From the April 2008 Idaho Observer:

Historically and lawfully astute people have proved beyond reasonable doubt that we are born into Creation as flesh and blood and then the corporate state, a fiction itself, creates a paper entity for us—a fiction—for the purpose of administrating our lives and harvesting our energies. We, in legal contemplation, are transformed on paper into child corporations created by the parent corporation of state. It is through this interacting of child and parent fictions that flesh and blood Creations are taxed, regulated, fined and imprisoned. The same commercial construct justifies exploiting and poisoning the planet.

The historically and lawfully astute also argue convincingly that our flesh and blood bodies will continue to suffer as we pay whatever price administrators of the state fiction exact upon us until we break the state’s "presumption" that we are, indeed, fictions under their administrative authority. If we "voluntarily" use their paper money and maintain bank accounts, keep postal addresses to send and receive mail, have Social Security numbers and/or accept government benefits, retain any form of state license or claim ownership of property, the state "presumes" our status as fictions and administrates us at its fictional pleasure. By logical extension, if we break these presumptions, our flesh and blood status prevails and the state can no longer tax, regulate, fine or imprison us. While this sounds right and just, there is one presumption that the state holds against us like a trump card: Most of us would die of exposure if we were stripped of our material possessions and exiled, naked, into Creation.

If Adam and Eve are the ultimate examples of people living in Creation and cartoon characters are the ultimate example of people living in fiction, then the two can be depicted at opposite ends of a line diagram. The challenge is to identify our spot on the line between Creation and fiction based upon where the sum of our physical lives and private thoughts would place us. Have fun with the idea and picture where others would appear on the line. For sure, fiction administrators—government employees—would be butting right up against Elmer Fudd in this diagram. Where does that place those of us who are dependent upon the fiction or regulated by its administrators?

By Don Harkins

For decades now, a loose (to the point of being largely unconnected) association of extremely dedicated men and women have committed themselves, body and soul, to solving the riddle of personal sovereignty in America. At tremendous sacrifice to themselves in terms of material wealth, professional and familial relationships, physical freedom and health, these people have decoded the complex web of statutory constructs that have enslaved our people. I have the utmost respect for these noble Americans, many of whom I am honored to have as friends. We owe our sovereigns and sovereigns-in-training a debt of gratitude for what their sacrifices have contributed to our understanding of who we are in the eyes of the fiction/government/state (hereinafter "THE FICTION")—and who we are in the eyes of our Creator.

Based upon this vast body of knowledge and experience, there is no doubt that our flesh and blood bodies, miracles of Creation, are enslaved to THE FICTION man imagined into existence, ostensibly to serve him.

The extent to which we have allowed THE FICTION to rule—rather than serve—us is evidenced everywhere throughout history to present. Though the methods of enslaving the people may differ from time to time and place to place, the true function of THE FICTION remains constant: To harness Creation and further the political, economic and security interests of its administrators.

This, in essence, defines the struggle between people and THE FICTION. From the moment communities began organizing into political units, the people just wanted THE FICTION’s authority to protect them, provide fair markets in which to engage in commerce, afford them decent lives and provide safe places to raise their children. Administrators of THE FICTION, however, are endlessly scheming on how the state’s fictional authority can be amended to more efficiently harvest the productivity of people and exploit natural resources.

Creation or fiction?

Creation can be defined as that which God created and fiction is everything else. In other words, everything that is not Creation is fiction. The concept gets interesting when we realize that the terms are mutually exclusive and gray areas only appear gray—they are actually the colors of Creation muddied with fiction.

Society passes laws for people to abide. There are millions of them now and more every day. Are they Creation or fiction?

What about "God’s Law" as it comes through various versions of the Bible, the Koran and other influential theological works—Creation or fiction?

Courts, lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants, clerks, law libraries, law professors, law schools and people in prison, pain, misery—Creation or fiction?

More laws passed by legislatures and new court rulings—Creation or fiction?

The happiness one feels when an income tax refund comes in the mail or the horror one experiences when notified of a pending IRS audit—Creation or fiction?

TV, movies, books, religion, philosophy, science, news, hybrid fruit trees and chemically-treated grass—Creation or fiction?

Awards, medals, fines and penalties—Creation or fiction?

Our attraction to or rejection of one another as friends, spouses or family members—Creation or fiction?

Expensive, beautiful, well-furnished and fully-modernized homes in gated communities and humble little long-abandoned 100-year-old shacks deep in the woods—Creation or fiction?

