From the May 2008 Idaho Observer:

Of Psychopaths and Sycophants

By Hari Heath

The article Twilight of the Psychopaths, by Dr. Kevin Barrett, published in the March, 2008 edition of The Idaho Observer, rather succinctly and astutely reveals that civilization, as we know it, has largely been created by psychopaths. His thesis is that all civilizations are based on slavery and "warfare," which he terms a euphemism for mass murder. He proposes that the psychopath’s recipe for civilization has three steps, which form the repetitive pattern of history:

1) use lies and brainwashing to create an army of controlled, systematic mass murderers;

2) use that army to enslave large numbers of people by seizing control of their labor and its fruits;

3) use that slave labor power to improve the brainwashing process (by using the economic surplus to employ scribes, priests and PR men). Then go back and repeat the process."

Dr. Barrett’s essential premises have considerable merit if we observe both the past and the present. Throughout time, the warring elite (psychopaths) have used the mass murderous mayhem of warfare to build their empires (civilizations) on the blood of the participants (conquered and conquering alike), while the remainders are reduced to one form of slavery or another. Direct slavery includes captives from conquered civilizations and less direct forms of slavery include the "victors" who are still compelled to serve in the military under the psychopath’s hierarchy. Another popular and pervasive form of slavery is taxes and tribute.

History is replete with such examples, but today the average American spends five to seven months of every year to pay the various taxes imposed by federal, state and local psychopathocracies. Slavery? To the scribes, priests and PR men of Barrett’s third step can be added our present day politicians, bureaucrats and controlled media minions. Additionally, the U.S. Empire presently has troops stationed in at least 130 other countries, two active war fronts, an executively declared "War on Terror" without end and an unknown number of ongoing, clandestine skirmishes being waged throughout the world. Can we argue against Dr. Barrett’s thesis?

The nature of psychopathy

Who are these people? Barrett points out that only about five per cent of males in the military can kill without remorse—true psychopaths. Another 10 or 15 percent can be temporarily induced into functional psychopathy. The remaining eighty or eighty-five per cent of military men could not be separated from their moral conscience and their regard for their fellow humans life, even when in the line of fire.

What is a psychopath? The essential quality is that psychopaths can lie, steal, cause great harm or kill without remorse. Psychopaths have no conscience or moral compass. They can lie their way through and pass lie detector tests because they don’t emit the telltale physiological stress measured by a lie detector.

By definition. The World Health Organization’s Manual of Mental Disorders, Personality Diagnostic Checklist provides the following criteria for the diagnosis of a psychopath:

Callous unconcern for the feelings of others;

Incapacity for maintaining enduring relationships;

Reckless disregard for the safety of others;

Deceitfulness: repeated lying and conning others for profit;

Incapacity to experience guilt;

Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behavior.

Psychopathic venues

There can be many forms and levels of psychopathy. Psychopaths are not limited to seemingly nice gentlemen who invite you over for dinner, then cut you into pieces and serve your fresh innards on a plate. In addition to such natural born killers there are natural born liars. While the military is a natural home for the psychopathic killer variety, politicians and bureaucrats, the deceitful and conniving version of psychopathy, have created ample room for themselves in the halls of government. Psychopaths love power—power that can be captured or drained from others.

Our Psychopathocracy

Think about it. Is there any part of government that is what the Constitution says it is supposed to be? Has not every feature of the Constitution and the lawful constructs authorized therein been violated by those who took a solemn oath to follow its mandates? Do politicians and bureaucrats show reckless disregard and callous unconcern for the citizens? Is deceitfulness, repeated lying and conning others for profit a way of life for the psychopaths in public office and the administrative realms?

If you are still not convinced that you live in a psychopathocracy, imagine this: Remember the last State of the Union address you watched. See it for what it was—one of the largest collections of psychopaths ever organized under one roof. Every one of them (except Ron Paul) is regularly engaged in the backstabbing political arena of bribes, usurpation of powers, slimy deals, Constitution shredding laws, pork-barrel appropriations for cronies and contributors and the sanctioning of murder and mayhem around the world.

