From the July 2008 Idaho Observer:

The most brilliant move in the history of politics?

For over a year Ron Paul has been humbly and tirelessly uniting disparate factions of disgruntled Americans under the banner of freedom. Under the aegis of his bid for the Republican nomination, he has lead us into precinct politics where we now have the infrastructure for the restoration of the Republic in placeówith a two-year window in which to make it grow. I think it is appropriate at this time to honor Ron Paul as our ReFounding Father.

If you were to carefully and objectively review every development in the campaign since March, 2007, you would find that each move Ron Paul has made caused the campaign to advanceódespite our weaknesses, the comprehensive media blackout and the shunning he has received from his Capitol Hill contemporaries from both sides of the aisle.

Ron Paul has been planning this revolution for 35 years. He has managed to turn megalomaniacal establishment strengths into weaknesses and our soft, spoiled, "me-generation" American weaknesses into strengths.

Over a month has passed since Ron Paul "suspended" his campaign. We have had time to determine that his campaign suspension was another calculated, well-timed move to advance the Revolution while conserving resources; it was not a defeated politician throwing in the towel like all the establishment former nominee wannabees.

In an email that was widely circulated recently, Mike Golden made several points in support of a claim that Ron Paulís decision to suspend his campaign was one of the most brilliant moves in the history of politics:

Fund raising: He can now raise more moneyóeven previously maxed out donors can now donate more money (I believe itís $5,000 per year).

Money allotment: Now he can, at his discretion, donate to or campaign/place ads for anyone he believes can join him in Congress or the Senate. So letís say that his organization helps five people get elected this November to the Congress ; we just multiplied Ron Paulís voice by five times! Imagine what we can accomplish then!

Unique campaigning: He can still do rallies, speaking events, book signings, travel to state conventions and speak (Romney is, and so is Huckabee). This can still help us in the grassroots to assist him in adding more delegates to his growing numbers.

Expand his organization: He only had around 60,000 people in his email organization during his campaigning for president. Within about four days of starting the Campaign for Liberty, he already had close to 60,000 with a goal of 100,000 by September.

What if 150,000 or 200,000 people join his email list by September? At that point he would yield so much influence that people will treat him differently.

Power & Influence: Imagine 200,000 people or more in his new organization calling, emailing FAXing and writing a group of senators on a committee to pass some new legislation or 200,000 people chipping in $20 to elect a new senator or governor and raising $4 million in 24 hrsóNO SINGLE CONGRESSPERSON HAS THAT MUCH POWER IN CONGRESS RIGHT NOW!

He can still accept the nomination for the President while accomplishing all of the above. Now who is brilliant; who is not dropping out?

Answer: Ron Paul

Challenge: Name one politician in history who has made a more brilliant political move than Ron Paul did upon suspending his presidential campaign.

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