From the March 2008 Idaho Observer:

Where are the good guys? (Part 1:The shadows behind carbon creditors)

Every time you turn around, some government official is claiming that his main focus is protecting the environment, or some corporate "non-profit" organization is promoting something that will make our world better. But no one is controlling the exploding pollution in this country caused by corporate America, and with each passing day "non-profit" organizations are asking us to give up more of our rights. Why? Are these people really serving humanity and the public interest or some other purpose? Where are "the good guys?"

Over the next several months we are going to take a look at organizations and agencies that are asking us to trust their intentions and support their activities.

By Anne Wilder Chamberlain

The global elite running our government has discovered that the American people can be controlled with environmental lies. I keep receiving mail from environmental groups wanting me to send money and write my legislators to encourage the initiation of a "carbon tax" and taxes for public transportation. Why can’t public transportation be financed by the billions of tax dollars being spent on weather modification and the conversion of grain into ethanol, neither of which reduce global warming? Why should I support a "carbon tax?"

Polar bears. The "plight of the polar bear" should be familiar to all. Even though its numbers have been stable through the last decade and it has survived many warming periods throughout the history of the planet, we are told that this beautiful beast is soon to be extinct.

Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) member Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), supposedly a "good guy," is fighting a plan that has been discussed in Congress for five years to permit drilling in the Chukchi Sea of Alaska, stating the lease must be stopped to "protect the polar bear and the rest of us from global warming."

Rep. Markey does not care that Congressman Don Young (R-AK) and both Alaska senators support the proposed annual release of 15 billion barrels of oil and 77 million cubic feet of natural gas and are against any bill to designate Alaska’s Coastal Plain as permanent wilderness and block the release of this oil.

It’s back. Apparently Rep. Markey does not know that, according to the Journal of Geophysical Research, the polar ice that melted last year is largely back, Greenland ice caps have stabilized and satellite readings from the lower atmosphere, a region that is supposed to more immediately reflect global warming than surface temperatures, have shown no warming in more than 20 years (go to

Can 19,000 scientists be wrong? Hundreds of the world’s leading scientists, economists, and policy analysts feel strongly enough about this issue that they traveled to New York to attend a conference sponsored by Heartland Institute (March 2-4, 2008) to explore key issues that advocates of the theory of man-made global warming have overlooked.

Some 19,000 scientists just signed a petition urging the U.S. government to reject the Kyoto global warming agreement, stating there is no convincing scientific evidence behind it (go to They say that the sun is causing the melting of ice caps on Earth, Mars and Saturn’s moon, Titan as well. A "coincidence," government bureaucrats tell us.

Maintaining our dependence—for what reason? We have been told that if the oil in Alaska is provided for our homes, huge wilderness areas will be destroyed.

What we are not told is how many wells in the oil fields of Alaska have already been drilled and that the oil and natural gas there could supply our country for at least 30 years. We are also not told that the existing pipeline contains space for two more lines in the same ditch.

So, we must ask, would bringing this oil to our economically strapped, Middle-East-dependent country actually cause more environmental damage or is that just an excuse to prevent the cost of gas and diesel from going back down to $1.50 a gallon?

Kept in the dark. But the global elite do not want us to know the answer, claims former pipeline missionary, Lindsey Williams. Williams claims that in the ‘60s, oil was determined to be the new standard currency, and the elites would see to it Americans would not have access to Alaskan oil until the price of oil reached $150 a barrel.

Eugenics and environmentalism

I used to support the National Parks Association and others for years. Now I learn that they are behind "wilderness legislation," backing the elite’s big push "to protect animals from global warming" by removing land from the possession of its residents and forcing them into cities.

I canceled my membership to CO-OP America, publisher of the National Green Pages, a catalog of earth-friendly retailers, because they sent me a letter stating "Global Warming is caused by CO2" as if it were an inarguable fact.

According to talk show host, Alex Jones, the World Wildlife Fund was created to trick the people into supporting wildlife at the expense of people by Prince Philip of the Netherlands, a eugenicist (Eugenics is the "self direction of human evolution" through selective breeding, birth control, forced sterilization, genetic engineering, the killing of institutionalized people and anyone deemed by eugenicists to be "defective").

Foundationless pseudosolutions

An organization called Earth Policy Institute (EPI) sent a request to me to support Plan B 3.0, "Mobilizing to Save Civilization," to "stabilize climate, stabilize population, eradicate poverty, and restore the earth’s natural systems." (go to

Lester Brown, president of EPI, claims, as of February, 2008: "Ice Melt Accelerates Around the World: With atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations at new record highs and global average temperature now some 0.8 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the frozen regions of the earth are showing us just how rapidly climate change can take effect. Recent years have seen ice melt accelerate and spread to new, previously unaffected regions. In many areas, the pace of melting has surprised even the scientists studying it most closely, providing a strong early indication that the consequences of climate change could come faster and be more severe than previously believed."

Brown cites no sources for his claims. Where is he getting his information?

According to graphs at "January 2008 capped a 12-month period of global temperature drops on all of the major, well-respected indicators. This report comes from four major climatology sources: UK’s Hadley Climate Research Unit Temperature anomaly (HadCRUT); NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS); University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH); and Remote Sensing Systems of Santa Rosa, CA. For all four metrics, the global average temperature for January 2007 to January 2008 is: -0.6405°C."

