From the April 2008 Idaho Observer:

Who has authority to punish "Crimes against Creation?"

Monsanto, a U.S. corporation, under the aegis of Rockefeller eugenic influence and through the diplomacy of people like Henry Kissinger, has been playing the most dynamic role in what is arguably the most sinister crime of all time: Theft and adulteration of the world’s food supply through gene manipulation and international enforcement of patent laws. ~Image by David Dees

This page boasts the brilliant imagery of David Dees because no one else on the planet has demonstrated the computer skills and depth of insight to adequately express, in a picture, a category of crimes so heinous that only a handful of people are capable of employing the legions of mindless minions necessary to commit them: Crimes against Creation.

To our knowledge, no one has charged the Committee of 300, members of the Bilderburgers, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission with conspiring to commit crimes against Creation, nor are their human dupes being held accountable for these crimes.

What constitutes a "crime against Creation?"

The megalomaniacs pass millions of laws that people must abide. These laws make just about everything we do—like driving a car without wearing a seatbelt, carrying more than three ounces of water on an airplane and riding bicycles without helmets—crimes for which there are prescribed punishments.

It is not an oversight that there is no law against, for example, contaminating the global breathing mixture with toxic chemicals to enhance corporate interests and achieve military advantage. Without specific laws criminalizing such activity, there are no charges filed and no punishments ordered even though deployment of these toxic chemicals is adversely affecting all life on Earth.

Similarly, there appears to be no crime on the books and, therefore no punishment awaiting multinational corporations that are, with malice aforethought, altering, patenting, poisoning and regulating the world’s food supply—as a weapon.

In the news lately is growing awareness that government-recommended vaccines are responsible for epidemic autism and the proliferation of innumerable forms of acute and chronic illnesses worldwide. Millions of people have been permanently disabled and killed by vaccines and other government-approved pharmaceutical drugs. As a twist, thousands of people, many of them children and young adults, with government-approved and prescribed psychotropic drugs in their systems, experience uncharacteristic rages compelling them to kill themselves, family members and friends.

Spokespersons for government and industry routinely lie, obstruct and obfuscate the truth with zero outward concern about being charged with crimes for the untold death and misery their activities have caused. Damaged plaintiffs may be awarded compensation for injuries sustained by vaccines, but they never discuss going to state and federal prosecutors with probable cause for indictments and criminal prosecutions for the crimes against Creation being committed. Why? BECAUSE NO LAWS HAVE BEEN PASSED MAKING IT A CRIME TO DESTROY PEOPLE WITH DRUGS AND VACCINES AND, THEREFORE, NO CRIMES HAVE BEEN COMMITTED AND NO PUNISHMENTS CAN BE ORDERED.

The scale of the crimes being committed is unprecedented. The acts are committed by dupes just doing their jobs as they are commanded by the mandarins of upper management in government and industry who are animating policies set in motion by national leaders and multinational corporate CEOs who receive their funding from the power-elite. The power-elite own everything, including nations’ executives, their legislatures and courts. Therefore, there are no laws being passed or enforced and no court on Earth, at this time, has the police authority to charge, indict, prosecute, convict and sentence anyone for what they have done—and are doing right now—to destroy us and our environment.

These are crimes against Creation. They are, by extension, crimes against the Creator. We must, as a survival imperative and to be in harmony with God’s laws, stand, perhaps in temporal vain, for what is right and defend Creation. We can, at least, be certain that the Chief Justice of the Universal Court of Creation has jurisdiction and will punish Creation criminals to the full extent of His law.