From the April 2008 Idaho Observer:

Collapse into Chaos Or???

By Hari Heath

Where is this world of ours headed? Are we about to collapse into chaos? Can the prognosticators and doomsayers be right? Have the psychopathic few at the top, who dare to mold our future, exceeded their abilities? Can their "order" reign supreme from their newfound potentials for chaos creation? What looms ahead?

We have unmanageable trade and budget deficits and a debt that is impossible to repay—by design. The economy is in recession. Avoiding the term doesn’t alter the facts. Home sales have plunged and foreclosures are up. Factory orders are falling, with inventories slipping—except for outsourced manufacturing returning on container ships.

The public infrastructure of our roads and bridges are being sold to foreigners in feigned bailouts for profiteering by our public servants and elite law firms. The southern border is held open for contraband shipments and hordes of workers to compete in the American workplace.

Continuous reports of terror perpetually remanufacture fear, as the wars show no end—of profit for the perpetrators. Halliburton is enriched abroad, providing the infrastructure to pursue the mythical "enemy combatant," wherever they might be found or made. Since at least Vietnam, wars are not fought to win—they are waged for profit, hegemonic regional dominance and occupation.

U.S. foreign policy has made much of the world unsafe for Americans to travel in. Our insecurity abroad is directly related to the proactive and often covert activities initiated in the name of "National Security." "Extraordinary rendition," the contracting of torture to foreign jurisdictions, allows clandestine U.S. operatives to function outside our laws.

The PATRIOT Acts, the Homeland Security Agency, the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act and the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act lay the foundations for such "renditions" at home—in a Halliburton camp— already constructed near you.

The union of corporate and state interests (fascism) has two sides. The halls of government are filled with corporate minions fulfilling corporate agendas and emerging evidence from CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) researchers indicate that 60 to 80 per cent of the stock market funds are government investments.

To placate the masses and bring them into mind alignment, the "mockingbirds" have been singing their song since 1948, when the CIA established Operation Mockingbird. This program of top down management of the press for societal control has continued under various names, adapting and advancing with technology as it develops.

Stalinistic electronic vote counting systems such as the CIA managed Diebold Company ensure the appearance of elections without the bothersome process of an actual tally.

The lawless agents of the IRS refuse to show a law requiring a wage earner to pay federal income tax, but it’s "tax" time again. Many of the obedient, uneducated (or miseducated) U.S. citizens have filed their IRS returns so they can become "interestpayers" and pay down the interest on the government’s debt, thereby allowing more congressional appropriations and borrowing. According to President Reagan’s Grace Commission, none of the monies collected from federal "income tax" actually fund government.

Number one in advertising, congressional campaign contributions and immunity from liability laws, the pharmaceutical cartel and their allopathic practitioners are also the number one cause of death in America.

Science has brought us genetic engineering, Bovine Growth Hormone, irradiation, pasteurization, fluoride sprayed vegetables, nitrates and nitrites, super-soldier virus treatments and chemicals appearing on the labels as "natural flavors." Industrial agriculture promotes steady nutrient depletion of the soil, petro-chemical farming and the use of sewage sludge and toxic waste as fertilizers.

USDA-inspected and FDA-approved foodstuffs are the subject of recalls, sending megatons to the landfills every year. Terminator seed and "patented" plants are designed to make farmers dependent on a corporate seed supply.

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) plans to identify and track every farm animal with a chip, give every farmer a premise ID number and maintain a database to track it all.

Their plan is for you to join the farm animals of the nation, as your driver’s license becomes the defacto national ID tracking system complete with radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs).

Government sponsored genocide projects are ongoing. Chemical, biological, radiological and electronic warfare has been tested on unsuspecting populations since at least the 1950s. Chemtrails have been documented for almost two decades. DARPA continues to develop "non-lethal" weapons technologies, including radio frequency radiation (RF), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), ELF fields, lasers and chemicals for both military and law enforcement uses.

What else don’t we know? In 2001 8.6 million records were classified and 100 million were declassified. In 2004 the U.S. government spent $7.2 billion to classify 15.6 million documents. Only 28.4 million documents were declassified in 2004, but 204 million documents were declassified in 1997. Can Americans keep up?

