From the June 2008 Idaho Observer:

Editorís Rectangle

This month we can clearly see the tide is turning. It may be hard for many to see this turning tide in an optimistic light because establishment reactivity to our principled efforts is becoming so extremeóbut that is our first clue. Many years ago, one of my mentors said, "Don, when you get a man into a reactionary position, youíve won."

Think about it: We know that the global power-elite requires a sickly, amoral, stupid, fearful and malleable "great unwashed" willing to work, consume, fight and die mindlessly because it is the harvest of our idiot energy that affords them their parasitic existence. We know, therefore, that all their energies must be expended to keep us working, consuming, fighting and dying as slaves because their entire paradigm depends upon the bountiful harvest of our productivity.

But, suddenly, we are abandoning poison medicine and poison food and rediscovering naturopathy and wholesome food to regain our health. They react by outlawing the use of healing plants and spraying toxic chemicals on fresh produce. We are going away from hospital births. They react by moving to outlaw homebirth and criminalize midwifery. We are so disgusted with public education that huge numbers of parents are homeschooling their children. They react by making it difficult for homeschooled children to become employed or go to college. The field of public office candidates the system offers is so polluted with lawyers and self-serving ladder climbers that we have started choosing our own candidates. They react by breaking their own laws to exclude good people from the process.

And those are just a few examples of our "acting" and their "reacting" to us.

As the system collapses, we get stronger. As we strengthen, the actions of the power-eliteís establishment functionaries become more overt and less able to contain our rising indignance. How much longer will petty bureaucrats and power elitists be able to maintain the facade of benevolence while reacting to us with oppressive tactics of increasing militanceóand desperation?

The wheels are coming off this corrupt system. I do not need to itemize all the different ways this phony, corrupt system is falling apart. As we interpret the world today with the benefit of understanding real history, we can see it repeating everywhere we look.

A crash is inevitable. The only question is when. Historically, after every socio-political cataclysm, people survive to rebuild their communities anew from the ashes of whatever conditions had previously existed. The period of time between now and the crash is our window of opportunity to expand the numbers of people who understand history and are, therefore, better prepared to remake community as a reflection of their better selves.

It is my suggestion that we concentrate our energies in the following areas:

1. Stick to the principles of freedom and model our beliefs in words as well as actions as best we can under the present circumstances.

2. Get involved in politics at the local level, attend county meetings and, whenever opportunity knocks, preach the gospel of freedom and the Constitution.

3. Bring our neighbors back to 9/11 truth by simply showing them the governmentís own evidence proving that something besides jet fuel brought down the Twin Towers; our peopleís confusion on this issue is the single greatest cause of our being divided as a nation at this critical time.

We are winning. "They" are in the reactionary position and they are reacting to us. People are listening and the future will be a reflection of what we are able to accomplish in the hearts and minds of our neighbors during the window of opportunity open to us between now and the coming crash . ~DWH