From the June 2008 Idaho Observer:

Initiate change in your county’s poison policies

The dominant paradigm of industry-influenced government today is to poison our world as the only means to kill bacteria allegedly responsible for air, food, water and soil-borne diseases and the spread of what it lists as "invasive (primarily insect) species" and "noxious weeds." This paradigm is destroying us as these poisons accumulate in the places they are being applied—year after year—and the places they deposit themselves "downstream." Soils are becoming sterile; lakes, rivers and aquifers are becoming contaminated and the tissues of plants and animals are becoming increasingly burdened with toxic concentrations of these synthetic poisons.

To change the paradigm requires a twofold approach: A public awareness campaign and direct, high-volume interaction with the public officials administrating the systematic poisoning of our communities. Advanced Scientific Health Founder Vickie Barker of Pend Oreille county has hit on the ideal program to begin the process of educating the public en route to shaming public officials by producing and posting the flyer at right.

Almost everyone these days is suffering the symptoms of chemical exposure. The chemical companies themselves admit that exposure A can cause symptoms B-Z.

By posting these flyers, people living near lakes, rivers, roadsides, parks, schools, playgrounds, vacant lots, fields and other places being sprayed with chemicals will suddenly become self interested. Armed with the knowledge that the chemical companies themselves have generated the list of symptoms linked to chemical exposure and provided with direct contact information for local public officials responsible for the exposure, we can count on the administrators being flooded with calls. These people are obligated to field our calls, answer our questions and address our justifiable concerns.

This tactic, overwhelming local public officials with our opinions on their poisonous policies, is perfectly in keeping with the main lesson the Ron Paul Revolution has taught us: That the political process in this country is poisoned at the source—that is you, me and our neighbors. Poisoned air, land and water; corrupt politicians and all that comes from them are symptoms of an illness that first appeared in the mirror decades ago.

To begin the process of reversing poison policies in your community, simply recreate the flyer above to reflect your county with the correct names and contact info for your local poison policy administrators.

[Your] County Residents

Learn to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms

of Chemical (Poison) Exposure

(Are you, or have you been a victim?)

DEATH • Headaches • Diarrhea • Memory Loss • Nose Irritation • Nausea

Fever • Vomiting • Moodiness • Throat Irritation • Coma • Asthma

ConvulsionsBlurred Vision • Chronic FatigueCramps • Allergies

DizzinessSkin Irritation • Eye IrritationRapid Heartbeat

Soreness of JointsTightness in Chest • Changes in Heart Rate

Flu-Like SymptomsRespiratory Paralysis • Reproductive Failures

Genetic DamageLoss of Coordination • Muscle Twitches

Various Cancers • HyperactivityElevated Blood Pressure

Central Nervous System DisordersMultiple Chemical Sensitivities

Immune Deficiency Disorders

Behavioral Abnormalities • Change in Liver function

Most physicians do not recognize these symptoms as being chemical related!

Source: : National Cancer Institute,

National Academy of Science, Office of Technology Assessment, EPA, OSHA

For Information on the names of the chemicals, dates of application,

gallons/pounds used on or near your residence, your drinking/irrigation

water supply and your local food supply


Noxious Weed Control Coordinator and Director_____________

Phone: (666) 666-6666 • Fax: (666) 666-6666


This flyer sponsored and distributed by concerned citizens not government agencies