up in groups that have been imagined into existence to more efficiently supply people’s timeless demand for enslavement and exploitation in the global marketplace.

Like it or not, the free market rules even if its governed by socialist, totalitarianist, monarchist or theocratic authority. Whatever conditions exist, they are shaped by the marketplace we create because us "commoners" are, with few exceptions, greedy, cowardly, fearful and ignorant

Supply and demand. We are governed because we demand govering; we are slaves because we are not qualified to be masters and; we are exploited because it is easier to whine as victims than stand for principle. Further, our "masters" have no respect for us because we are so stupid that we insist upon teaching our children how to fall for the same political, economic and spiritual tricks generation after generation.

Proof that we are to blame. Why do we volunteer for war? Why do we listen to politicians? Why do we hire on with government agencies that commit crimes against people, families, nations and nature? Why do we tolerate injustice? Why do we allow ourselves to be regulated into slavery and pay the taxes that afford our chains? Why do we allow "doctors" to poison us and our children? Why are we so easily led to believe things that ain’t so? Why do we justify the mass murder of innocent people we don’t even know? Why do we take out bank loans and use credit cards? Why do we let governments educate our children? Why do we lie, cheat and steal from one another? Why do we become addicted to foods, drugs, perverse sex, material possessions and covet thy neighbors wife?

You should answer those questions yourselves because my answer, which contains an eternity of frustration and a stream of profanity, is not suitable for publication.

The truth is that we find blame for the world’s problems in the mirror staring back at us. Blaming anyone or anything else beyond ourselves (on a personal level or on a global scale) is a counterproductive cop out.

Proof that the blame game is counterproductive. The Jews, for instance, have been blamed for all the world’s problems for centuries. While it would be idiotic of me to say that organized cabals of Zionists (Jews and their legions of goy facilitators) are not among the high-end purveyors of maximized human misery, the problems, in case you haven’t noticed, are worse now than they ever have been. That means identifying a problem and blaming the Jews has, at the very least, been counterproductive.

(Hmmm. Century after century blaming Jews for the world’s problems, the solutions for which turn tremendous profits—and the problems keep getting worse and worse and the solutions more and more numerous and the profits greater and greater? "Oy, vay—I think we are onto something here. Let’s keep the great unwashed blaming Jews for all the problems instead of focusing on how to strengthen themselves because weak people make us richer and more powerful by the day!")

And who is the "us" in the quoted comment above? They are not all Jews, I can assure you. We are a marketplace. We, the many, do all the things that make them, the few, rich and powerful. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

But I do not want to go on living ashamed of myself or ashamed of my fellow man. I want us to be strong, noble, reverent and honorable; I want us to be worthy of our station as children of God and capable of speaking and acting as if we deserve to be treated with respect; I want the marketplace for evil to dry up and those who profit from our misery to be out of business, bankrupt and powerless.

So, I will continue to ascribe all credit and liability to individuals for what they say and do. I will spend the rest of my life attempting to strengthen my fellow man and go forward, in faith, that we, the "goyim," the "great unwashed," the "wretched hordes"—the common man—deserve something better and will someday ascend to a state of being where we, the "marketplace" determine that peace and love—not war and hate—prevail. (DWH)