From the June 2008 Idaho Observer:

AZ State Senator Karen Johnson stands for 9/11 truth

PHOENIX—On June 10, 2008, Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson stood up in the Senate, with a group of 9/11 truth supporters present in the gallery, to give the most impassioned and comprehensive plea for a real 9/11 investigation. She went down the laundry list of shortcomings of the president’s 9/11 Commission Report and evidence indicating that the most deadly attack ever on U.S. soil has not been properly investigated. Senator Johnson provided each member of the Arizona State Senate with copies of the documentary "Improbable Collapse" and urged them to watch it . "The events of that day were a heinous crime against our nation and our citizens and the sense of justice in each one of us demands to know what really happened and how the perpetrators will be caught and punished." Copies of Sen. Johnson’s 10-minute floor speech are available through 9/11 the DVD Project ( Every legislator in the nation should see this courageous woman’s speech.