From the March 2008 Idaho Observer:

April 15 Freedom Rally in D.C. may set records

The"Granny Wagon" above will be leading the Freedom Rally charge which is scheduled to arrive in Washington D.C., on "Tax Day." What has begun as a notion has quickly turned into a brushfire.

You can tell when an idea’s time has come when just mentioning it sets off a brushfire of interest. While plans for a Ron Paul Revolution rally in D.C. June 21 are slowly coming together, the Granny Warriors just floated the idea of an April 15 rally in front of the Capitol. The response has been overwhelming. Under the "big tent" of the Ron Paul Revolution, tax honety advocates, anti-war activists, truckers, environmentalists and the entire spectum of real Americans from all over the nation are indicating their intent to rally in protest of the direction this country has taken and in favor of dramatically changing that direction. If interest in this march on D.C. continues to grow at its present rate, the media curtain surrounding D.C. will be ripped to pieces and the world will know that millions of Americans are DEMANDING REGIME CHANGE IN AMERICA!

from Granny Warriors

Friends: NOW is the time for us to unite and come together, whether our primary cause is peace, labor, truth, human rights, American sovereignty, impeachment, environmental, voting rights, civil liberties, the Constitution or sound fiscal policy....or all of the aforementioned.

We are manipulated and overpowered only when we allow those in power to segment and divide us. In fact, we have much more in common than we may think. After all, we are concerned citizens and people of principle. Strength comes via numbers and the forging of sound strategic alliances by, and between, activist groups.

We will be updating you with additional information. And no, we are not just asking you to participate and to help spread the word. We are asking you to consider that WE must unite and WE must demonstrate the power of the people....we need representation and participation from every "cause" and "belief set" in order to send a loud and clear message that WE ARE RECLAIMING OUR POWER as Americans.

It is time to send a message to those in authority: WE may have different priorities, we may be of every persuasion, but we are all Americans and we are sick and tired of unrepresentative government. We are tired of watching the fundamental promise and potential of American life subverted by profiteers and self-serving interests. And we are sick and tired of the few pretenders, and their supplicants, who posture that their agendas are ours.

UNITED we will stand...and so will the America we love.


Time: 11 AM

Place: West lawn of the Capitol

Guest Speakers:

Ron & Carol Paul

Dave Von Kleist

Colin Jackson (Sherry’s husband)

Russell Means (Lakotah Elder)

James H. Fetzer

John Paul Mitchell (Author)

Jack Mclamb,

Hagan Smith

Bill Stegmeier

Murray Sabrin

David Robert Grate

John Wallace

Greg Lewis

Dean Santoro,

Ted Terbolizard

B J Lawson, NC

Ernest Hancock

Performing Artists:

Will To Power

Empty Slate


Wanda Case

Buses are being arranged. Plans are developing rapidly. Interest is spreading like a brushfire. Go to for the latest and information on how to participate. If you are interested and do not have access to the Internet, call The IO and we will put you in touch with an organizer to help you.