Brown professes dismay that we’re financing a rise in our own food prices by the grain into ethanol tax. "We are witnessing the beginning of one of the great tragedies of history," he says. "The United States, in a misguided effort to reduce its oil insecurity by converting grain into fuel for cars, is generating global food insecurity on a scale never seen before."

He lists "easy and profitable ways to cut carbon emissions worldwide" such as replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (mercury-filled) bulbs, phasing out coal-fired power plants, retrofitting existing buildings with carbon-free electricity for heat, cooling and lights. He also suggests reducing carbon emissions by a fourth—per person—by moving down the food chain to plant-based diets, developing three million megawatts of wind-generating capacity by 2020, enough to meet 40 percent of the world’s electricity needs and investment in geothermal energy.

A real attempt. Most of these suggestions were introduced by CPC Chairman, Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), prior to congress committing $1.3 billion to convert much of our farmland to GMO corn for ethanol. Rep. Woolsey’s "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Act of 2005 (HR 737)," proposed providing assistance to small businesses and startup companies for the application of energy efficiency technologies with support from the Department of Energy.

The bill, which was ignored by Congress that year in favor of a bill that subsidized coal and big oil, HR 737 contained one distinct difference in the plan advanced by Brown. While HR 737 would have committed Congress to supporting the private development of alternative energy, Brown’s plan supports the bogus carbon tax and credit concept. "The key to restructuring the world energy economy is....lowering income taxes and offsetting this with a carbon tax of $240 per ton to be phased in at the rate of $20 per year between 2008 and 2020. This initiative would be offset at every step with a matching reduction in income taxes; would discourage fossil fuel use and encourage investment in renewable sources of energy," Brown explained.

Imagine the bureaucratic nightmare of trying to apply this idea! How is our CO2 output going to be measured? How many carbon policemen will be needed to encroach upon our private property to determine how much of our income taxes can be offset by our CO2 reduction?

One local Idahoan satirized his intent to capitalize on the "carbon offset" concept (see letters to the editor page 21).

Strangely, there is currently a bill in Washington State (SB 6580), linking land use and global warming, to regulate us OFF our tree-filled property and into the cities, "to cut down on car trips," and "sprawl."

The elites and Plan B. Plan B 3.0 was produced with major funding from the Farview, Lannan, Summit, and Wallace Genetic foundations and the UN Population Fund, among others. Lester Brown is recommended by the Washington Post and Bill Clinton.

Both Clinton and the CEO of the Washington Post are members of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, which is an extension of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the think tank of the New World Order, with one purpose in mind: Destroy the United States and create one world government.

The Trilateral Commission was originally developed after WWII to further the post-war manufacturing capabilities of Japan via trade and exploitation agreements, with members from each of three regions: The European group, containing 160 members from 21 countries; the North American group, including 20 Canadian, 13 Mexican, and 87 U.S. members; and the Pacific Asian group of 96 members from countries such as Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and China. Neither Iran nor Russia have members.

Devvy Kidd quoted Zbigniew Brzeninski, executive director of the Trilateral Commission, as saying: "The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values."

Kidd also quoted Sen. Barry Goldwater: "The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power—political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical."

Members of the Trilateral Commission include the president of the World Bank, chairman and members of the Federal Reserve, JP Morgan/Chase, Bank of Israel, Citibank, Ford Motor Company, Chevron, Dick Cheney, advisors to both Obama and McCain, all the major U.S. news magazine publishers, a number of U.S. congressmen, the AFL-CIO, president of the American Federation of Teachers and employees of Harvard and Yale. One look at this list and one can see why Congress blindly follows their every beck and call regarding so-called global warming and other pretend environmental policies: They use threats, bribery, and career inducements.

On a positive note

One little company that moves me is Rapunzel Pure Organics (, an international, truly environmentally and socially responsible company, dedicated to producing the highest quality organic foods and to preserving a more ecologically sustainable world. Rapunzel uses only 100 percent, certified organic commodities and ingredients that are grown by sustainable farming practices and purchased through global fair trade programs, which ensure farmers in developing countries are paid based on a fair pricing structure.

From the first 100 percent organic chocolate bars and yeast, to organic coffees, kitchen oils and baking ingredients, Rapunzel, founded in Legau, Germany in 1974, is the founder of the Hand-in-Hand Fair Trade Program. Today, it is Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of pure organic foods and works with thousands of organic farmers in more than 60 countries. In the U.S., operating out of Valatie, NY, Rapunzel president Eckhart Kiesel says: "Think globally, eat locally. We’re out to save the world one organic food at a time."

A few words to the wizened:

In my experience, the "good guys" don’t advertise on TV. You might as well throw away any "non-profit" mailings you get; if they can afford to send mailings, they don’t need your money and they probably are fronts for some big corporations or elitist think tanks with sinister agendas. If you have a computer, check out the groups you like—it is easy to find out who their board members and financial backers are.

Next month, we will examine a few companies a little more closely, identify a few "good guys" and expose a few who would like you to think they are "good guys."

Note: The current full membership list of the Trilateral Commission is available by email or by contacting any of the regional offices at (, or by ordering the book, Who’s Who of the Elite, from