Then comes the president. With a well-practiced, straight face, he tells lie after lie as if he actually believed what he was saying were true; his cadence interrupted only by the applause from the gallery of psychopaths when he tells a really big one. They all know that none of the president’s promises will come true—that it’s all political subterfuge—but they give repeated standing ovations for his convoluted proclamations: Rah, rah, rah; blah, blah, blah.

And what is the purpose of this prevaricated diatribe ritual we endure every year? I refer you to Dr. Barrett’s three steps mentioned at the beginning of this article, simplified here for the above example: brainwashing to create an army of controlled, systematic mass murderers and enslave large numbers of people by seizing control of their labor and its fruits, the bounty of which is used to improve the brainwashing process.

Applied psychopathic science

Not all psychopaths are born to it. Some are made. No doubt George Bush Sr. had a hand in manufacturing the present president’s state of mind. As a former CIA Director and long-term black operative, Bush Sr. would have access to the many CIA programs developed to breakdown a normal human being and install the psychopathic selector switch. The psychopathic elite raise their children to carry on the program of mass murder and enslavement.

The "on-demand" psychopath has been engineered for many purposes. Trauma-based-conditioning, psychoactive drugs and all manner of cognitive interrupters are the tools of the psychopaths employed by clandestine agencies to manufacture Manchurian candidates and fractured, compartmentalized operatives. MK-UKTRA is but one of the better-known programs that 60 years of black-budgets have produced. Less intense programs, like Operation Mockingbird, include control of the press, especially television—to brainwash the multitudes of sycophants. And then there is just plain war.

Can you imagine the conditioning that naturally results when young men and women are sent to war in Iraq? They are taught and get to experience, that everyone is their enemy, including women and children—whom they must kill to protect themselves. After killing over a million Iraqi civilians, they have become the enemy. And for what discernable purpose? The reasons claimed by the psychopaths who sent them there—like box-cutter wielding Saudi hijackers and WMDs—are well known to be false.

Explain the logic of all that to someone who is not a psychopath—someone who is still troubled by a conscience. How long will it take for the average man to breakdown and become a psychopath under those conditions? What is the real reason for stop loss orders and extended, multiple tours of duty? To "create an army of controlled, systematic mass murderers," and bring them home to fulfill the psychopath’s domestic agenda?

A new conspiracy theory

Dr. Barrett proposes an alternative conspiracy theory: The only conspiracy that matters is the conspiracy of the psychopaths against the rest of us.

He concludes his article with: "Truly we are witnessing the twilight of the psychopaths. Whether in their death throes they succeed in pulling down the curtain of eternal night on all of us, or whether we resist them and survive to see the dawn of a civilization worthy of the name, is the great decision in which all of us, however humbly, are now participating."


What are "we" up against? True and manufactured psychopaths are relatively few in number. They are our enemy in this contest, but there is another challenge to overcome—with greater numbers—the sycophants among us.

The sycophant

[SIK uh funt] Yes, I had to look this word up:

A servile flatterer; to flatter or attend to with servility from interested motives; to play the servile dependant; to pay deference from interested motives; servile dependant or parasite; one who flatters or kisses up to others to gain their favor; yes-men; boot-licker; fawner; groveler; toady; flunky; parasite; and a few more definitions not suitable for general publication.

Linguistically, sycophant originates from "fig teller," an informer who informed against the illegal exportation of figs from ancient Greece.

Psychopaths and sycophants are made for each other. Their symbiosis works as long as psychopaths remain clever enough to conceal their real game plans with the false promises sycophants yearn for.

Sycophantic programming

Sycophants revel in their programming. The brainwashing the psychopathic entities have administered to American sycophants since a very young age, has them proudly waving the flag of their nation as "the greatest country on Earth," while vociferously avoiding real world facts: Theirs is a nation built on corruption at all levels.

