From the April 2008 Idaho Observer:

UN official wants neocons investigated for role in 9/11

The New York Sun’s Eli Lake reported April 10, 2008, that "A new U.N. Human Rights Council official assigned to monitor Israel is calling for an official commission to study the role neoconservatives may have played in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks."

According to The Sun, on March 26, 2008, Princeton international law professor emeritus Richard Falk was unanimously approved to direct a newly-created office that will report to the UN on human rights issues specific to the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. "While Mr. Falk’s specialty is human rights and international law, since the attacks in 2001, he has devoted some of his time to challenging what he calls the ‘9-11 official version,’" The Sun reported.

On March 24, two days before his UN appointment was announced, Falk was interviewed by outspoken 9/11 truth advocate, former University of Wisconsin professor and talk radio host Dr. Kevin Barrett. During the interview, Falk admitted, "It is possibly true that especially the neoconservatives thought there was a situation in the country and in the world where something had to happen to wake up the American people. Whether they are innocent about the contention that they made that something happen or not, I don’t think we can answer definitively at this point. All we can say is there is a lot of grounds for suspicion, there should be an official investigation of the sort the 9/11 Commission did not engage in and that the failure to do these things is cheating the American people and, in some sense the people of the world, of a greater confidence in what really happened than they presently possess."

In an interview with The Sun April 9, Falk said of Barrett, who also founded the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, "I would put him on a list of scholars who are sympathetic to the 9/11 truth movement…Unlike most public intellectuals today, he is both honest and very, very knowledgeable in that he understands the probable reality of 9/11. He understands that the evidence that it was a false flag operation is very strong."

The Sun explained that "false flag operation" is a recurring theme in 9/11 truth circles which means that "the Bush administration is somehow responsible for the September 11 attacks as a pretext for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Falk’s views on 9/11 have been a matter of public record since respected Protestant Theologian David Ray Griffin published "The New Pearl Harbor" in 2004. The book is based on the premise that a group of D.C. insiders called the neoconservatives, or neocons, had been planning to stage a catalyzing event to justify launching a war in the Middle East, just like the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was used to justify U.S. involvement in WWII. Falk wrote an extremely powerful forward for Griffin in The New Pearl Harbor.

Falk commended Griffin for conducting "…a painstakingly scrupulous look at the evidence, with an accounting of the numerous discrepancies between the official account provided by the U.S. government and the best information available." Falk urges readers to consider the material because, he asks, should we not question the official account of 9/11 since "it is the rationale for some of the most dangerous undertakings in the whole history of the world?"

Falk’s appointment to the sensitive UN position reporting humanitarian issues relating to the Israeli government’s "Palestinian question" could be indicative of a calculated political move on the part of the UN, which is under increasing pressure from the international community to do something about U.S. belligerence. His appointment is already causing certain people to cringe.

Former U.S. amabassador to the UN John Bolton said, "This is exactly why we voted against the new human rights council."

According to The Sun, "Mr. Falk’s selection to the post as rapporteur has already prompted the government of Israel formally to request that Mr. Falk not be sent to their country. The Israeli press has reported that he may even be barred from entering the country."

Aside from Falk being aware of evidence linking pro-Israel neocons and elements within Israeli intelligence to 9/11, Israel is also concerned that the professed 9/11 truther is "soft on Palestinians." Falk has publicly compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Nazi’s treatment of Jews in WWII. As recently as April 8, 2008, Falk reportedly stood by the Israel/Nazi comparison in a BBC interview.

"We are asking the U.N. not to send him," said Deputy Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations in New York Daniel Carmon. "We cannot agree to Mr. Falk’s entrance into Israel in his capacity as the rapporteur."

Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai Brith, issued a statement April 9 stating, "This was clearly a singularly inappropriate choice for this position. Falk’s startling record of anti-Israel prejudice should have been enough to preclude him from a position where an unbiased observer is needed to report on the status of human rights in the territories."

Falk’s appointment is lauded by those who believe a real investigation into 9/11 will reveal that it was, indeed, a false flag operation planned and executed by elements within the CIA and the Mossad, with the full complicity of pro-Israel neocons in the U.S. government. Falk’s appointment is also considered a blessing among those who desire that someday, the Israeli government will allow the Israeli people and the Palestinian people to live in peaceful coexistence.