And what is the purpose of public education, mainstream media and other mind control projects? Breakdown of the individual. Breakdown of the family. Fracturing of culture and the moral foundations of society. Suppression of our inherent sovereignty at the individual, local, state and national level. Inversion of the master/servant relationship with the illusory programming that keeps us deluded and faithful.

We have been systematically broken down and isolated. The few who selflessly contribute to the betterment of the whole are constantly rewarded for their efforts by seeing their fruit vanish into an ocean of people programmed to be on the take.

The live-well-by-endless-credit system of wealth has bought off Americans with abundant goods, services and self indulgences. Through the mechanism of fake-believe fiat financing, the Federal Reserve Note comes between everything. Everything we eat, use, do or wear has a UPC code and a FED currency value attached to it.

Foreign bankers have owned our national economy for almost a century and the World Bank and the IMF are hard at work on the rest of the world. Nearly every nation on the globe has succumbed to a totally fiat financial structure.

This ocean of fictitious wealth has spawned the derivative markets. Credit derivatives, interest rate derivatives, equity derivatives and derivatives of derivatives reportably amount to a collective wealth of $1,500 trillion, ushering in the next economic term, the "quadrillion."

This fiat wealth creation system is the key that turns the ignition and operates all the systems on their global "order" vehicle. Their vehicle, like the modern car, is an increasingly complex system of interrelated components. Computer-controlled with synchronized, multisensor-managed power everything, component failure can quickly become system failure.

Can the global elitists succeed in their plan for world hegemony? What will the Empire do if its method of payment no longer holds any useful value? How will they manage their Empire without well-paid enforcers? Is order out of chaos something they can achieve?

Their fiat economy is failing, as all fiat economies throughout history have done. Some prognosticators say it is by design. They are intentionally collapsing the U.S. economy to usher in its replacement and operate their next fiat scheme—the Amero.

Others claim that it is out of their control; the FED is irrelevant and incapable of fixing the problems it created. As Congressman Paul stated, "Creation of credit out of thin air by the Fed was the original problem, so it surely can’t be the solution."

Is it hype and hyperbole? Will the doomsayer’s predictions of financial and other collapse come to fruition? Don McAlvany, Steve Quayle, Gary North, Tex Marrs and others have been predicting financial Armageddon for years. Interestingly, many of their older reports have not held true, to the scale and timeline of their predictions.

If you sift through their archival material you will find tales of imminent catastrophe, all based on observable, plausible causes. Their facts at the time were in order, or at least believable, but we are still working, shopping, making payments and have almost as much chance at the American Dream of abundance and prosperity now as we did then.

Similarly, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, published in 1962, promoted a thesis that the use of DDT and other pesticides could destroy the symbiotic balance of nature, prevent birds from reproducing and result in a springtime without winged wildlife.

Eventually DDT was banned and, in part, her book helped raise environmental awareness and stewardship. But Carson’s clarion call exceeded the reality of the present outcome. Forty-five years later, the snow is melting in Idaho, the robins are back, the geese are fighting over nesting territory, the eagles and hawks survived the winter and the redwing blackbirds will soon be returning.

Will the pending economic and political horrors of our time also fail to happen? Will there be incremental inflation and a process of adjusting values? Yes. Economic collapse, probably not. Nobody really wants it, not even the malignant self-appointed overlords of our time. They will lose control of the process and they know it. They are not as stupid, as they are evil.

With the technology available to them now, and its destructive potential, they will rapidly exceed their ability to manage chaos. In times past their techniques included conventional military conquest and destruction, political manipulation and even on occasion, burning a country to the ground.

Nature would eventually come back in one form or another. The surviving people could rebuild. Life would go on.

But now the elite are well beyond themselves, playing with the very codes of life. If they continue with their agenda, they will forever alter life on the planet, including theirs. They cannot create their order from that chaos.

We humans have a resilient nature and spirit. Consciously or subconsciously we create the world around us. A very few bad men will have to coerce, corrupt or hire others to do their dirty work. We are greater than that and their evil empire’s opportunities are fading fast.