Stop and ponder these questions for a moment. As we live our daily lives, what do we know for certain and what do we believe based on what we’ve been told? How much of our lives are spent purely in Creation and how much of what we experience as "real" is our flesh and blood bodies responding to the fictions of our modern, technocratic, bureaucratic world? How much of Creation has been technologically manipulated to (allegedly) better serve man or altered as a consequence of human activity?

Ransomed in Toontown

At first, determining for certain which aspects of our world are Creation and which are fiction can be difficult because we can’t believe that almost everything we hold dear and true is being listed in the fiction column of our imaginary Creation/fiction balance sheet.

Our real-life circumstances are not unlike the depiction of the human and cartoon characters in the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" We have allowed the miracles of Creation to be kidnapped and they are—we are—being held for ransom in "Toontown."

The elaborate, comprehensive and ever-evolving nature of THE FICTION over the centuries proves that those of the lawyering and legislating ilk have been relentless in their quest to convert the miracles of Creation into units of energy that can be controlled, regulated, harnessed and exploited for political reasons and personal gain with clever ink-and-paper schemes.

Playing God

While transforming us into paper fictions that can be exploited at the whim of their perverse pleasure, THE FICTION’s administrators have also devised ways to systematically sever our connection to Creation. This ultimate sin against God and His Creation is being accomplished by filling our bodies with toxic chemicals, heavy metals and the DNA from animals used in vaccines and pharmaceutical products.

Not content to confine waging war on our personal lives through the paper fictions they have created for us and the poisons they are putting into our bodies, fiction administrators are also:

1. Filling the skies with toxic chemicals and heavy metals;

2. Actively contaminating the land and water with toxic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other dangerous chemicals.

3. Mixing the genetics of plants and animals with no concern for the consequences whatsoever.

Locked into THE FICTION

The fundamental reason that the miracle of Creation has been in a perpetual state of conversion into THE FICTION is because all common people want is to have a decent life and a safe place to raise children while a small class of administrators seek to control everything that moves or stands still.

While some courageous curmudgeons may figure out how to drive without a license or avoid income taxes, they cannot escape the fiction because the fiction is actively contaminating Creation at every level of our physical and spiritual existence.

The act of going into THE FICTION’s courts before THE FICTION’s judges to break THE FICTION’s presumption that we are fictions and therefore not subject to administration by THE FICTION proves to THE FICTION that we are still fictions.

Welcome to Toontown where possession is 10 tenths of the law. For our humble natures we, as flesh and blood men and women, have been reduced to paper fictions for the purpose of tapping our energies—our hopes, our dreams, our creativity and productivity—through infinite administrative/regulatory schemes.

But I am not a cartoon character!

Common people of Creation should not have to live our entire lives wary of the webs spun by THE FICTION’s administrators (those of the lawyering/legislating/lobbying ilk) and forever be on guard that each wrong step leads to traps and pitfalls that are forever being erected to eat our substance and keep us in bondage. But, that’s the way it is.

The chief administrators of THE FICTION know that everything that is not Creation is fiction. So, they develop the fiction, which they authorize themselves and their subordinates to administrate, and soon we are completely enslaved to the fiction and, perversely, depend upon it and its administrators for survival. We know this is true because, if we were all (that includes, ironically, THE FICTION’s administrators) stripped naked and sent into Creation, most of us would die of exposure even though, in the beginning, it gave us life.

To compound the ironies here, Creation is being (has been) poisoned. Our administrators have even cut off that avenue of escape; even if we were thrust into Creation, naked, and had the wherewithal to survive (and we all know a few people who would), man has so desecrated Creation, that his chances of surviving and thriving in it have been dramatically marginalized.

Understanding that the only thing real is Creation and everything else is fiction and, understanding that we enslave ourselves (in thousands of ways big and small) to THE FICTION in trade for our physical survival, we can see how the administrators have been able to control us through various and perpetually morphing fictional means commonly referred to as decrees, acts, laws, rules, regulations and ordinances and their corresponding fines and penalties.

What that means, in my estimation, is that it is an unfortunate fact of life among humans born into THE FICTION that we have no choice but to understand it exactly—its origins and processes and its immediate, real life consequences to our lives and the lives of those around us. It is equally incumbent upon us to understand, exactly, Creation and strive to be able to live in it.

That, in a nutshell, is our dilemma. And it is timeless. Fortunately, though our bodies might suffer the ravages of THE FICTION here on Earth, Creation is both eternal and universal—so there is always hope.