From the June 2008 Idaho Observer:

Defending Constitution, Bill of Rights = political terrorism in New America

Last May, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI secretly recorded a talk given to a group of Boy Scouts by a Bible college student and interim pastor of a small church in Mount Vernon, Texas. The feds later accused "Jeff" of "committing an act of terror and espionage" because he encouraged the young men to educate themselves about the U.S. Constitution.

The story was reported by Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet May 12, 2008, after Jeff appeared on Alex Jones’ shortwave radio show. Jeff, was asked to give a tour of the college campus and talk about liberty and patriotism to the visiting Boy Scouts. Jeff said he told the boys, "It’s going to be you who is going to take this country and either make or break it - you need to get back to your constitution, you need to get to know your Bill of Rights and you need to stand up for them."

Jeff also explained that our constitutional freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights are being lost to us and described the effect of the USA Patriot Act on American civil liberties. "I said they’re stripping us of what we know to be America, what you need to do is re-orient yourself to the constitution because that is the very founding basis of our government and it is the supreme law of the land."

The day after his meeting with the Boy Scouts, he was called into the college’s main administrative office where he was met by college officials and two unidentified men in black. The federal agents showed Jeff a transcript of everything he said and the scouts’ responses. According to Jeff, the men in black, later identified as a DHS agent and an FBI agent, stated, "If you say anything, do anything, continue to talk about these kinds of things, we can have your head on a silver platter and the University’s head on a silver platter and all the programs they’ve got going on."

We have come fill circle. Americans who talk openly about defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are seen by the U.S. government as political terrorists under the USA Patriot Act.