From the March 2008 Idaho Observer:

Keeping the conversations going

In the February, 2008 edition of The IO, below the photo on page 22, you wrote:

"I am honored to have so many intelligent friendships with so many excellent men and women and, saddened to tears that my friends are LIVING IN HELL AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT but keep the conversations going."

Well, Don, I can state unequivocally that I, too, am glad for all prisoners that we have such an intelligent, compassionate and dedi­cated friend as you, one who does not shun a man or woman once that person has been "adjudicated" guilty of a "crime." Though you are saddened to tears, your above quoted words gladdened me to tears, knowing how much you care about us in your heart. I want to assure you that, contrary to your belief, you ARE in fact helping us a great deal in many different ways.

First, you have given us castaways a place where our voices can be heard. There are few, if any, other newspapers that allow such politically incorrect interaction. We, with your help, have a place where we can tell all who care to listen about what REALLY is going on behind the lock-up of over 2 million of your friends, neighbors and family. I have been in prison for 10 years and came to prison on the perjured testimony of my live-in girlfriend who felt she needed to exact revenge on me because I asked her to move out due to her repeatedly "cheating" on me. Two years ago, professional investigation uncovered the fact that my girlfriend/accuser and the judge who put me here were socially and sexually involved with each other before I knew her, while she lived with me and during my trial. Of course, the judge "forgot" to disclose this to me and "forgot" to recuse himself. My conviction and 42-year prison sentence is based on perjury, knowing use of perjury by the prosecutor and the judge making every evidentiary ruling against me.

They thought they were done with me 10 years ago, but I have not given up the fight and I am clearly winning this battle, slowly but surely. I am not winning in the courts. We all know how perverse they often prove themselves to be. I am winning in the people’s court. Myself, family, friends and investigator have gathered a large volume of objective irrefutable evidence proving that I am the victim of perjury and government corruption. And we published this at and

Because publishing material on the internet is of little value unless you attract visitors to your site(s), we also ran an ad in the local newspaper, which was brave enough to run our ad that stated:

"Don Miller is the victim of perjury and Iron County corruption. See the shocking facts and proof of an intentional perversion of justice at and

The community response was overwhelming in my home and surrounding communities and beyond. The published evidence speaks for itself and, rather than being duped by the corrupt judge and DA into seeing me as the criminal, the entire community has rallied to my side and all are pointing their fingers at the judge, DA, and my false accuser. So what did they do? You would think and hope they would do the right thing by acknowledging a wrongful conviction, right? But no, instead they retaliated by trying to intimidate the local newspaper into removing our ad. But that failed. They then called the prison I am in and told them I was telephoning my false accuser to threaten and harass her, which is a felony here. So exposing their lies caused them to lie some more. But that too backfired, because prison officials investigated and found that no such calls were ever made by me. When repeatedly confronted on this, the DA blamed my false accuser, admitting "she lied"... or did the DA lie?

So, like the Internet, your giving prisoners a place to speak up and voice their experiences ALERTS OTHERS to what is going on in our so-called courts. Before coming to prison at age 37, I had no prior criminal record, was a well-known businessman in our area for over 17-years and was—and remain—a respected member of my community.

Prior to this nightmare, I never gave any thought to people in prison. I simply assumed they were "bad people who deserved to be where they are" and I suspect many of your subscribers feel the same. But now I know better. And, if your readers will carefully examine the facts of some inmate cases, they will know better, too. NOW is the time for your subscribers to look into such matters, because if they don’t, then they will be ill prepared for that day when the government comes for them with their false charges and vested interests

Did you ever wonder why so many Americans are in prison? We have only a small percentage of the world’s total population, yet we have one-fourth of the world’s prisoners. I see it this way: Most of us were not paying $40,000 in taxes to state government every year, but by locking us up in prison, they charge the taxpayer that amount—and more—to warehouse us. Each prisoner generates hundreds or even millions of dollars in tax revenue to finance their paychecks and benefits and provides job security. And what good jobs they have! Some prison guards here in Wisconsin took home over $120,000 last year, for essentially sitting on their butts. Not even engineers or other professionals make that much money in the private sector.

So for those readers of The Idaho Observer, I would encourage you to not shun prison inmates or ignore their plight. Open your eyes and your hearts. Ask questions and get involved in stopping abuse of the legal system by those very persons running it. See the truth. And thank you, Don Harkins, for showing the world how to care about us. United we stand, divided we fall.

Don Miller

New Lisbon, Wisconsin