• Mass-murder is our international policy.

• Enforcement of psychopathic edicts by gun and incarceration are standard procedures at home.

• Endless taxation and regulation are the benevolent side of the U.S. psychopathocracy.

The sycophants kiss up to the images the psychopaths have planted in their minds. With servile devotion, sycophants reach for the handouts from their masters, oblivious to the source of the presumed benefits.

As an example, the sycophants have dutifully filed tax returns to receive their economic stimulus tax rebate. Unbeknownst to them, this is just one of the techniques FED Chairman Bernanke will use to dump created-from-nothing cash from his "helicopter." The end result is that the new cash waters down the value of the already existing "dollars" in circulation and causes a devaluing inflation. The FED will then recover this cash drop with the hidden inflation tax: A closed circuit loop designed by psychopaths for psychopaths to extract servile deference from sycophants who are ignorant of the real nature of a fiat economy.

The modern formula for sycophant management is simple: Build roads, manufacture employment, extend credit, provide shopping opportunities, blast them with entertainment, maintain a welfare net, create the semblance of a justice system, pretend to have an election from time to time, provide grants for science, industry, arts "and other purposes" and the sycophants will grovel before the all-powerful psychopathocracy. If all this abundant benevolence fails to entrance and entrain the sycophants to the will of the psychopaths then fear, terror, wars and rumors of wars are the fallback policies of the ages.

You might be a sycophant if…

Most of us have some sycophantic tendencies. There are many stratums of sycophantic involvement.

After years of kissing up to the psychopaths at the top, a high level bureaucratic sycophant could be a borderline psychopath.

The middle and lower level administrators for the most part, are just players in the psychopath’s scheme. Those with good kiss up skills or emerging psychopathic tendencies will be the ones most likely to rise up the bureaucratic ladder of success.

For the rest of us, we simply apply for the benefits or comply with the mandates and play along. It’s only a matter of degrees based upon how we engage the psychopath’s system.

Subscription into sycophantia

Call it what you will, we have no constitutionally-formed government. The appearance of such a form is maintained by the presence of a Congress, president, supreme court, etc., to keep the sycophants believing. But, in reality, we have a bureaucratic, administrative governance, in which corporate interests are intrinsically intertwined:Fascism—the form of government preferred by psychopaths.

Voting for lawful representatives and dutiful executives is not how "we the people" manage "our" government. We "authorize" the existence of administrative fascism by our continuing subscription. Our sycophantic allegiance to the psychopath’s governance begins with our signature on every governmental form or application and with every document we sign with the credit entities (banks and credit extenders).

Whenever we apply for the privilege of personal and professional licenses, permits, registrations, benefits, etc., or simply return reporting forms like the 1040, we "authorize" with our signatures the operation of the psychopathocracy.

The psychopaths have created no shortage of opportunities for you to "authorize" their administrative fascism and join with the sycophantic minions in their bureaucracies.

Extricate and educate

The way to extricate yourself from the psychopathocracy is to unsubscribe so you are no longer a sycophant.

• Don’t fill out forms or sign them.

• Close or minimize your relationship with banking institutions (see page 2) to join the This June 5th revolution

• Extract your wealth from banker’s "accounts" and convert it to something of actual value.

• Wage war against the brainwashing of the psychopaths by throwing a brick through the TV, or at least disconnecting the cable or antenna that brings in the psychopath’s program.

• Reclaim your mind by reprocessing the belief structures installed by the psychopath’s administrators.

• Begin or continue the adventure investigating reality and reprogramming yourself according to your discoveries. It is an amazing world we live in.

This is a war for our future. A war to end all wars—the perpetual wars of the psychopaths—this time for good. As Dr. Barrett says, "the only conspiracy that matters, is the conspiracy of the psychopaths against the rest of us." Until sufficient numbers of people realize this, we will continue to remain a nation of psychopaths and sycophants.