From the April 2008 Idaho Observer:

Ron Paul sweeps Spokane county

"Underdog" primed to take state at May 27 convention

SPOKANE, Wash.Ron Paul took 129 of 133 delegates at the Spokane County Republican Convention here April 12, 2008.

According to Spokane County Republican delegates and Ron Paul supporters, Ron Paul is assured 27 of 40 delegates for Washington state that will be voting at the National Convention in Minneapolis this coming September.

Since Ron Paul swept the Spokane County Convention, he will get 19 delegates. But, because the primary election was a dead heat between Ron Paul and alleged Republican "frontrunner" John McCain, Ron Paul will get half of those delegates (18 total, of which half is 9 for Ron Paul). "Therefore, even with the automatic delegates [three party insiders expected to vote for McCain], Ron Paul can do no worse than 27 delegates to the National Convention. But he could get a couple or all of the automatic delegates and could end up with 30 of the 40, Chris explained.

The national corporate media and the Republican National Committee (RNC) claim that McCain has the nomination locked up. However, Ron Paul has been popularly supported in North Carolina, Missouri, Alaska and swept every district in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

It also appears that, as time goes by, delegate support for Ron Paul is increasing and neither the media nor the RNC is able to stop the Ron Paul Revolution from spreading.